People Are Spending Quarantine by Crocheting the Tiniest Dragons to Brighten up Their Desks

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Lots of new hobbies have been discovered during quarantine, but these tiny crochet dragons seem to be the most popular!

Keep scrolling to learn how to crochet these adorable things yourself…

And some people have been getting extra creative.

Whether that’s reading a new book, painting, taking part in online yoga classes, or even having a stab in the kitchen… we’re all discovering new talents!

And as a result, some very impressive skills have been developed.

Which is exactly what we need right now!

And thanks to an incredible Etsy page, you can now learn to crochet your very own miniature dragons.

Just look at this cute little guy!

And amigurumi is the art of crocheting stuffed yarn animals, which originated in Japan.

The term is made of two Japanese words: ami, which means crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, a stuffed doll.

And they would look adorable used as a keychain or placed on your desk for a little bit of working from home motivation.

You cannot buy these cute little characters – you have to make them yourself.

NancyOops – the woman behind these clever little creations – offers the patterns and templates that are needed to make the characters on her Etsy page.

And materials are needed such as embroidery floss, sewing thread, a crochet hook, glass toy eyes, a beading needle, scissors, oil pastels, and a toothpick.

It really isn’t hard to see why!

The key element here is using embroidery floss instead of yarn, which helps to achieve such a small dragon.

Totally worth it!

Once you’ve made one, you can make so many more for family and friends.

Including this beautiful unicorn!

Which is just way too cute!

Who says Easter is over?

Such as this very cuddly raccoon.

We all love puppies…

Especially these little guys!

And Nancy’s little business is now thriving more than ever.

These adorable little characters are totally worth it! In the meantime, keep scrolling to read about the woman who has been running her own “rat painting” business…