People are Stumped by the World's Hardest Kindergarten Question | 22 Words

Most adults probably think they could answer the homework question of a 5-year-old child. It turns out that they might be wrong. Just look for yourself at this assignment given to a kindergartener.

Royce Winnick shared a picture of her 5-year-old's fill-in-the-blank style homework assignment. The section has four images used as clues, with the first 3 being obvious three letter words that all start with the letter "T."

This is the work of Royce Winnick. She's a photographer with an eye for composition.

She wasn't very mathematically inclined, however, so this homework problem, assigned for her kindergartner, was giving her fits.

When she shared the problem, little did she realize that the results would go viral.

It turns out that tons of people had the same reaction she did, which was essentially, "How are kids supposed to have any idea what this is about?

The fourth image however, showing bunnies, had everyone especially stumped.

Viewers guessed all kinds of rabbit-related words starting with "T." But no one was able to guess the 'correct' answer!

People were wondering how a kid is ever supposed to get that answer.

The responses were NOT on board with the result.

You'll see the answer on the next page and learn why everyone was so peeved about all this.

Winnick’s daughter guessed "pet," only to get the answer marked as "OK" by the teacher, although it was supposedly not the right answer.

So what did the teacher end up saying was the correct answer? Vet. DUH. ...Or maybe the teacher needs to think if these sheets are really the best option to be assigning for homework, if grown adults can't even figure them out. C'mon now— vet?!?!

Looking at the other problems doesn't reveal the same issue, does it?

Bear in mind this was for kindergartners.


If adults are completely stumped, it's possible that it could take a child's approach to doing it could be the right way to tackle it, but it's more likely they'd be even more stumped.

I'm sure people could imagine far better uses for this sheet.

Like as a placemat. Or a paper hat. Or a paper ship. But they probably weren't thrilled to seeing their kids subjected to this sort of thing that's essentially unanswerable.

Check out some more elementary math problems that may give you fits...if you care at all.

You'll walk away thinking kids are either way more brilliant than they've ever been, or just subjected to impossible testing in school. Possibly both!

People love sharing their kids' impossible schoolwork online.

Not only is a fun test, but it shows that kids, yup, might actually be getting smarter. That's a good sign if it's true.

Here's another one. They get pretty conceptual.

I mean, is this even math, or some sort of twisted logic puzzle that was created to haunt parents? Neither one would be THAT surprising.

Many think that the homework burden most students carry is just far too much.

In the name of creating a better-educated student, the nights spent studying can strip them of time with family, friends, and other activities.

Not to mention that the workload can rob them of sleep.


I can't imagine I would go through life too relaxed if I was faced with these sorts of math problems day-in and day-out. I would want a break for sure.

Maybe a little bit more of this is what we need.

Take a look and imagine how happy you would be as a parent or student (or teacher) to get this note. Homework, wherever you stand on the issue, is NOT the most important thing.