People Are Sharing Their 'I Don't Own a Cat' Moments and They're Hilarious | 22 Words

You don't simply own a cat, as some Reddit users have found out when their fury felines picked their masters (or servants) for themselves.

It's definitely an odd way of acquiring a pet, but cat-logic should never be questioned, as you'll find out in the hilarious pictures below...

This is what happens when you feed a stray kitten...

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They multiply!

He had no other option but to say yes...

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Meet Popeye.

I don't know why they do this...

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But can they please do it in my yard.

This guy just wanted a smoke...

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He ended up with more than he bargained for when he turned back around.

You should really do something about that...

Try putting more catnip down, that should fill the decking out a bit.

You could find a lot worse in your sink.

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He looks overfilled with authority.

Why can't I find things like that?

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The only thing in my garden is a plastic deck chair.

I wouldn't exactly word it like that...

The cat now owns you.

It was only a matter of time.

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Sorry to break it to you, but I don't think "he" is a him.

This is indeed how you get a cat.

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That's on you for not knowing he wanted food before he knew he wanted food.

Another cat found in the garden...

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Will somebody please send me the name of those seeds!

Little does he know that he too now has a cat.

He looks like he's been making his way through his fair share of owners.

Don't you just hate it when someone walks in on you breaking in?

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The audacity.

I don't think the cat is the problem...

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Everyone else sees the crocodile too, right?

They come in all shapes and sizes.

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Rectangle just happens to be on-trend.

Someone woke up to this on their balcony...

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Yes... this is how you die.

Whatever you do...

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Don't feed them after midnight.

Is there anything better to wake up to?

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Orange Juice! So cute.

Something caught this guys eye...

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When he turned around, he realized he doesn't have a cat... He does now.

It looks like you have a bad case of cat.

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You might need some sage to cleanse the area. Just a thought.

Is that an actual question?

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Yes, you should keep him!

Oldie but a goldie...

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This little guy wouldn't budge, he just had to come along for the ride.

Can't argue with that.

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I think I'm in love.

Is it real?

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Maybe it's all just a dream.

I want one.

Prettiest bunch of flowers I ever did see.

You've got to admire his commitment.

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That's his house now.

You found me!

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Who's counting next?

All cats were born equally cute...

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But damn that's cute.

This guy was visiting his girlfriend when he got woken up...

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You guessed it... they don't have a cat.

After working in the office for an hour, this guy thought he'd finally gone mad.

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It was just a cat.

This little guy just wanted to steal some hard-earned warmth.

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Am I talking about the cat or the guy? You decide.

Well, that's that...

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You're just going to have to move house.

1 cat, 2 cats...

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10 cats, there's not much difference.


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Am I right?

Day 4... they still haven't noticed.

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Looks like you have a new baby.

These little babies were left on the front porch...

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Best. Present. Ever.

Who needs exams anyway...

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Especially now you have a cat.

It's too late...

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They've found you.

What a strange rug you have...

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I'll take 10.

Look at that cute little face.

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Well, you do now.

Look at his pink little toe beans!

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On the porch this morning, in your heart forever.

Don't worry...

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She was fighting off the monsters.

Actually, you do.

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She's right behind you.

He just went to take the garbage out...

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One mans junk is another man's treasure.

Studying can wait.

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"Petting, is that what you call it? Ghastly."

His house was completely locked, but when he got up in the middle of the night, this was staring at him.

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Looks like you're going on a quest.

A cat appeared on this guys sofa...

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He looks just as shocked.

It's all or nothing.

Looks like you've got another cat.

Anyone want anything?

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I'm makin' waffles.

Excuse me, sir...

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