People Outraged Over Woman’s Snapchat Selfie Until They Look Closely

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Snapchat is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. We all love sharing weird and wonderful pictures to our friends.

However, sometimes the camera does lie, as one girl from the UK found out after sharing a Snapchat to Twitter, which led to a massive backlash.

Although it’s amazing for staying in touch with those far away…

Sometimes what we say can become misconstrued or lost in translation.

The app is designed for sending quick (and temporary) photos to your contacts.

Pulling the ugliest face you can and snapping a quick photo, without anyone around you in real-time noticing.

As one girl found out after sharing her pic to Twitter.

The student posted a selfie before a night out which resulted in an unexpected reaction from her pals.

To celebrate her sister’s thirtieth birthday with family.

Captioning it “Let’s get drunk,” before putting it on her Snapchat story.

They thought she was announcing her pregnancy – by holding up an ultrasound.

Due to trolls responding negatively to her image.

While others “hammered” the teen for acting irresponsibly about her ‘pregnancy.’

“I’ve actually chucked the bag out because of all the drama it gave me,” Siobhan said. “Me and my family were going out for a bottomless brunch at Dirty Martini for my sister’s 30th. I posted it originally just before going out thinking it would just be my friends that saw it.”

As she liked the photograph and wanted to share it with her friends.

“Then it just went completely weird,” she said. “When people were thinking it was a baby scan it did make me giggle seeing as I put the caption ‘Let’s get drunk.'”

“Some people genuinely thought I was announcing my pregnancy. I decided to take it down because it was just getting too weird. People kept asking if I thought it was wise to be drinking while holding a scan.”

Who were accusing her of faking the whole thing for attention.

“The bag was made from this shiny material and obviously I didn’t realise or see it looking like anything else,” she said.

“I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to explain myself especially now it’s gone viral again! People have messaged me asking how old my baby is and whether it’s a boy or girl. It’s funnier this time around though.”  

She re-uploaded it with the caption “a year since everyone thought i was holding a baby scan <3".

But despite the caption, Siobhan still had to deny being pregnant.  

With them asking how old her baby is and its gender.

Keep scrolling to see why Snapchat has had to apologize for their controversial filter…