"But Wait... It Gets Worse" Stories That Will Make You Cringe | 22 Words

We all have that one story. Everything is going wrong, and then it keeps getting worse and worse and worse. I have a name for this story. It's called "my life," and I'm still waiting for it to get better. Please send me help– but not you, Mom, if you're reading.

But seriously, my life is nothing compared to some of these stories from Reddit. Some will make you cry, some will make you rage, and others will make you laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all. But most of all, these will make you glad you're living the life that you are.

So grab a stress ball or a cuddly animal, load up your "I'm not stressed, you're stressed" Spotify playlist, and dig into these delightfully depressing stories about 26 people whose lives keep getting worse.

Oh, god no. Please, not one with a dog!

When we had to put down our family dog of 12 years and on the drive home, my parents told my brother and I that they were separating. My parents are not terrible people. This happened when I was 18 and if they hadn't stayed together because they both wanted the dog, I would have had to go through that when I was still in high school. -ElToberino

I'm going to cry.

  • At 14 months old, my son was diagnosed with brain cancer 
  • At 4 years old it recurred 
  • At 4.5 years old, cancer grew during his stem cell transplant 
  • At 4.5 years old, I was told to take him home and make him comfortable until he died. 
  • At 4.7 years old, a surgeon took his case and found he had a second form of brain cancer. 
  • 4 months later, my ex-wife told me she was fucking her prayer partner because I gave my son cancer.

People are crazy!

Walked in on my Ex, having sex with a girl and a guy but wait, it gets worse. Told her it was time for her to move. Three days later she shows up to get her stuff and smashes me in the face with a table lamp. Police show up and arrest me but wait, it gets worse. Sitting in the cell for a few hours then two detectives come and take me to an interrogation room. They have my pistol sitting on the table along with ammo and a few knives, ok no big deal but wait, it gets worse. One of the detectives leaves and comes back a minute later and slams a sawed-off shotgun onto the table. WTF? Apparently, her new beau had hidden it in the furnace room. Took 7 years and cost about $10,000 in lawyers fees to get my record cleared but wait, it gets worse. Oh, and she gave me HPV... -Cabin-in-the-Woods

Oh, cool. This one is infuriating.

My oldest sister was murdered. But wait, it gets worse. Her husband was (unbeknownst to us) a high functioning alcoholic. He quickly became an “unable to function at all" alcoholic. But wait, it gets worse. They had 5 children. The oldest called me from the dentist's office, where my brother-in-law was being arrested for driving the kids there while intoxicated. But wait, it gets worse. I can’t take custody of the children because I live out of state. Even if I pack up my family and move, we would have to be residents for 6 months before we could be vetted as foster parents. So the children go into foster care. But wait, it gets worse. There was not a foster family available that willing to take 5 children together. They went to 3 separate families. These kids lost their mother permanently, and their father and siblings temporarily. This occurred 13 years ago. My brother-in-law was not the murderer. He was and is a very decent man who at the time had poor stress management skills. He drank to cope with the stress of everyday life and went completely off the rails when my sister died leaving him to raise 5 children on his own. They did catch the murderer. He pleaded guilty and passed away in prison before his first parole hearing. We never learned the motive. -Wzlywzly

Please, send help.

Got rear-ended by a truck. Pulled over to check my trunk on a hilly street. A car parked behind me rolled downhill and crushed me between it and my newly messed up trunk. Suffered some cracked ribs. -the_average_homeboy

Warning: this one is kinda gross.

So I found out I had a huge tumor on my ovary. It was growing hair. Then I got surgery to remove it and they found out I had stage 4 endometriosis which would severely impact future fertility. Then I go home in extreme pain, I go to the ER that night because I am doubled over and screaming in pain. The ER tells me its residual gas from the laparoscopy. So then I sit on my recliner for three days crying out in pain and vomiting every single thing I try to ingest. Not farting or belching at all like you need to do after a laparoscopy to get rid of the excess gas used to inflate the area they work on. Then I have enough and get my husband to take me to a different hospital. They do a scan with contrast dye (boy was that difficult to keep down long enough for the scan) and they find out that I am bleeding internally and leaking poo into my abdominal cavity. Then I get taken in for emergency surgery.

Kill this story. Kill it right here.

Before the surgery, I am informed that there is also a huge tumor in the middle of my right ovary and would have to have it out. I could either do it then or at a later date. I opt to do it then. I wake up from the surgery after four days in a medically induced coma in a different hospital in the ICU. I am intubated and have a nasogastric tube. I panic and I see a nurse in the hall but can't get her attention. I undo my restraint on my left hand and yank out the tubes (you can rip out your vocal cords by doing that, luckily I didn't) and yell for help. Then I proceed to spend weeks in the hospital recovering. Eating nothing but soup broth, I eventually get upgraded to ensure. I get MRSA in the surgical wound and it takes a few rounds of very strong antibiotics to contend with it. A bunch of my hair falls out. I go home and can't bathe for a few weeks because the incision is still pretty much open (they didn't stitch the skin together). I have to have a home health nurse visit me every day to clean the wounds. It takes about a year to heal. I keep getting recurring MRSA infections in the top of the incision site inside of my belly button. Whenever the MRSA comes back my belly button oozes a ton of pus and blood and forms a giant, painful boil. It's been two years and this is still happening. -family_of_trees

Oh, good. A hotel story, this won't be disgusting!

I was working for a large hotel chain in London for a few weeks, shooting interiors/exteriors for their brochures and I'd end up going from hotel to hotel meeting managers/assistants who would take me around the hotel all day while I took my photos. Knowing full well that no-one works in a hotel without acquiring some pretty amazing stories, I would interrogate each one for their most outrageous tales. I got to hear a bunch of stories that ranged from fascinating to dull: The orgies, the famous faces cheating on their spouses, the occasional slaughtered goat in the bath (incredibly more common than you might think...) and the time that the cast of Friends stayed at the hotel while they were filming those episodes in London. One story rose above the rest. A gentleman, alone in his suite, woke up in the middle of the night with a DIRE need to unload his bowels. I mean a really, really desperate need, to the point that he must have woken up in a panic as he jumped out of bed, butt naked, bolted for the bathroom door and burst inside. Except he didn't. In his tired state and no doubt thanks to his unfamiliarity with the hotel room, he bolted for the front door of the room by mistake and let the door shut behind him. Now this man who both, let’s not forget, feels an agonizing rumbling in his intestines and is as naked as the day he was born, suddenly finds himself in the corridor and panics. Understandably. His desire to poop is so strong that it overwhelms any other thought going through his head. He. Must. Poop. He starts banging like a maniac on a neighboring door, hoping someone will answer, and eventually, someone does. A man opens up the door, probably assuming that a fire has started in the hotel and he's being woken up for an emergency evacuation. And in a sense, he's half right.

Oh cool, it's disgusting.

Our naked hero bursts into the room, pushing past the confused and bewildered occupant, apologizing along the way, and makes a break for the bathroom. But no. He doesn't make it. Halfway there, his sphincter gives in to the pressure and he unloads a spray of effluent across the floor of the stranger. Some of the foulest smelling waste imaginable is dumped all over the place in a mottled line, leading to the toilet. The rooms original occupant, who was up until this point, standing scared, bewildered and confused by the door still, immediately vomited. To his credit, the digestively challenged man did make it to the sitting position in the bathroom, and sat there, crying and apologizing to the vomiting man and eventually the hotel staff, for a full 10 minutes while his gut punished him for some earlier indiscretion. When the guy had finished, the hotel moved his belongings (some of which were speckled with feces) to a new room and I assume that the guy had a nice long shower. But wait; it gets worse... In the morning after the debacle, the “Pooper" walked into the restaurant for breakfast and who should be there but last nights victim, sat eating his cornflakes. The two apparently locked eyes, whereupon last nights memories must have come flooding back to the victim with a vengeance, because the poor man, in the middle of a crowded room full of people enjoying their food, immediately vomited all over the table. -photosonny

Just a classic lover's quarrel, right?

Two of my friends had a falling out. I was dying to know what was going on between them because they lived together and I felt like I was watching mommy and daddy get divorced. One friend was never around and the other told me he honestly didn't know what going on. After a couple months, I finally got some one-on-one time with the friend who wasn't around, and he explained everything to me in detail. Basically, he asked if he could date the other friend's cousin, who emphatically said NO. But, since the other friend had dated his cousin without asking, he violated bro-code and started seeing her anyway. In dating this girl, he came to find out that she and the other friend were more than just cousins. They had carried on a physical relationship for years. Basically, they screwed like bunnies whenever the family wasn't looking. But hold on! It gets worse. He was told this went on for 10 years. The girl was 22. Her cousin was 24. They had been having sex since middle school!

Oh, no. I was so wrong.

But hold on! It gets worse. The girl's father and her cousin's father are identical twins. Let that sink in for a second. Genetically, they are half-siblings. At that point in the story, I downed my beer and apologized for even asking about what was going on. I wish I never knew. As a follow-up, they no longer live together or speak to each other. I'm still really close with the incest-free friend. I see the other friend in passing and we're still friends, but its hard to look him in the eye. The non-incestuous couple split up shortly after because he couldn't handle it. Not sure if she's still sleeping with her "cousin" or not. -rawbface

No, not the bees!

A month ago our ceiling fell down and caused a total mess, the room was destroyed. Nightmare. Then wasps started coming in- lots of wasps. Turns out we had a few nests in our roof, and they were coming in the newly formed hole. So the exterminator came, sprayed his spray and we watched as over the following few days literally thousands of wasps fell from the vortex to hell until they all died. Then our roofer came round to remove what was left of the rotten timber and plaster. I heard a blood-curdling scream and saw the poor man swarmed with wasps. Turns out the nest was bigger than the exterminator thought (it was over three feet long) and very much still active. He came and removed the nest, still crawling with wasps. Then our insurance company said they wouldn’t cover any repairs as it was wear and tear (from a leak we had no way of knowing about)! Then at the weekend my cat died and she was really cute and I'll never know joy again. -Human_Web91

Okay, so this one is a classic lover's quarrel.... right?!

Came home from work to find my fiancé in bed with someone else, three months before the wedding. It gets worse. I'm a female, my ex-finance is a male... The other person... ALSO a dude... (He was using me to hide his sexuality from his family, too afraid to come out of the closet). It gets worse. I came back the next day for my stuff. He pushed me THROUGH a wall and down a flight of stairs. I'm okay now. It was a while ago. Now have a very stable, safe, honest relationship with a great guy. Who thankfully isn't cheating, and isn't in the closet. -Next_Offer

We're going to Vegas baby! But again, I should remind you that most of these stories are sad and this one is no exception.

My mom planned a three-generation trip of a lifetime with my grandpa, my brother, and me. We were going to stay in Vegas for one day, go down to a gold mine of one of her friends, visit the Grand Canyon and then fly back from Phoenix, while making multiple stops on route 66. We were going to leave after my high school graduation. On the day of my graduation, my grandpa hits his head because the Comfort Inn he is staying in installed new slippery tubs (he wasn't the first person injured). He did a concussion test on himself and since he didn't have a bump on his head, he went to my graduation and went on the trip with us. We spend a night in Vegas checking out the casinos, but my brother and I can't gamble or drink so there wasn't a lot we could do. We go to bed and wake up the next morning and went to check out, but our grandpa wasn't down yet. He doesn't answer his phone and we ask the hotel manager to let us into his room. We find him unconscious and unresponsive. They take him to a hospital and we find out he has a brain clot. They aren't able to treat it, so we have to take him off life support and he died 7 hours later. Once we got home we tried to get a death certificate, but we're told that it could take between 4-6 weeks for them to give it to us. 6 weeks later we received a death certificate with a mistake because the person who filled it out googled my grandpa's address instead of using the one we gave them. A couple of days ago (5 weeks later), we have received the death certificate. In a week my mom and brother are going down to Florida to get his stuff, but I can't go with them because of college. We still don't even know where his will is and I bet more ___ is going to hit the fan. -PleasePurdueNoMore

Who's ready for a hurricane and a very long list of bad things??

Got hit with a tropical storm. It became a hurricane. Hid under the sink with my cats but couldn't get my dog in, cats scratched me and pissed on me. Exited in the morning and the roof was off and the kitchen was flooded. My car had taken a direct hit from a power transformer and was completely ruined. The road to the house had ten or twelve downed trees blocking it. Surrounded by jungle so had to hack my way out with a machete. Literally. Make it to work, work is gone. The entire office building is gone, just debris. Get chased wild dogs on my way to friends' house A friend comes over with a chainsaw to clear road, a fucking tree falls on me. No running water or power for months. I get fired because there is literally no more work as it doesn't exist. Bye, bye insurance. Never seen dog since hurricane he is probably either dead or lost Takes a year to find a new job. -ItsJustAlice

I am sad inside.

In late 2016, my live-in girlfriend and I were in a rough patch. I was kind of riding it out until the end of the lease to see if things got any better. They did not. In late October, she told me that she was breaking up with me. A week later, I was laid off. She moved out shortly after. A few weeks after that, I saw on social media that she had gotten engaged. Sometime after that, mutual friends assured me that she had been cheating. I found a contract job, which I hated. While there, I started a side contracting gig. When the primary contract ended, I decided to take my side gig full time. Since I suck at sales, I couldn't manage to get traction. Fortunately, I am now in a job I enjoy very much, back in the gym losing weight, and I'm dating more. Basically, if my life were an NFL team, the coach would call this a "rebuilding year." -DukeMaximum

Let's all go skiing! What could go wrong?

My brother moved to Vermont to work at a ski resort to escape his stressful job in Philly. Before he even started his first day of work, he skied into a tree and broke his collarbone, leaving him unable to work there. He next found a job on a passenger train in Alaska working as a bartender. On one of his days off, he was playing basketball with coworkers and tore his ACL (that he had torn years before in high school). After coming home for surgery/recover, he landed a job in Denver. He was mountain biking down a slope and managed to hit his head on a tree which gave him a major concussion. Days later, his girlfriend and he were having lunch at a restaurant and he lost consciousness, fell out of his seat, and coded. His girlfriend performed CPR until paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital. Fortunately, he was resuscitated! -Warm_Coach

Seriously, please help.

My wrap-around skirt blew away while I was walking down the sidewalk. But wait, it gets worse. It happened right in front of a funeral home, and yes, there were at least two dozen mourners filing into the building, as I chased my skirt down the sidewalk in my panties. -shadypines33

I would like to cry now.

This is just this year alone: My mother died in her sleep. I found her. Had to move out of the home I lived in for 11 years. My brother and his GF stole a lot of my things. Found out both my cats have lung cancer. Can't have my cats because of where I live. My job changed shifts. I still have a job, just had to take a pay cut and it's even more stressful. My BF got really sick. My brother (Not the one that stole my stuff) almost died. I've been sick and have a lump behind my ear. Do not have medical insurance. One of my cats died today. -gigabytestarship

Skip this one. Seriously, skip it. It's awful.

My twin and I were born, our mother from poor Native American reservation doesn’t want us and does not want us to grow up there so she leaves us on some doorstep to a stranger's home. Police are called and we are put into foster care shortly after...but it gets worse. Adopted parents abuse us for years. The adopted extended family says we're not really family don't really want anything to do with us. It gets worse. I contemplate suicide at 7, tell the friend to bring a knife to school so I can kill myself in the bathroom. The friend tells his mom who tells my mom, who hands me a knife and beats me for trying to take it. Then continues to ask me if I want to die and beats me until I say I don't. It gets worse... 11 years old twin and I say we don't want to live with them after years of them threatening to call CPS to take us away, they beat us both until we say we want to stay... it gets worse 16 years old, attempt suicide first time by swallowing bottle of pills, doesn't work. Gets worse... 17 years old, attempt suicide by swallowing a lot of pills, found, stomach pumped, survived. Gets worse. 18 years old, attempt suicide by slashing my arm with a box cutter. Pass out from blood loss, wake up with EMTs over me and tourniquet on arm. Survive, sent to a mental hospital where I stay for 3 months. It gets worse... 19 find apartment, work 2 jobs barely able to make ends meet. Often pay rent and starve for two weeks. 24 years old... twin offers a place to stay, don't want to but am convinced that I can go to school and save money and eat. 3 months later find out sister can't afford a house even with my rent and I go homeless. It gets worse...


Couch surf with few friends when I can, sleep under pine tree other times, use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. Work odd jobs through a temp agency. Little sister finds out about homelessness we become roommates. Gets worse... 25 years old - little sister says she can't pay her half of rent, doesn't like that I make more money on unemployment than she does at her job. She can pay rent, just choose not to and promises to pay me back - never pays me back. I am considered independent now, get loan go to school. Gets worse... 26 years old - give twin stuff I had in storage, says she will store for free saving me money and stuff will be safe. Agree, a year later I want something in storage, all my stuff is gone. Ask twin about it, says she doesn't know anything about it. Found out later she pawned all my stuff. Twin and I find our birth mom, find out she's cray-cray, suffers from schizophrenia and in jail for stabbing her roommate. Says she doesn't know who the father is, she was raped but she loves us now and calls us flesh over her flesh and wants to see us... I decline, figured that she was manipulating us and that she's off her rocker. No idea who the father is or if anything she said is true. But it gets better... 28 years old - work and go to school, graduate with a 3.2 GPA meet my future wife, cut out bad influences and keep good influences. Have a good job now, wife, 2 kids. I still struggle with past, the biggest fear is being abusive to my own children. -XvFoxbladevX

Welp, I am depressed now. What's next?

Got out of the Navy. Decided to go to college. Met a girl. Liked the girl. It’s close to my birthday two years later. Crossroad to meet my dad, he was passing through town for work and dropped off my present. Get smashed by an SUV while on foot. My head breaks off his mirror, crush the windshield, total the car. It gets worse. The shave the side of my head with a scalpel so they can staple my skin flap back to my skull. Two weeks later, hobble back into my apartment. See GF blowing guy on my bed. Heartbreak, anger, pain. Should have stayed in the Navy, too crippled to re-enlist. Thank God. -SensationalSavior

Everyone say it with me, "No thank you."

I was at a country concert in the middle of June and was dancing with some friends and all of a sudden they disappeared (I was pretty drunk). As I'm leaving to go find them, this girl grabs my hand and we start dancing. One thing leads to another and we started making out until at one point she pulls away and says "I don't think my boyfriend would like this". I tell her I'm going to grab a beer to get away and she grabs my hand and says she'll come with me. Here's where it gets worse... I run into a customer from the store I work at and start chatting with him. The girl with me starts chatting with the customers' girlfriend. All of a sudden I hear her tell the customers girlfriend "Yeah it's my birthday in September! I turn 18." Noped out of there so fast. -alphalegend91

I'm ready to judge.

Went on date with a girl. She did not look like her picture. Ok, whatever.  But then she yells at me for telling her Canada has provinces, not providences, and insists they're the same. I'm from Canada.  Then she freaks out because she realizes I work for the same company as her boyfriend... who she did not mention to me. Which would have been fine if he was into open relationships, but she hadn't told him yet.  Then she tells me the problem with my company is that "keep hiring all these immigrants to come to take our jobs."  I am an immigrant just hired by the said company. I stare blankly at her, waiting for her to clue in.  She says "I mean no offense"  "..... I don't mean you, you're white." -wayoverpaid

This one makes me want to go hide somewhere and never resurface.

My ex-wife wanted to be a stay at home wife, even after I offered to pay for school or help her start a leather-working business. My best friend/Co-worker gets promoted over me at work due to what boils down to a coin flip. My friend has a day off work one night and comes in anyway. Turns out his wife caught him and my ex-wife sending some dirty messages to each other. Come to find out that they had a physical relationship as well, like 3 nights prior. While I was asleep in the other room. Fast forward through some marriage counseling and 2 years later. New state, New opportunity, she doubles down on being a housewife. I pay for her to fly out to go to a convention with her friends while I'm away in the desert for a work thing. Literally a month in one of the hottest spots on earth. Come home and she basically holed herself in the house, choosing to live online and neglect reality. After some arguments, find out she and one of the friends she flew out to go see were having an online relationship. She told me she wished I never came home. Work got worse, I believed about the marriage failing was my fault. Suicide attempt last year. It failed. I basically poisoned myself, was sick for 2 days and thought my insides were going to eat themselves out, 0/10 do not recommend. Finally, wake up and file for divorce. She publicly accuses me of mental and emotional abuse. 2017 wasn't a good year for me. -PichuIsMyCommander

I don't like this either Mr. Guy from this GIF.

2014. My mom died in May. Then her poodle, Katie died. My father dies 9 weeks 4 days after my mom, just 4 days before my birthday. 1 week after he passed, my roommate got drunk and drove my car into the front of the house we were renting. On the day of my father's funeral my roommate moved out without notice and steals some of my belongings. Now we're in September and my boyfriend has a seizure and requires hospitalization. October 2014 my mother's other poodle has seizures and dies. -bananaskillme

Warning: Don't lock your keys in your car or this could happen to you.

My SO locked his keys in his car about 6 weeks ago. Well, only the hidden key that lives inside the fob. But you see, the "unlock" key on the fob is broken, so the key is required to enter the car, and the fob fits into the ignition. He had no other choice than to open the trunk with the fob, punch out the small trunk access door that's behind the backseat armrest, find the lever to lower the rear seats by shoving his body through the tiny door, crawl through the car, and retrieve his key in the front seat. I also forgot to mention that the alarm was blaring this whole time. He finally gets through to the front seat, starts the car, and kills the alarm. Exhausted, with bloody knuckles and scrapes all over, he gets out of the car and shuts the door behind him. It is then that he realized he had left the keys on the seat... Again. And the door had locked behind him. He turned and gave a swift punt to his tire out of frustration, immediately snapping his third metatarsal, breaking his foot. He then had to repeat this scenario to get his keys out, this time with a broken foot. He just got his boot off last week. -55GallonDrumsOfLube

I do not like this story. It is messy.

Had debilitating arm pain for a few weeks and spent a lot of money and time going to the doctor, trying to get it figured out while navigating the American healthcare system. But wait, it gets worse. My doctor decides that I am depressed and this is causing my pain. He prescribes anti-depressants which make me incredibly sick and cause loss of appetite. But wait, it gets worse. I start having chest pain and difficulty sleeping. It gets so bad I go to urgent care and they tack on a script for valium. I start popping these as often as I can to try and control the pain I am in/pass out. But wait, it gets worse. The chest pain starts to get so bad and is accompanied by difficulty breathing so I go to the ER. After an emergency CT scan it turns out I have a pulmonary embolism. But wait, it gets worse. I am taken off anti-depressants and my birth control pill and put on a loading dose of blood thinners. This causes me to have my period. But wait, it gets worse. I start bleeding excessively. Not to be too graphic, but clots the size of baseballs every 10-20 minutes by day 2. But wait, it gets worse. I return to the hospital and am told I am just having a bad period, and the reason I passed out walking to the bathroom was not from my blood loss, but from influenza, which I tested positive for. I go home and lie on the couch, bleeding through my clothing and delirious with fever. But wait, it gets worse.

You're telling me this gets WORSE?!

My flu symptoms improve and I am cleared to fly to go to Canada to see my parents for Christmas despite still having heavy bleeding. My husband has to help me onto the plane because I am so weak. I am wearing adult diapers because it's the only thing that controls the bleeding. But wait, it gets worse. I make it home to my parents' and spent 2 days in bed. On Christmas Eve I check my heart rate monitor and see that my resting heart beat is 140 BPM. I am incredibly dizzy and pale. At first I attribute this to flu. But wait, it gets worse. I convince my Dad and my husband to bring me to the hospital. As it turns out my hemoglobin is so low from all the bleeding that at this point I am in danger of having a heart attack. For Christmas I get two emergency units of blood and a fuck ton of morphine. But wait, it gets worse. The morphine and blood loss combo causes the worst migraine I've ever had in my life. I start screaming and puking. I need an emergency CT scan on my head, my second in just over a week. But wait, it gets worse. Luckily my head CT is clear but I continue to have debilitating migraines. I spend the next several months recovering and finally am well enough to start functioning like a normal human again. Then I get a bill from the hospital explaining that my insurance company says that they will not cover my initial CT scan (the one I had that diagnosed my PE originally) because I didn't pre-approve it. Still currently fighting this with both insurance and the hospital. -KikiTheArtTeacher