29 People Share the Most Mundane "Extreme Sports" Ever | 22 Words

Have you ever started working on your homework as your teacher is walking around the room to collect it? Have you ever told your boss you'd get that assignment to them in an hour when you haven't even looked at what you're supposed to do? Have you ever told a friend you'll be there in 5 minutes when you've completely forgotten about your plans?

These are the extreme sports that us normal people get to compete in every day, and users on Reddit compiled this awesome list of 30 of the most extreme sports we compete in daily.

So put on that full body leotard, find a fitness coach, and dive straight into this extreme list of hardcore everyday tasks. Your body will thank us. And while you're at it, let us know some of your most extreme sports and maybe we'll just add them to this article. Who knows? You could become famous.

Starting us off right, the power-point-I've-never-seen-before.

Giving a presentation, created by your group, to your boss as you see the slides for the first time in the projector. -coelacyanth

And maybe try looking into the light so it doesn't look like you're reading off the slides the whole time.

The real extreme sport is looking into the light emitting portion of the projector to gain a split-second advantage to knowing the material before anyone else. -FluidIce

This one is just straight up my morning routine.

Telling yourself you'll just close your eyes for a few minutes after turning your alarm off. -ChellyGamer

A true test of hitting that 2x speed button on YouTube.

Convincing myself that I can watch a 10-minute video when I have to leave in 5 minutes. -N3MO_

I like to call this sport FURIOUS TYPING.

Trying to type something in the group chat before the topic changes. -savingsunday And they only get MORE EXTREME from here.

In order to compete in this extreme sport, you have to be way too chill.

Seeing your train arrive at the platform but refusing to run in the hope that you've timed your walking speed just right to make it before it leaves. -HueyLewisAndTheShoes

Okay, this next one should actually be a real sport.

Skipping the highway rest stop because you only need to hold it in for another 15 minutes to make it home. -Caucasian_Fury

I'm going to just call this one "laziness".

Getting dressed after your friend texts you “I’m here". -willsmithsbeefbroth

And I'll call this one, "asshole".

"On my way" as you get out of bed. -Super_xNoobx

Some of these sports are just plain dangerous.

Jumping in the shower without the ceremonial throwing a hand in to check the temperature. -postdiluvium And please don't do this next one.

And some of them are legit cocky.

Closing maps when you decide you know where you're going, then having to open it and get directions again right before a turn you think sounds right. -Alaskimo

"Who needs instructions when I have life experience?" - me, 15 minutes before messing something up.

Throwing away the box for the food you're cooking with the instructions, only to pull it out the trash a few minutes later. -ThisIsNowAUsername

Watch out for TP bandits...

Using a public restroom without checking the amount of available toilet paper first. -TheBracques

Stop procrastinating, people!

Getting a birthday gift for a friend on your way to the party. -Zulanjo

This. Is not. An acceptable. Gift.

"Happy Birthday! I got you a truck stop sandwich and--" sips "Half a Mountain Dew." -BellaDonatello Hit the next page for those sweet, sweet, college sports.

Psh, who takes notes anyway?

Trying to take notes when the lecturer changes the slides too fast. -Pigeon_Pedestrian

Pretty sure you're just supposed to ask for the whole presentation afterward.

Bonus points if you don’t ask to go back a slide because you convince yourself you can remember what was on the slide. -zindius

This sums up my resume in like 20 words.

Lying on your resume about being proficient in Excel, then furiously Googling how to do some complicated formula while the boss steps away. -QueenLionSnake

And this sums up every class I took in college!

Raising your hand in class to give a summary of last night's required reading, after not reading a single page. -Whitesheep34

Trying to make sure that email you didn't mean to send doesn't get out... Why didn't I think of this?

Trying to hit airplane mode before your email get sent out. -_Squirrel_Fucker Are these extreme sports, or are they actually lifehacks? Find out on the next page!

This is just plainly a bad idea.

Learning your lines backstage just before your character comes on. -TheTrueBuckbuck2

I'll call this one "The Kramer".

Ironing your clothes whilst you're wearing them. -cannedtunainbrine

If anyone has had food poisoning, they can relate to this next one.

Farting when you have diarrhea. -A_Vladivostok_Gweilo

I don't even have kids and this next sport speaks to me.

Getting out of my toddler's room, undetected, after he has fallen asleep. -Just_Me710

I'll just change baby to "drunk partner".

Closing the door is the final boss there. -asdela 5 more sports to go. You can do this. Go for gold.

Are we not supposed to do this one? Because I do this every day.

Knowing you're not gonna make the light, but it's too late because you've already committed. -Breezy_TPE


Waking up late for work in the Winter so you can't defrost your windshield before leaving, so you drive with your head out the window so you can see and aren't late to work. -JerryLarryTerryGary

*Proceeds to tell everyone to go inside. I got this.*

Carrying all of the grocery bags in one shot. -zangor

*Checks surroundings for cars I'm about to smash into*

Sneezing while driving... -perlitaa_09

And finally, the effects of being really poor, like me.

Going to work with a fraction of a tank while you're running late, telling yourself you'll remember to get some on the way home. -ceeman77