People Break Lockdown Rules as Image of Jesus Christ Appears in Tree

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Millions of people around the world are currently practicing social distancing in a desperate bid to slow down the spread of the current medical pandemic.

Of course, it is extremely difficult to be kept away from loved ones, but we must do so in order to protect those most vulnerable in our society. However, while half of us are tucked away in our homes, the other half is breaking quarantine for a very strange reason…

And, boy, are we struggling.

Because, in case you haven’t heard, we are currently experiencing a pandemic that has changed every aspect of our lives.

Leaving world leaders with little choice but to impose lockdowns upon their countries.

We can hopefully delay and prevent catching and spreading the deadly virus. Fallen the curve, as they are all telling us.

Thus leaving our streets, which once buzzed with life and energy, completely deserted.

Over the weekend, President Trump announced that the federal guidelines on social distancing have been extended for at least another thirty days in a desperate attempt to regain control.

It seems as though people are already losing their minds having been cooped up in the house for days on end, so this news has come to the dismay of many.

Their grandparents, their friends, even their partners. And we’ve all done at least 2 weeks now, some longer so how much more can we really take?

Over the weekend, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds.

The weather in New York reached about fifteen degrees, which was enough to drag people outside of their homes and straight into local parks.

Rules about social distancing were quickly thrown away as families and friends headed to central park for a quick sunbathing session, hoping they don’t get infected.

It wasn’t looking good and there are so many pictures to prove it.

While some claimed they were getting their daily exercise time, others just wanted to get some fresh air with their family. The excuses for such careless behavior were borderline disgusting.

Over in LA, people flocked into the Wharf for fresh seafood over the weekend.

Some people took a trip down to nature reserves and local parks for a lovely picnic and when stopped by the authorities, they all claimed they were on their daily exercise hour.

But health officials have warned that the current crisis is on the verge of reaching the most dangerous part, so people should put their as well as others’ health before their selfish nature.

Residents of Magangue in the northern Colombian department of Bolivar all gathered to take a look at a ceiba tree…

Because for some mysterious reason, it looked as though an image of Jesus Christ had appeared in the trunk.

Journalist Rafael Rodriguez said, “Dozens of people are gathered here. They are here to see the figure of what they say or believe is the figure of Christ, they have forgotten about [the virus] and are currently here looking at this figure.”

Whether it’s an optical illusion or an actual message from God, though, it’s still not a good enough reason to break lockdown – got it? And this hasn’t been the only issue with social distancing. Scroll on for the horrific images of homeless people sleeping in a car park…