A picture with a number in the middle has created a stir online as only seventy-five percent of people are able to see the number. Will you be one of the lucky few who can?!

The brain-teasing illusion has stunned many online as they can only see a normal picture, when really, there is a number hidden inside of it.

The picture itself is pretty simple. It has a pink background that is covered in hundreds of small white circles that are arranged in a circular pattern.

But, while the picture looks simple, hidden somewhere among the circles is a 4-digit number.

Have a look at it for yourself:

It's going to take a lot of concentration and some seriously good eye sight to figure this one out.

Are you still struggling? Here's a hint, look in the middle of the picture.

Any luck? Well, some people have, as despite the illusion being extremely difficult for most of us, some people found the answer straight away.

And for those that did, they wasted no time sharing their success online.

"I found it even without my glasses," one person wrote on Facebook.

"I actually saw this one," said another.

With a third person adding: "Saw all 4 numbers immediately."

One person even admitted that while they could see the answer for this picture, they often struggle with other illusions as they wrote: "I can see this one but not some of the others."

So, after seeing their success, have you had any of your own? What number do you think it is?

It's time to see the solution and find out just how good your eye sight is...

The brain-teasing illusion picture contains the number 5691.

How did you do? Did you get the answer right? Or were you one of the seventy-five percent who couldn't couldn't see it?