People Are Sharing Their Dreams on Twitter, and They’re, Well… Pretty Bizarre

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The human mind is a powerful thing. Aside from all the obvious amazing things we’ve been able to accomplish with our expanded brain capacity, one of the more interesting things for some people is the subconscious, and more specifically, dreams.

Maybe it’s because I have such mundane dreams myself, but I’ve always enjoyed hearing about other people’s dreams. When Twitter users shared their dreams, things predictably got weird.

I think a lot of people dream that they’re back in school, but the Lil’ Wayne fruit kebab thing is less common.

I think it’s more accurate to call that one a nightmare though.

If only the world was actually as pure as sharing ice cream with seven golden retriever puppies. Unfortunately, it’s more like sharing an empty beer can with a skunk.

It’s OK to be afraid of your own mind — and if I dreamt about haunted freezers then I probably would be too.

The only reasonable explanation for most of these dreams is some crazy sleeping medication. Like this next one.

The solution here is to microwave the eyeballs without the contacts, obviously!

I liked the Sega Dreamcast though.

A girl whose sister is actually a cat! Sounds like the plot of a bad 90’s TV series.

The only thing I want to know: How did he know she taught English?

But dreaming about being a celebrity is pretty unusual. Stay weird, Twitter.

But using those powers to figure out your bar tab beforehand, well that just is ingenuity at it’s finest.

So heated that it’s seeped into this girl’s subconscious. Pineapples are kind of like golden oranges.

Another celebrity encounter dream, but this one ends with having the police called on them instead. There’s always a twist with these dreams.

But judging by some of the other weird Craiglist ads we’ve seen, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was something like this actually up there.

Keep that imagination kid! Don’t let the world tell you that you can’t be a T-Rex!