People Baffled By Bella Hadid’s Ridiculous Photoshop Fail

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Supermodel, Bella Hadid, has been spectacularly roasted online after she apparently attempted to photoshop one of her selfies… With very little success, obviously.

Keep scrolling to hear what people had to say about the blunder, and to see the selfie for yourself…

Part of the infamous Hadid clan, the supermodel began posing for the camera as a child along with sister, Gigi.

And, though Gigi was initially the most popular out of the siblings, Bella has been gaining popularity significantly in the last couple of years.

And she’s now up there with the elite in the industry.

Including Alexandre Vaulthier, Fendi, and Maison Margiela which, writing on her Instagram, she dubbed as “a dream come true.”

The model is incredibly close to KUWTK star and fellow model, Kendal Jenner. Speaking to Testino, Jenner explained: “Bella and I were actually really good friends since high school, and hung out every day in school before either of us started working. “It’s just funny because a lot of people don’t know that Bella and I have been friends for like 5 or 6 years.”

The pair are always turning heads.

Last year, a video surfaced of Bella kissing her bestie, which was captioned by Jenner with, “happy birthday sexy.”

The clip, posted to Jenner’s Instagram story, stirred a lot of attention.

Because it wasn’t just a peck, it was a proper kiss. And Kendall can be seen straddling her fellow supermodel bestie. It’s an Instagram recipe for disaster, isn’t it?

But, as Instagram users always do, someone hastily saved the video and posted it online.

The pair definitely seem close.

Bella generates a lot of fuss and attention.

The supermodel is simply stunning, and she receives a lot of clamor and praise for her unusual, yet beautiful appearance.

And each of her Instagram selfies rake in at least a million likes… Not that we’re counting.

It can’t be easy having millions of people scrutinizing your every selfie… Hell, even I get stressed posting a selfie to my measly 300-strong Instagram following.  

So these supermodels may be forgiven for slightly tweaking their Instagram snaps…

A tiny bit of photoshopping never killed anyone, right?

And has been spectacularly roasted for making a huge, and rather embarrassing, photoshop blunder.

Come on Bella… How hard can it be?

People have been taking to Twitter to point out the model’s editing hiccup.

But had accidentally matted them over her lounging chair instead. Oops. It’s lucky that she’s pretty though, right?

Oh, to be that beautiful…

Who are you trying to hide, Bella?!

You can see Bella’s photoshop fail for yourself here. But, if you’re more interested in that Kendal Jenner kiss, you can read more about it below…