People Have Been Using An App To Remove Makeup From Celebrities

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When you spend too much time looking at celebrities, it can be easy to get down on yourself. Comparison is the thief of joy, and celebrities always seem to have that extra layer of polish. Until now.

New launch MakeApp is a filter that “removes makeup” from images. And people have been using it on their favorite celebrities – with entertaining (and sometimes quite shocking) results. Here are sixty of the best.

Looking more than a little bit undead.

Turns out, eyebrows really make the face.

This one made us feel a bit better, NGL.

The slicked-back hair doesn’t work so well bare-faced.

Turns out, celebs get dark circles, too!

Erm, she looks almost exactly the same …

Only Jen could come out of this app looking younger.

It seems as though her bare-faced self has gone a little heavy on the blur …

With those eyebrows, she doesn’t really need anything else.

Still stunning – but it’s refreshing to see her looking a little less polished.

The app really did her dirty.

Turns out, an organic lifestyle isn’t total magic.

Another where she looks almost exactly the same without makeup.

It sort of removes that weird expression in her eyes, too!

Based on real makeup-free selfies we’ve seen, the app is spookily accurate!

Her lips are red even without her signature lippie!

She looks more wholesome than ever.

Let’s face it, she’s stunning either way.

She kind of looks cuter bare-faced, right?

The smoky eye kind of ages her, in our opinion.

Not sure why the app added so much discoloration?

Hmm … the filter didn’t work quite so well here.

Never feel bad about your dark circles again!

Unsurprisingly, she still looks gorgeous. 

36. Angelina Jolie (again)

It seems we just can’t resist de-makeupping Jolie!

Even the powers of MakeApp couldn’t get all of her Met Gala look off.

Again, this took off maybe half of what she was wearing.

She rarely wears makeup anyway, after all.

Yeah, she’s a famous supermodel for a reason.

Kind of looks like a mother and daughter, right?

It’s reassuring that she doesn’t actually have cartoonishly big eyes.

We’re honestly distracted by the overall weirdness of this picture.

If anything, this just highlights how heavily edited her pictures are!

She actually looks adorable.

Ok, in this one, we admit we can see a difference.

They could have at least started with a flattering picture!

The topknot looks great either way.

This edition is a little more successful.

The app’s gone a little overboard on the eyebags here!

Have they mistaken this for the aging app?

She looks super young without all that product!

Uhm, has this one actually been put through the app??

Kind of cruel for the app to give her five o’clock shadow.

Whereas, in this pic, she genuinely looks totally different. What is the truth?

We hate to say it, but she looks pretty cute.

Again – did the app do anything?

From a lot of makeup to a moderate amount of makeup.

Surprise, surprise – this supermodel is absolutely beautiful.

The app really went hard here.

The gorgeous chef is just as gorgeous without her face done.

The filter has had a rather creepy effect here.

Not to be a stickler, but we can see some eyeliner here still.

Makeup totally transforms her face.

The Brit actress looks just as cute bare-faced.

The app didn’t quite work on all that blue eyeshadow.

All we can say is wow.

An icon either way.

She kind of looks less intimidating once the makeup’s gone.

Another where we can barely notice a difference.

An absolute stunner, either way. Fancy seeing more celebrities as you never have before? One clever photoshopper has been editing famous faces next to their younger selves, with incredible results.