People Are Sharing Their Families' Unique 'Language' and We Can't Stop Laughing | 22 Words

It seems universal that families develop their own languages over time. Often we hold on to our children's mispronunciations and those become part of our normal, daily lexicons. People on Twitter are sharing their weirdest, funniest, and sweetest odd words and phrases, and it's fabulous.

It all started when Twitter user Iva Cheung asked the Twitterverse a simple question.

Turns out, we all have weird words or phrases in our families. Some have evolved out of silly toddler-speak. Some seemingly come from thin air with no explanation.

If your family still speaks baby talk you're not alone. 

In my family we still say "too-too" instead of thank you because a kid said that when he was little and it stuck. We have an adult Tony who still goes by Toto because of a 2-year-old's pronunciation over a decade ago.

Sometimes a family's phrasing so perfectly captures the essence and meaning, better than the actual words ever could.

If you've had a baby then you understand the fear/dread/humor that fills a room when you hear something happen from the bottom end. "Bottom event" is excellent.

When eating chicken you have chicken bones left over. When eating pizza, pizza bones. Makes sense.

Although, some would argue (correctly) that the crust is too good to be discarded as bones. But "computorium" is perfect.

It's possible that the remote control is the most nicknamed object in all of our houses.

Several people responded with weird names for the remote. In our house it's just the thingy.

Mmmm. Hostages for dinner.

You can have sweet Italian hostages, hot hostages, chicken hostages. This one is funny no matter how you slice it. Oh, sliced hostages!

This one takes some 'splainin, but I love it.

He went on to explain the origin in a series of tweets.


So funny.

Both of these make perfect sense.

Why not a plunk of sour cream or guacamole? If you have a splash of milk or a dash of salt, a plunk of salsa makes total sense.

This family is serious about their silly words.

I love that they made a whole book of them as a gift! But what's with the title and all those names? No worries, she explained.

The silly word thing runs deep in this family.

Don't you sort of love these people now? I do. And they aren't the only ones whose love-talk turned into silly family phrasing.

I'm sure it seems quite normal to them, but when future generations find their correspondence they'll have no idea what they're talking about.

Who am I kidding? We don't have correspondence anymore! Future generations aren't finding our long lost texts to one another.

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Unique words and phrases make the best proof of life secret codes! So, does your family have its own language?