People Cannot Get Over This One Crazy Detail in Britney Spears’ Christmas Tree

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Those few sad years that Britney Spears left the spotlight in favor of like, living a private life and getting herself together were probably great for her, but they were super sad for us. All we can do is be thankful that she’s back, baby. Because Britney Spears is truly one of the GOAT, and we just love her and her absolutely over-the-top bonkers-beyond-belief Christmas tree oh so very much.

Not that she wasn’t before, but she’s really stepped up her being-adorable-and-funny-and-quirky game in the last few months.

That’s right. Britney Spears is an artist now. (Well, she was always an artist. A musical artist. But now she’s a painter. You get what we mean.)

Then, there was that time when she actually sold her painting.

Yes, that’s right. Robin Leach bought Britney Spears’ painting for a whopping $10,000. So not only is she one of the biggest pop stars of all time, she’s also a super cute national treasure, and she’s also a professional painter.

Did she hang it upside down, which is now apparently a thing that people are doing? Not quite.

Just trust us. This Christmas tree is so extra, even for one of Las Vegas’ resident divas who takes Instagram videos of herself in a mansion courtyard painting flowers. You have to see it…

There are a couple things we immediately notice when we look at the tree. First, wow lights. There are a lot of them. Like, this is the number of Christmas lights that will up your electric bill if it doesn’t blow a fuse and cause a neighborhood power outage. Second, wow ceilings. They are high. So high we can barely see where they begin. Which means that tree is super tall. But how tall is super tall?

Turns out it’s super super tall. Look at the comfy chair next to Britney’s tree. We have so many questions.

Like, is that a chair for ants? Is every piece of furniture in Britney Spears’ house miniature? Or is that just one f***ing large Christmas tree? Those floor lamps are probably person-height!

Mainly feelings of inadequacy when we compare our own measly existences to the grand life of Britney Spears’ Christmas tree.

When you consider again how tall the tree is and then also how many lights they strung around it, it’s almost too much for one human brain to compute.

Like, how did that tree even get decorated? Is Britney Spears magic? That’s the only explanation. That must be it. Britney Spears is magic, everybody.