Another day, another ridiculous debate dividing the internet.

When people aren't arguing over the color of a dress or bickering over whether "Yanny" or "Laurel" was said, they are seemingly squabbling over the identity of a species in the latest cute animal video.

Quite unbelievably, a video of an animal being stroked on the head has gone viral because people just can't agree on whether the animal in question is a crow... or a rabbit. I know, I also thought that it was impossible to ever get the two mixed up.

But people are seriously divided and can't seem to agree on the true identity of the mystery animal.

Keep scrolling to see the video, and to ultimately decide the animal's identity for yourself (disclaimer: it's totally a rabbit... I think).

Rabbits and crows are very different animals.

One is a small and fluffy mammal that spends its days munching on cabbage, and the other is a feathered, winged, and quite formidable looking bird.

And, while rabbits make for cuddly companions...

Crows tend to be less cuddly and spend their days lurking in the trees and featuring in gothic horror films.

Let me spell it out for you...

This is a rabbit.

And this is a crow.

As you can see, it shouldn't take a genius to be able to distinguish the difference between the two.

However, there are clearly people out there who struggle to identify the difference between a rabbit and a bird...

Because Twitter has become awash with people arguing whether an animal in a new viral video is a rabbit... or a crow.

And, unbelievably, this isn't the first time that a crow has been at the center of viral fame.

In October last year, a Twitter user uploaded a picture of a black cat... seemingly innocent so far, right?

But people were quick to lose their minds over the animal...

Which, oddly, to some baffled Twitter users, resembled a crow more than it did an actual cat.

Though some speculated shapeshifting animals...

It was widely accepted that the picture was simply an optical illusion as, upon closer inspection, the image shows a black cat looking up at the camera with its head tilted so that its ear looks like a bird's beak.

Optical illusions have baffled us for hundreds of years.

The bird/rabbit debate was actually sparked in 1899, when American psychologist, Joseph Jastrow, created this image to make the point that perception is not only what one sees but also a mental activity. I for one, definitely see a duck.

And, over a hundred years later, people are still divided.

Not just by Jastrow's optical illusion, but by a fresh video that has gone viral on Twitter.

The video features an animal being stroked on the head...

But the type of animal has caused mass confusion, and it literally blew up the internet, raking in over 3 million views in just a couple of days.

Is it a crow? Is it a rabbit?

via: Twitter

Nobody knows! The original video is captioned: "Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose" and, at first glance, it’s easy to see a rabbit, as seeing someone stroke a rabbit wouldn’t be an unusual sight - they’re pretty common pets.

But some people pointed out that it could actually be a bird...

And, as soon as you realize that it also looks a little like a bird, it makes it more difficult to decipher whether you’re looking at a rabbit having its nose scratched or a bird having the back of its head scratched.

Are we seeing cute little bunny ears...

Or are we simply seeing the pointy beak of quite relaxed and sleepy crow? Though I highly doubt that it is a rabbit that has suddenly sprouted a sharp beak on top of its head.

Some people got technical...

And analyzed the shape of the blinking eye... though who even knows how a rabbit blinks? Really?

Though the majority of people seemed more inclined to the crow idea.

Though, I have to admit, that is one fluffy crow.

More technicalities...

Though this Twitter user does make a very valid point... If you watch the video closely, you'll notice that the direction of the fur (or feathers) moves towards the face, rather than away from it.

Some people just see an extremely content bird.

Though it begs the question... who on Earth sits and pets a crow?!

The plot thickens...

Because some people, who had clearly established that it wasn't a rabbit, then started debating whether the creature was a crow or a raven. One guy even threw in the ultimate curveball by suggesting that the bird could be a magpie. Everything that I thought I knew was a lie...

The identity of the creature hasn't been officially confirmed.

And, until it is, all we can do is wait on the edge of our seats for the final verdict to be revealed. (It's definitely a rabbit, okay?) Up for another optical illusion? Keep scrolling!