19 People Reveal the Things They Miss Most from the 2000s | 22 Words

Things have changed so much since the early 2000s.

We're definitely getting to the point where people are looking back on them fondly and wishing they could go back to a much simpler time.

And for good reason! They were some good years!

(And many things these days seem significantly less than good.) A recent AskReddit thread asked people to share what they miss most from the 2000s. Their answers will give you hardcore nostalgia.

The fashion!

Early 2000s had the most fun clothes. Every damn thing I owned at that age had glitter or rhinestones. Also, capri pants, flare leg jeans, someone I knew had a belt that was made from a seatbelt and then decorated with bottle caps (she started a trend of everyone buying that belt). The clothes were so colorful and tacky. Maybe it’s just because I’m an adult, but clothing trends seem more boring lately.AndyJCohen

The video games!

Nintendo Gamecube — I know it was the third place console, but it had so many games that I played constantly. I still think Rogue Leader is the best Star Wars game ever made - and that was 16 years ago!ReflexImprov

The cartoons!

Cartoon Network. It used to be awesome back then.prabhupant09

The (original) Facebook!

This will surprise people, but early Facebook days when it was just mostly younger people and way less political.WxBlue You're about to get a rush of memories with this next one.

Crafting the perfect Away Message!

MSN Messenger. Going on "appear offline" then "online" when your crush came online so that they would open a conversation with you first. Nudging someone when they took too long to answer. "I like you"..."whoops sorry wrong convo lol!"crafty_koala_896

The Flash games!

The flash games. Oh boy. I loved finding a game site at school that wasn't blocked. Then you would pass it around like it was high-end contraband.SaharaForceIndia27

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter being in its heyday and theorizing about what would happen in the next books.JoyStar725


Myspace. The site was flawed, but it was so much fun. The crazy layouts, the "top 8" friends, the surveys, the music — I loved that site, and I'm honestly sad something as bland as Facebook took over.arandomuzzerame


Buying a game at the store, reading the manual on the car ride home, then popping the disc in the console and immediately playing it, the entire game and what it had to offer, nothing more.ithappenb4 If you were lucky enough to have a cellphone in the early 2000s, you'll remember this next one fondly.

The flip phones!

I miss the flip phone era from like 2006-2010, for me at least. I was just better at communication back then. I was in 7th grade to mid-high school back then, and if I wanted to talk to a girl, I'd call her. Texting wasn't unlimited for a lot of people. Also, I remember the exchange of CDs with my friends growing up which we would rip to our computers. The entire way I interacted was different. Now there's Snapchat and all these dating apps and Spotify, which is nice, but if I tried my old game of calling a girl up at 9 pm to chat it would fail, most likely. I guess I just miss the need for more old-school interaction. But there's no going back now.rondowasgood

Club Penguin!

I used to play Club Penguin every single day from when I first made an account in 2008. It hurt to see Club Penguin die because it was as if my childhood died with it. I stayed up until ~4 AM my time to watch the end of Club Penguin in my dorm in college. :(Hail_Teemo

Not spending every waking hour on your phone!

Just enough features on phones where we can make plans and figure out where we're going. But not SO much functionality that we stare at our phones when we hang out with people.allthebacon_and_eggs

The ~*~aesthetic~*~!

Overall, I just miss the aesthetic of the 00's. Everything was all gritty because it was barely a new millennium and nobody knew how the future would look like. Companies back then had overcomplicated logos to help them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Everything felt more real than the over-simplicity of today, and I truly miss that.TheCrummyShoe

Having money!

My complete lack of debt.PublicFigureX This next submission really paints a picture.

Everything about this:

I graduated high school in 2001. I'll always remember my yellow Sony Discman connected to the tape deck in my '94 Saturn SL2. It was a stick shift too! The anti-skip didn't work great, but I loved my collection of CDs I had going in the visor. Primus, Rush, Tool, Pink Floyd. Oh, and my skateboard in the back seat. I believe it was a Maple deck, with Destructo trucks, Powell Bones, and some really old Spitfire wheels. That car will never die. It had 280,000 miles on it when the odometer broke. I sold it for $100 to a friend, and he drove it for another year before selling it again. It's still out there somewhere. Extrasherman

The movies!

Movies hype: Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The Matrix Trilogy, Spiderman Trilogy.Zufahrt

The emo girls!

Haven't seen anyone else say it so I'll do the honors. Emo girls. I miss emo girls.Totally_not_Joe


I just started a LOST rewatch. I miss all the theorizing and meeting up with certain people at school to compare notes. The Gary Troup thing, all of it was so fun. Closest nowadays is probably Westworld.DrSpacemanSpliff

The messiness!

I miss the messy culture of the 2000s. People wore ugly accessories, too many layers, messy makeup. Now, everything has to be so perfect, so "instagrammable."strawberrynausea Share this with someone who also misses the 2000s!