People Are Very Divided on Whether or Not You Should Wash Your Jeans | 22 Words

How often do you wash your jeans? Every time you wear them? Every five times? Never?

Apparently, the answer is very different depending on who you ask and people are very opinionated about their particular washing schedule.

Personally, I haven't worn jeans since leggings became socially acceptable as pants, but the denim-wearing people of Twitter are divided on exactly when is the right time to throw a pair of jeans in the washing machine.

Jeans were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss.

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According to the CEO of Levi Strauss (who INVENTED jeans), you should rarely, if ever, wash a pair of jeans. He claims it's not necessary, wastes water, and jeans can be spot-cleaned if they get stains on them and put in the freezer to get rid of bacteria.

But people are divided on the issue.

Some people find the idea of not washing your jeans kind of gross, especially if you are a clumsy person who is prone to spills.

Or a sweaty person who would prefer not to wear a year's worth of sweat in one pair of jeans.

A lot of smells come out of human beings and all of those smells get absorbed into your clothes.

Some people just found out that other people aren't washing their jeans and they are very confused.

For some people, they never even considered NOT washing their jeans after every use. You wash all your other clothes after you wear them, right? What other clothes have people not been washing?!

But other people were shocked that people ever washed their jeans.

And maybe even slightly embarrassed by the fact that they weren't washing theirs.

Apparently some people are proud of their choice to never wash.

Proud enough to create a hashtag!

Some people are just never-washers.

There are dozens of them! Dozens!

Some say it's to preserve water.

Others say it's to increase the lifespan of the jeans.

But actually probably a lot of people are just kind of lazy.

They take forever to dry! And then they shrink down to baby-sized! And then you have to do squats until they fit again, it's a whole process.

Not everyone can agree on when or if you should wash your jeans, but there is one thing we can hopefully all agree on.

If you are wearing a pair of jeans to deliver a baby goat: please, please, please wash those jeans. Do you wash your jeans? How often?