29 People Who Failed So Hard They're Almost Winning | 22 Words

Guys, life is hard. Everyday life is hard. Just the regular things that you have to do in life are hard, nevermind the actual challenging stuff that pops up. The people in this gallery are dealing with real challenges. Like, beyond the scope of what we as humans are equipped to deal with on a daily basis.

Whether they were affected by an act of nature, someone else's stupidity or their own stupidity, these people all have one thing in common: They are having a very bad day. The kind of day that is just totally and completely ruined. Irredeemable. In fact, the epic fails that these people have been faced with will probably ruin more than one day. Maybe even a whole week of their lives.

What this post really is, is a testament to the resilience of people everywhere. If these people can get through their disasters, you and I can get through ours.

Have you ever had your day or week ruined by just one, single event?

We have all been there. Maybe not to the extent of the people on this list, though. These are extreme.

Zero friends

Poor Gary. Hey Facebook, maybe if no one wished him a happy birthday, don't remind him of that fact with a cheery balloon-filled post!

Lost in the mail

This one sucks, big time! There has to be some other recourse for the family, right? UPS can't just be like, "Whoops!"

The chain

Fun fact: This incident actually inspired Fleetwood Mac's, "The Chain." No, but really, how does this happen?

Pizza on the floor

This is why you never, ever fall asleep while carrying pizza. It's precious cargo!

Strong bike

How... How does this happen? I mean, it looks like the bike rider was okay so that's good, but how is the bike that strong?

Bye bye toilet paper

This has to be the worst feeling in the world. I don't think I would get up. I'd just grab what I could off the floor and then run.

Big spider

from WTF
This is a big no thanks from me! Look how big that spider is! Look at it! That's not natural. What is this, Jumanji?

Dead bird

from pics
I believe this is what we in the business call "a very bad omen." I would lock myself in my bedroom and hide under the covers for the rest of the day if this happened to me.

Stolen porch

How does one exactly steal a porch? And for what purpose? Imagine driving past a house and thinking "Hey, that's my porch!"

Eye doctor reminder

With text that big, I don't think there will be good news at your follow-up appointment.

Shattered mirror

Don't you get seven years of bad luck if this happens? I'd say this is probably the start of that bad luck.

Axe through the window

from WTF
This guy almost got Final Destination-ed! If you have seen that movie, that scene will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Hail damage

Apparently, this is what extreme hail can do to your moonroof. Remind me not to live in a place that has giant hailstorms.

Locked in the bathroom

Honestly, as long as you have access to a toilet, I say enjoy it. Draw yourself a bath and don't concentrate on the fact that you are locked in a tiny room.

Band-aid pizza

from WTF
Oh my god, this is so gross. I'm gagging just thinking about this. I need to move on. This is too much.


Uh oh. Someone either got electrocuted and then ran away (hopefully to a hospital) or they were jolted so bad they were transported to another dimension.

Stolen toilet

How does one exactly steal a toilet? That is not something you can be sneaky about.

Pompeii skeleton

I never thought I would relate so hard to an ancient skeleton, but here we are. Stranger things have happened.


from pics
This is not funny. This is horrendous. Why haven't the parents switched seats with this person and apologized profusely?

Shredded phone

That has to be one powerful shredder! I want to know where this person works. What kind of secret documents are they shredding?

Big ol' tree

Well, I used to live in a house, but then a tree fell on it and enveloped it completely. So, I live in that tree now.

Today's snack

Poor pup went after a bee and got stung. Look at her sad face! She deserves all the treats, cuddles, and kisses.


What do you even do in this situation? Your plans are ruined and your car is ruined. Your Snapchat views, though? Those are more popular than they've ever been.


This is my worst little kid nightmare come true. We now have definitive proof that escalators can eat you.

A tale of two idiots

This isn't as bad as that episode of New Girl where Jess flies to London but her boyfriend flies back to LA to be with her for Christmas. That was worse.

8DX 24/7

Sound it out loud. It just does not get funnier than this, folks. This is pure gold.


from WTF
Owwww I feel the pain in my head just looking at this picture! Even one hair getting caught hurts. This must have been awful.

Literacy program

Evidently, the literacy program for Mississippi didn't reach the people who write for its newspapers.

Latté Art

This is really good latté art! It's so lifelike. Share this with someone who has had a bad day recently.