20 People Expose the Dumbest Things They’ve Ever Done to Impress a Crush | 22 Words

Ah, love. It's one of the most amazing things humans can experience in their lifetime.

Of course, the journey to find love isn't always smooth.

For whatever reason, we sometimes convince ourselves to do the strangest things in hopes of securing others' affections.

Here are 20 stories of dumb things people have done in the name of love, thanks to a recent AskReddit thread.

I dressed up as Santa and asked her to the Christmas Dance in front of the entire school. We had been dating for a while. She dumped me shortly after to go out with some college guy she later married. I hate Christmas. – AmorphicMike

I swam across a river filled with crocodiles. When we were together she admitted that this was the one thing that made her have second thoughts about going out with me. Don't try to impress crushes, just talk to them, even if swimming across a crocodile-filled river seems easier. – TotallyADalek

When I was 12, I started biting my fingernails because I thought that would bring me closer to my crush who also bit his nails. Obviously, that didn't work out and here I am at 21 and still biting my nails. – emotionsfurb

I intentionally fell off the slide in like grade 4. My right shoulder always hurts 12 years later. – BlancheKun

When I was like 10 or 12, I hid behind a building and punched myself in the face so that this girl I liked would see that I can bleed without crying. – lapandemonium

She worked at a burger place. I was absolutely infatuated with her, would have done anything to see her, let alone impress her. The place she worked had a challenge to eat four 6oz patties on a burger in a time-trial-esque manner. Top time went to the next stage, winner won a lot of money or something. I went there to impress her and ordered it, she sat with me to record my time. Mind you, I was pretty large at the time, around 60lbs overweight. They brought the burger out and I didn't even give it time to cool. My fat ass sat alone in front of the girl of my dreams at her place of employment and wolfed down a burger way too big for any normal person all the while slightly whimpering as it burned the roof of my mouth. Can you say alpha? I couldn't because I burned my mouth. It hurt for like 3 days too, and I was out like $15. – NewbSaysRawr

When my younger brother was about 9 years old he had a "girlfriend" who lived in our development. Our development was right next to a farm and there were sheep. One day, his girlfriend said she wanted a sheep, so he climbed the fence, made a leash out of rope and attempted to take the sheep out of the fencing. There was a ram in the area and it started to chase him away. He managed to get away unscratched but twisted his ankle and got yelled at by the owners. I had to take him to the owners to apologize and they said they were just worried he would get hurt and offered to take him to their farm to see all the animals. – Freudsloveofcigars

Grade 2. Stole one girls sweater to impress other girl. Hid it in the boys bathroom. Did not get girl. Got detention. – pisspantsing

I was staying at a friends house in the country with another friend and we were 16. A couple girls came over from a town over so we decided to have a fire outside since it’s still fall weather. I proceed to smoke a pack of cigarettes. I had just recently started smoking so my body just shuts down from all the nicotine. I suffer from my choice because I’m passing out in front of the fire where I get extremely hot, only to move back and become cold. Perpetually stuck in a temperature limbo. One of my friends decides to jump a row of chairs he set up. Ends up eating s**t from the second to last chair. Pride was thin and our skill sets were re-examined the following day. – Suhhh_dude

I signed up for a half marathon training group so I could spend more time around him. Oh, and his girlfriend is also in the running group. At least I'm getting in good shape. – nojoydivision

I went on a date with a girl in high school, we had a few classes together and I liked her quite a bit. The date actually went really well, so I drove her home and walked her to the door, got a hug, and went back to my car. Well, she gives me the cute little behind the shoulder blown-kiss. So, my dumbass decides to impress her by backing out of her driveway as fast as I could. At this time I was driving a 1993 S10 Blazer with a rather egregious trailer hitch. I rammed her neighbor’s brand new Honda, hitch first. My hitch hit right between the rear quarter panel and door, destroying both. This car was literally on two wheels, impaled by my PoS SUV. I haven’t talked to her since, but her neighbor is a cool guy and we actually talk frequently. – DummGhahrr

Back in high school, AOL Instant Messenger was a thing. Every morning before school I would try to post in my "auto message" some profound statement about love or relationships often using song lyrics. I did this specifically in the hopes that my crush (who was one of my friends on AIM) would see it and have some revelation about how awesome I was. Looking back, that was a lot of energy spent on something I could've done by just being myself around her. – mikeytherock

Way back in like 7th grade, there was someone I liked in my math class. Every Pi Day, there was a competition to see who could recite the most digits of pi, and 12-year-old me thought the best way to impress was to go out and absolutely smash the competition. The average winner was at like, 10-15 digits. I went out and memorized about 200 places. Needless to say, we never spoke again, but I still know it to like 70 places so I've got that going for me at least. – pm-me-your-face-girl

I pretended I knew how to read Arabic. It was just plain cringe. I'm not Arabic, she wasnt Arabic. Stupid teenage years. – Spade7891

Stood up on my bike going down a gravel driveway. I still have the scars. – Trigger93

Learned to sing and play the violin because he was in our middle school's band and choir. Turned out to be pretty good at singing and would go on to get several parts in musicals and solos that year and the rest of middle school and all of high school. – keitov2

Sixth grade: Had my first hormone-fueled mega crush on this guy in my class. We had one of those "star student" things going on where each week a different student was featured with pictures, facts about them, etc. so that we could get to know them a little better. One of the things we filled out to hang up was what we wanted to be when we grew up. No joke, I had like 10 things crammed in there like actress, musician, teacher, doctor, etc just to make him think I was cool. Needless to say, it didn't work at all. – rahyveshachr

This girl I liked wanted bacon. I lived about 30 minutes away but I picked up bacon and bacon dip and drove to her. Turns out she and her friends wanted bacon. So I made bacon and didn't get to eat any of it and then she had to go to work. Why... – hughej67

I stalked them on the Internet to get a picture of the house they grew up in and where her parents still live. Did not go as well as I thought... Lesson learned. – atticuslodius

I dived into a pool looking cool to realize the pool was slightly drained and too shallow for a dive. Have had a shoulder injury since. – ThorceofNature