People of the Internet Share Their Craziest Stories | 22 Words

You can find all sorts of crazy things on the internet if you search hard enough. And, sometimes, you don't even need to try. Sometimes you end up falling into the deepest depths of the world wide web with no way to escape.

You come to that point where you start questioning yourself, thinking, "how on Earth did I get to this?" but, I'm telling you now, ignore that voice that tells you to stop and keep going. You're already in far too deep to quit now.

Reading this article is probably going to be one of those moments for you, but it's all going to be worth it once you start reading some of these ridiculously crazy stories that I found on Reddit. Let me share with you what half the world gets up to while you're going about your daily life.

Before I start, I must warn you, because of my own morals, this could scar you a little.

So read at your own risk.

1. Drug Pilot.

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I'll start you off easy. The first story is about a person on Reddit who decided to come clean about the secret life that he was living. He thought that it would be a good idea to obtain a pilot's license in order to smuggle drugs across the country. So he did. He became a qualified pilot and transported thirty thousand dollars worth of marijuana back and forth.

He warned everyone that the anxiety of the situation wasn't worth the money.

"I can't tell anyone about the coolest/dumbest thing I've ever done," he says, while simultaneously telling the whole of the internet via this Reddit thread. Let's hope that the police aren't reading his post as we speak...

2. Unlikely Hero.

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The next story is set in a supermarket. This team leader always did his best to make sure that everyone felt like part of the team. So when a new employee was hired, he obviously tried to welcome him as best he could. But the only problem was that this new guy never spoke, so it was a difficult task. The team leader didn't give up though. He continued to speak to him and managed to become friends with him. It was all going well until, one day, out of the blue, the new guy quit without any explanation.

After some investigation, the team leader found out why...

It turns out that the new guy was only working there because he had to carry out a period of community service in order to complete his prison sentence. Yep, he was a criminal. The supermarket only hired him because he accepted half the pay of a regular employee.

The story doesn't end there, though...

One night, after being threatened by a group of men at a bar, the team leader found himself in a dangerous position until he heard a shout from behind. It was the ex-convict employee from the supermarket, along with his (very scary looking!) friends. They fought off the men for him, which saved him from getting the ass whopping of his life. This was a classic case of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." Never judge a book by its cover, guys.

3. Human Kitty.

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How much would you have to be offered to pretend to be a cat for a whole entire month? I'm being serious. You'd have to walk around on your hands and knees, drink out of a bowl, and even sleep in a goddamn cage!

This was a proposal given to a girl by a wealthy man.

Typically, you would think that this was some sort of kinky fetish, but there was no mention of any sexual favors. She just had to act like a cat... Spoiler alert: After careful consideration, she declined the offer and found another way to pay her tuition fees. Good choice.

4. A Close Call.

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Schools all around the world have unusual methods of punishment. One student, along with a few other friends who were attending a Korean middle school,x was asked by their math teacher to kneel on their desks, ready to be "punished." No, this isn't one of those kinky things, either, I don't think... Each one of them did as they were told and proceeded to get smacked on their thighs by him.

Things escalated quickly.

One student was absolutely furious that he was being punished unjustly and so he pulled out a knife from his back pocket and held it up to the teacher's throat, threatening to kill him. The students were so scared that they would have to witness a murder that they started screaming. The violent student was so frightened by his actions that he ran out of the room, but later came crawling back, begging the teacher for forgiveness. Weirdly, it worked. The teacher decided not to press any legal charges, but the student was forced to transfer schools. He got off that one pretty lightly, if you ask me.

5. One Fatal Flight.

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Before I begin this one, let me give you a piece of advice. If you want to learn to fly a plane, don't enroll at a "sketchy flight school." It might be obvious to some, but, clearly, not to the person who posted this story on Reddit.

They decided that they would take their chances with this unnamed flight company...

Bad choice. During one of the test drives, fuel started leaking from the tank, so they got out and left the vehicle. They were lucky. A couple of days later, they found out that that same plane had crashed and caused the death of the driver, who hadn't spotted the faulty fuel tank before take-off. People commented on the post to urge the person who told the story to aid in the investigation of the death of the driver.

6. Brief Encounter.

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Imagine meeting your father but him having no idea who you are. This woman wrote about how her parents got divorced while her mother was still pregnant with her. Her father decided to give up all parental rights, so she never saw him growing up. That was until the day that the healthcare department that she was working at announced that they had hired a new employee...

Of course, by the name and age, she immediately knew that it was her father, but she waited to see him in the flesh.

And when she did, she was positive. It was her dad. But he had no idea that his office was directly opposite the one that his long-lost daughter was in. As time went by, the two never crossed paths because of their busy schedules, but, one day, some letters that had been dropped off to her office by mistake had to be delivered to her dad's, so she decided that she would do it personally. She walked into his office and left the papers on the desk and, as she was about to leave, he looked her in the eye and muttered a quick "thank you," and nothing else. He didn't know. But just having that one exchange was enough for her.

7. A Bloody Maniac.

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This story is about a nineteen-year-old Scottish man and his friends who encountered a dangerous man while interrailing around Europe. The story starts as they were just about to leave Budapest. The man was packing his suitcases into the back of a taxi, half asleep. Suddenly, three other guys came sprinting down the road, yelling, "Run!" Thinking that they were playing a prank, the group of friends ignored them, while continuing to pack their stuff so that they didn't miss their next train.

This is when things get a little wild...

The friends quickly realized why those guys were screaming "run." As they got into the taxi, a man covered head-to-toe in tattoos with blood on his hands offered the nineteen-year-old man a handshake, which he didn't refuse because he didn't want to offend him. He then went over the taxi driver who told the man to "f**k off," which enraged him. He pulled out a knife from the back of his jeans and started chasing the car as they tried to drive away. "Lock the f***ing doors!" he screamed as they got stuck behind a lorry, backing into the street.

The man with the tattoos didn't give up...

He got to the vehicle and started thumping against the windows with a crazed look on his face, smearing blood against the glass. When the taxi driver realized that he was not going to give up, he got out and chased the man away. The weirdest part of it is that he dropped his knife and apologized to the locals stood watching from the pavement, disappearing amongst the trees. Be careful when interrailing in Budapest, guys...

8. A S**t Job

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Imagine opening a letter at work and finding that someone had excreted into the envelope. That's what happened to this one person who wrote about their rather disgusting experience.

Along with the poop, there was something else that rolled out of the envelope...

A solid, gold coin from the 19th century. Unfortunately, that gold coin wasn't worth much in the end and it certainly wasn't worth putting your hand in someone else's s**t for. Overall, it was a pretty insane story and I that think the poor guy deserves a pay rise.

9. An Unlucky Escape.

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This post told the story of a dad who missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. You will never believe this one. Apparently, one Reddit user's father went to school with John Lennon. Yes, the John Lennon. He was starting a band at the time and asked him to be in it. Her dad was known for his drumming skills, but, unfortunately, he had to turn the offer down because his family wanted him to focus on his studies.

The band was originally called "The Quarrymen" and later changed to "The Silver Beatles" before finally settling on "The Beatles."

Apparently, the drummer that ended up accepting the offer was a guy called Colin. He was later replaced by Pete Best and then Ringo. Even though it meant that she would have never been born, the user expressed that her dad deserved to live his dream as a drummer. A very bittersweet ending indeed...

10. Thank You For Your Service.

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This story kind of made me sad. One night, a guy was at the bus stop waiting for his bus home. The only other person there was a homeless veteran who was asking for change. He looked pretty young and seemed as though he had been through a hard time. Unfortunately, the guy didn't have any change, but he did end up printing two copies of his bus ticket...

You'll never guess what he did...

He offered the young veteran the spare bus ticket and let him crash at his place with his grandma, claiming that he was a "friend." They both spent the whole week together before they parted ways and never saw each other again. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

11. Fools in Love.

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This story had me at the edge of my seat. A man was traveling with some of his friends and a girl that he was seeing at the time. They were all staying in a hostel, so the couple hardly ever got any alone time together. That was until they decided to find a remote place near a forest not too far from where they were staying.

Obviously, the two couldn't go back to their hostel room, because all of their friends were there, so they decided to have sex where they were.

As they leaned against something, the guy noticed that the girl had started shaking, but he thought that she was just reaching her end. He was very wrong. He noticed her body going limp, so he pulled her away from the column that they were leaning against and lay her on the ground. She regained consciousness a couple of minutes later and started crying saying: "I thought I was going to die."

He asked her why, but all that she could do was point towards the column.

That's when he noticed some exposed wires that were actually electrocuting her as they were having sex; her body was paralyzed, so she couldn't say or do anything. The pair decided to never be so reckless again. Don't blame them...

12. Creeping.

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So this story starts with two friends ordering pizza while they waited for their other friend to come over. Soon after there was a knock at the door and the delivery driver was already there with their order. After making some small talk, they closed the door and waited for their friend, who arrived half an hour later.

You wouldn't believe what she said as she walked in...

"Thank God, I'm just in time for the pizza!" The other two girls looked at each other and told her that the pizza was delivered a while ago. She shook her head, looking confused, and said: "I just saw the delivery driver walking from the house."

The girls rushed to the door to open it and noticed footprints in the snow...

They led all the way around the house to the window. They were shocked and disgusted to realize that the guy had been watching them for the past half an hour. Creepy or what?

13. Always Double-Check.

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Imagine sending private photos, yes I'm talking about nudes, to the wrong person by mistake. Well, this man did exactly that. He was taking a "special picture" for his girlfriend, but forgot that his boss had messaged him about some paperwork. He ended up sending the butt-naked mirror pic to her instead.

It's safe to say that she wasn't impressed...

After repeatedly apologizing to his boss with no answer in return, he gave up. The next morning he was immediately called into HR and fired on the spot. That must have been one bad photo, buddy.

14. A Happy Ending.

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So we've had scary stories, sad stories, and just plain weird stories. I think it's time for a happy one! This one made my heart melt. This guy was supposed to be sat in first class on a plane, but his seat reservation had fallen through. So, instead, he found himself in a standard, economy seat, in the back row next to a random girl from Spain.

Everything happens for a reason...

The two immediately hit it off and, fast forward two years, the couple are celebrating the birth of their first child! I mean, you'd be crazy not to believe in fate after reading this one...

15. Stranger Danger.

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It's a classic phrase uttered by all adults to all children, but, even with the constant reminder, most children seem to forget... Exhibit A. This guy was 10 when this happened. He was playing a videogame when he heard a knock at the door and, when he opened it, he saw that there was a man standing there asking for directions.

After he told him that he didn't know where the place was, the man asked the child for a glass of water.

That's never good. Very naively, he went into the kitchen to fetch a glass, but when he got back, he realized that the man had let himself in and was pointing a gun at him while rummaging around, looking for valuables to steal. When he couldn't find anything, he walked out of the house, leaving the little boy with tears streaming down his face.

And you'll never guess the reason for his tears...

Apparently, he was afraid that the man was going to steal his videogame and that he would have to explain to his mom where it had gone. Forget the gun pointed at his head, he was more scared of his mom's reaction. We've all been there, kid.

16. A Very Political Secret.

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It's no secret that people in power often abuse their positions in order to get what they want. And this story is yet another example of this.

It all happened over Facebook...

Out of the blue, a politician who had been in power on and off for the past twenty years, sent a message to a boy who was only eighteen at the time asking if he wanted to attend a party in the local area.

Sounds creepy already, right?

Before he could even reply, another message came through with a completely different vibe from the first. The politician was requesting sexual favors from the young teen, saying that his wife and kids were out of town and he needed a "little help"... He even promised him money and other things in return. Thankfully, the boy knew better and quickly declined the offer. But he spent the next couple years of his life watching this man running for powerful positions. Yikes.

And that brings me to the end of my insane stories...

For now. I hope that you had fun reading about the bizarre things that have occurred in other people's lives while you've innocently been going about yours.