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Sometimes late at night when I can't sleep, I'll scroll endlessly through Ask Reddit threads, reading everything from experiences of people who've been in a coma to the weirdest EMT calls medics have ever encountered. But my absolute favorite have to be the scary threads, where people reveal the creepiest, most unexplainable thing that's ever happened to them. Does it help me drift off gently to sleep? Hell no, I'm wide awake and freaked out by this point! It's good to scare yourself a little every now and again, gets the blood pumping, I say.

If you've been curious about people's weirdest, creepiest encounters with the supernatural and otherwise, read on for 30 stories of the unexplainable that'll leave you with chills and may disrupt your sleep schedule. You've been warned!

"I had never felt such darkness before."


My husband and I were walking in the downtown area of Seaside, OR. It was late December so it was pretty sparse and many shops were closed as it was a Sunday morning as well.

I stepped into a Celtic shop and it was filled with people, all of whom became silent when I entered. As soon as I crossed the threshold I felt heavy and "blurry." The lady behind the counter said something to me and tried to hand me a pendant. Immediately, I saw darkness & dread, everything felt black, I felt like something was pressing on my chest. I had never felt such darkness before. I somehow ran out the door and as soon as I was on the sidewalk I was completely fine, as if nothing had happened.

My husband wanted to go in because he loves places like that and it was then I realized that I had no idea why he didn't go in with me in the first place. We were newly married and had been walking with his arm around me so it was very odd. I just said, no we're not going in there and dragged him away.

I have been to Seaside many times since then and the shop is no longer there and I cannot find the place where I remember it to be. - kittykatmeowma

"When I was about eight or so, my family went up to a campsite near a lake."


We went with several other families and they brought their kids too. One thing me and this one kid would do is search the shallow areas for crawdads. As I was searching I began to venture a ways out until the water was up to my waist. The water wasn't too clear but it also wasn't muddy and I could see the pale area of the shallows and the darker area where the water dropped off, but I didn't know that at the time. I ended up stepping into the darker, deeper water and began to fall in. Before I could, a pale, slender arm grabbed my leg and pushed me back to the shallows. All I saw was the arm as it sunk back into the deeper water before I skittered back to the shore. I remember it as clear as day but nothing has ever turned up from that lake, no bodies, no drownings, nothing. My parents still think I made it up. - [deleted]

"I've trusted my gut ever since."


I was in middle school and my sister was in high school and she was out with her friends. I went downstairs to get a snack and my parents were in the living room. I started crying and saying I was worried about my sister. She didn't have a cell phone yet so there wasn't much we could do. Turned out she has been in an accident. She was fine but it was scary.

A few months later I was at school and I started crying. I called my mother and told her to call my grandmother. Grandmother didn't answer so they called the neighbor. And the neighbor checked and she had fallen in the tub and broke her foot. She had been sitting there overnight.

I've trusted my gut ever since. - taleckism

"A long time ago in primary/elementary school, me and my friend came to the school compound on a Sunday to explore."


A long time ago in primary/elementary school, me and my friend came to the school compound on a Sunday to explore. We came in the wee hours in the morning, and coupled that it was a Sunday, there was nobody in.

We were walking along a corridor on the first floor, when suddenly we heard this thunderous noise above us. You know the sound where you drag a chair or a table across a floor? It was exactly that, but it sounded like there's multiple classrooms full of tables and chairs just moving around. It was loud. Very loud. And it was extremely sudden. There's no reason why anybody would be in school, moving dozens of tables and chairs on their own on a Sunday 6am. We stood rooted, stared at each other for a second, and bolted.

After we got out of school, he asked me whether I heard a lady screaming in the corridor. I said no.

He didn't hear the dragging sounds either. - assault_potato1

"My ex wife worked in NYC, but we lived in CT, so she would commute in."


She started having constant nightmares and terrors and would wake up sweating and literally screaming. The nightmare? A plane would run into the World Trade Center and a lot of people would die. These started about 3 months before 9/11.

We have never talked about it. - jutct

"I used to live in a house with two roommates."


... let's called them Anna and Erica. I lived on the second floor and Anna and Erica lived downstairs. Every night I would hear this "thud, thud" coming from downstairs. I would investigate and it always came from Anna's room. I thought it was her doing burpees or working out at night (which seems dumb looking back). I never talked to Erica about it because I thought it was in my head and since I was on the second floor it never really bothered me.

Fast forward two years and we all move into a new house with another roommate. Anna, Erica, and I live on the same floor upstairs. I start hearing the "thud, thud" louder now. I go up to Anna's door and it sounds like she's hitting herself against a wall and whispering and crying or laughing. I also noticed when she left the room she had her sheets all scattered on the floor. I ask my other roommate Erica about it and she says she hears it too. Anna starts staying at her parents house more often, but every time she comes home we hear the same "thud, thud" noise. We started asking Anna about it and she makes up excuses like "I was moving furniture" or "my porch door was swinging open."

After we started questioning her more, she only came to our house maybe one a month to pick up some clothes. It was so strange. I never think we'll get an explanation. - ExtensionChipmunk1

"I was 10 y/o riding my bicycle at dusk along the road I lived on which was parallel to a set of railroad tracks."


I moved off the road as a car sped by and a beer bottle came sailing at me from the front passenger seat. I could see two young women turned around laughing at me through the back window. I flipped them off, and kept riding.

About 30 seconds later, I heard the train slam into them. - Loves_low_loboda

"When I was five, me and my identical twin sister both caught scarlet fever."


We are from America, but my dads project had temporarily relocated us to India, and we were not used to the water and food there. We both fell into a coma towards the end of the fever. One day I woke up to my mom and aunt screaming and crying and holding my sister because she was unresponsive and not breathing. They were doing chest compressions, cpr, etc. but nothing was working. I was desperately trying to get their attention because I was young and didn't understand what was going on. I went back in my room to go back to sleep, but in the corner of the room where my sisters bed was, I saw her laying there, breathing fine. I went back out to the living room and realized I was looking at myself in my moms arms as she tried to revive me. Eventually, I saw my eyes flicker open, and then everything went dark. I woke up a few weeks later in the hospital next to my sister and mom (who ended up catching it because of us) my mom told me I had almost died and they were trying to wake me up but I was unresponsive, so the ambulance took all three of us into the ICU. To this day, I am still unsure how I witnessed my almost death. - bapresapre

" I used to live in really rural Texas and was driving down a FM (farm to market) road during some very thick fog"


I was in an old pickup truck, and was going maybe 20-30 mph because I couldn't see very far ahead (super glad I was). As I came around a turn I saw through the fog this big hulking figure lurching across the road. I slowed down, pulled up near it to pass and saw what was the biggest hog I've ever seen in my life. A good 400 pounds certainly. It was dead (probably destroyed whatever car hit it) and dragging it to the side of the road an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE white shaggy dog.

Y'all this dog. I was in a pickup truck, and this dog made eye contact with me, lifted its head, and stared me level in the eye for what felt like an eternity. I stopped my truck and stared I was so caught off guard. After probably a few seconds (felt like forever) it put its head back down, grabbed a chunk of hog and continued making its way off the road.

To break it down, this dog was smart enough to move the animal it wanted to eat, large and strong enough to drag a 400ish pound hog across pavement, and tall enough to look me in the eye IN A PICKUP. I will never forget those eyes. It had mud stained white fur, a big block head, and a long wolfy tail. It looked almost like a Pyrenees (common around there) but with a big St. Bernard shaped head and double the normal size. Big glowing yellow eyes. I have no idea if it was some freak mutant farm dog, a spirit, a wolf, or what, but I'd like to never see it again. - [deleted]

"Something about this unassuming place made us all uneasy."


Several years ago my friends and I were road tripping cross country, and we stopped at a campsite in Southern Oregon. Something about this unassuming place made us all uneasy. It felt like everyone was staring at us as we drove in and set up our tents. We'd gotten that treatment in places where we'd stuck out, but here it seemed less like gawking and more like... suspicion? malice?

The sun set, our gear was set up, and we got in the car to smoke some (legal) weed before bed. We were talking and passing a pipe around, and my friend in the backseat had the door cracked with his knee against it.

With no warning something slammed into the car hard enough that backseat friend was pushed away from the door and the whole car rocked on its suspension. We immediately started the engine, turned on the brights and drove around our area looking.


We fell asleep in the car arguing over if anyone was willing to get our gear before we went to a motel. - q-a-z-x

"When i was a kid I was playing in our kitchen when I saw a huge dark figure walk past the kitchen and down the hallway leading to the bedrooms."


I walked to our back patio and saw the rest of my family watching TV. The patio is on the opposite side of the house from the hallway. I walked to the hallway and started looking for who it could've been but never found anyone. Still have no idea who or what it couldve been but its always creeped me out thinking about it. - ouchmypeeburns

"I used to live in the middle of nowhere."


The town had less than 200 people in it.

I use to work through the night in one of the metro areas and it was about a 40 minute drive with about 15 of it on a county road. I use to think I would see shit in the fields (coyotes, deer, etc) all the time. Never thought twice.

WELL, one morning I was on my way home (about 3 AM) and we had a little bridge to cross right before we got to our road. As I'm closing in on crossing the bridge I can see something pearl white just hanging out in the middle of the road. Thought it was probably a swan and it would move. As I got closer I realized that swans are NOT that big. I was in a F150 and it was at eye level with me. When it's wings opened up it literally covered both lanes of traffic. I swerved to miss it, but hit some of the wing. I slammed on my breaks and turned around. Whatever it was was 100% gone without a trace. Never saw it again.

If it was a bird, that's the fucking biggest bird I have ever seen. - NSTalley

"I have never seen that man again."


I work as an adult novelty store manager with a theatre so please envision the kind of customers I get. I had this regular who was nice enough and we always exchanged pleasantries and small talk. One day we said goodbye and as he went to leave he stopped dead in his tracks and came back to the counter. He told me that he ignores it every time but today it wouldn't let him. So naturally I ask what the hell is he talking about. He proceeds to tell me that there is and older black man who is with me 24/7. He sees him every time I'm in the store. The older black man just stands next to me watching me and smiling. At that point a chill ran up my spine because no one in that store knows besides my boss that I'm half black and my 65 year old black father that I was so close to passed in 2014. I said the usual "wow" and "oh my god" so I wouldn't give anything away to see what else he says to see if it's legit. The customer proceeds to tell me that the man (my father) is sad about about his kids not doing what he's asked them to do and one particular child i has greatly disappointed him. The man (my father) also wants the customer to tell me how much he loves his wife even though she's married again. At this point I have tears in my eyes because how would this man know there's conflict between me and my siblings because of my dads death. How would this man know my mother is married again? He kept mentioning that he could feel a strong religious pull with my father. My father was a preacher. He told me a bunch of other things and asked if I was pregnant. I told him no but apparently my next child will have my father's soul according to him. My 2 year old son looks like my father and loves his favorite songs.

I have never seen that man again. - okcool12

"I was working in a retail store in a pretty sketchy area."


There was this lady who was obviously a heavy drug user or ex-drug user. She must have been in her 50s or 60s. She was notorious on my block for being a crazy, but she'd visit me all the time and told me she thought I was cute. It was really bizarre cause she looked like a crackhead, but she'd act like a teenage girl around me. I tried to be nice to her cause she was known for being volatile.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve she packed an entire Christmas dinner which she told me was all home cooked Guyanese food and a cologne set. As she was leaving she just squats down on the floor and throws her hand up and starts cackling. Yes, cackling which faded to a giggle. Never saw her again. - jaywhykay

"Not technically seen, but heard."


When I was about 15 I willingly stayed home alone to look after my pets while my family went on a cruise, one night I heard the distinct sound of the old kitchen window open, freaked out and hid in the cupboard.

Was so afraid that I called the police, they showed up soon after, one stayed with me and the other went around outside to check the window. Window was closed, no footprints, no marks on the window or anything.

To this day I'm puzzled by this and am still confident that I really did hear that window open. - atlas_118

"My friend and I were sleeping in my parent's room one night when she was over and it was probably about 3 am."


Suddenly we hear a sound like a fart from the corner of the room, and distinctly from this one corner. So I ask my friend if she farted, and of course, she says no as it clearly came from that corner. Thinking maybe it's my dogs as they sometimes sleep in my parent's room, I go and check it out but realize they're not in the room with us. Okay, so that's weird I thought, and my friend also said she heard a distinct fart too so we assumed that maybe we both misheard. Then all of a sudden an unknown caller starts ringing my phone and I don't answer because at this point I'm freaked the fuck out. After I decline the call I receive a message from an unknown caller with the same area code as the caller who had just called me. The text message is all in Spanish and me and my friend decide to paste the text into Google Translate where it proceeds to say "Did you hear that fart?"

Needless to say we never slept in my parent's room again, and we're convinced that we have a Spanish farting ghost in our presence. - akasha154500

"It's been almost 10 years and I still don't have anything that's somewhat close to an explanation what happened then."


My bestie and me were sleeping over at her grandma's house and enjoying the newly renovated attic as it was supposed to become her little teenager-apartment. All new furniture with a huge comfy couch and nice clean boards screwed to the wall - all in white pink. Sleepover went just like you would imagine it with two 15yo girls painting nails watching DVDs and talking about the hottest gossip at school. It was already like 3 am when we decided to go get some sleep and left the room to sleep in the bed next door. Only a few minutes later we heard a little scratching sound followed by a loud bang clearly coming from the room we just left. One of the boards that were screwed to the wall was lying on the floor. almost 4m away from where it was supposed to be. Not like screw broke and it fell. Nope. Solid 4m away from that wall. Almost 2cm deep hole in the ground where the board was laying. The holes in the wall looked like something grabbed that board and pulled it straight out ripping the wood and concrete it was drilled to.

Still getting goosebumps remembering it. - almostproperadult

"I got recalled into work and was driving at about 3am."


I was in a very rural area in Western Washington. As I come around a curve I see a woman in a night gown on the side of the road looking up at a steep embankment. Just standing there staring away from the road. There are no homes nearby, not for miles. I call 911 and pull over about a minute up the road not knowing what to think. Deputy showed up couldn't locate anyone and was as dumbfounded as I was. - martinencinal0002

"When I was around 15, I had a huge falling out with my parents and moved about 150 miles away from home to live with my aunt on her 500-acre farm in the middle of nowhere."


I was home alone at her house often, as she worked and was recently widowed. One afternoon I left my bedroom to walk to the kitchen. When I did, I passed by an unused guest room but was shocked to see a man sitting at the corner of the bed staring out the sliding glass door at the rolling hills of my Aunt's property. I paused in the doorway realizing that this "man" looked hazy, it was like he wasn't a solid being but a "thick mist" made up of natural colors (difficult to explain, but everything was colored normally.) He was just sitting there, leaned over a bit with his elbows on his knees clenching and rubbing his hands. He turned slowly and looked at me and by that time I had come to my senses and ran to the garage. I was terrified and thought I was losing my mind. But as I gathered myself I realized the "man" looked like my grandpa, who I had only ever seen a few pictures of because he died 5 years before I was born. After I calmed down I bravely went back to the hall where the guest room was and shut the door.

My family has generally talked down about ghost stories and sightings for religious reasons, so I was somewhat afraid to tell my aunt what I saw. I primed my question focusing it on her recently passed husband "Do you think if spirits did exist, he would come to visit you?" she was a bit startled at my question but eventually confessed that she thinks her husband does visit her. She said, "Sometimes I will walk down the hall, and right by the guest room I can smell his cologne so strong it's like he's right beside me." I then told her about what I saw and how the man was sitting and she smiled and said "I think your grandpa was just checking in on you. He came for a visit once and that was the room he stayed in. He loved the view." After our conversation, I felt okay about what I saw and we didn't discuss it any further. A month later my Aunt and I were passing through my hometown on our way to a wedding and she said that we really should try to have a sit down with my parents. I agreed and things were going great when my Aunt said: "Tell your dad what you saw in the guest room." I didn't want to because my dad was the main person who was against the talk of Ghosts and this was his dad I was talking about. I gathered the courage to tell my dad and I showed him exactly how the man was sitting and how he was rubbing his hands. Almost immediately I could see my dad was about to cry. He looked at my aunt and said "Dad used to sit like that all the time!" my aunt nodded and then my dad said, "He was always rubbing his hands like that because they ached so bad from arthritis." I never saw my "grandpa" or a figure like that again.

I also have NEVER seen any video footage of my grandfather, only a few pictures. And none of the pictures show him sitting in that manner or rubbing/clenching his hands so I don't know how my brain would have been able to create that movement that was apparently super accurate.

Also, oddly enough, today would have been my Grandpa's 111th birthday. - jenybluth

"When I was a kid (10-11 years old) I awoke in the middle of an autumn night and looked out my window."


There, just 20-30 feet away from me were two spherical balls of light dancing around each other. They seemed to float in mid air. I assured myself I was awake, and I was. They bounced around for a while, then disappeared slowly, like a light dimming. It was fucking weird. - DarkPasta

"Running through a large field in the middle of a nice neighbourhood on Halloween night."


Got gassed sprinting halfway and reached out to hold on to a tiny tree, felt what I can only describe as claws like Bugles on your finger tips wrap around my hand. Noped the f*k out and ran back to my group of friends.

There were no leaves because it was fall so I still have no clue what it was. - dimiode

"This dorm was always known as "the haunted dorm", but it was quiet for the most part and I really enjoyed living there."


Creepy things would occasionally happen there, like sometimes before bed I'd feel like I was being watched, but it was never intensely scary. Then one day I'm in the shower (and it's a community bathroom so anyone can come in at any time) and I hear someone open the bathroom door, set something down, and all the while they're humming some song. It's actually kind of pleasant and I planned on complimenting them when I got out of the shower, but as soon as I get out, the humming stops and there's no one there. I go out in the hall, and there's no one out there either. I go back in the bathroom, and quickly realize there was no one ever in that bathroom with me to begin with. I told someone else about it who lived in the building with me, but she didn't believe me so I never really spoke about it again.- grape-girl

"I was definitely atheist pre this shit now idk what to believe."


Last fall I had a dream with my deceased grandmother. We were in a casino in Wendover playing blackjack and she was basically just catching up. She looked young again and was in a very lovely black dress and shawl. We drank and laughed and played then she had to go. It was a really vivid lovely dream

Cut to about a week later at my sister's birthday party. She's talking to one of our cousins about a dream she had a week prior with our deceased grandmother! Detail for detail it was the same dream that I had not told anyone about. The difference? Me and grandma played blackjack, they were playing poker.

I still to this day have no logical explanation but its the strangest feeling I remember having. - I-rock-at-life

"During a roadtrip from NJ to NC, my friend and I decided we were hungry and went looking for food in a town in Maryland."


I don't remember the name of the town, but it felt very strange as soon as we pulled onto the main road, as there didn't seem to be any people out and about. It was the middle of the day, but no one was walking around. There weren't any restaurant food options other than a pizza place, so we pulled up and parked in front of the pizza place.

It seemed like everyone in the town must have gone to that pizza place. When we parked the car, everyone in the restaurant turned and looked at our car through the big glass windows. Like, at the same time. They stared at us, we stared at them. It felt so weird that I said, "I don't want to go in there." My friend just nodded at me wide-eyed, and we drove to another town for lunch.

Why was seemingly the whole town in that pizza place? What was with the staring? I'm almost a little sorry we didn't go in to find out, but at the same time not sorry at all. - _Ruby_Tuesday

"I was driving with someone through a very odd, small town in Arizona."


As soon as we entered the city limits, I felt this extreme heaviness. Very surreal, dark, almost like a shroud of evil. As soon as we exited the limits, we both (not having spoken in a few minutes) said, "Did you feel that?" We both did. It was really weird. About a month later, I was reading Time Magazine (I think it was Time) and there was an article about that town and how it is so well known for cult-like polygamy and child marriage, etc. That explained a lot. - loudsilence1680

"My father died when I was 15."


In my freshman year of college, me and my roommate in the dorms were somewhat close, but really had only been known each other for a month when the ~creepy thing~ happened. I hadn't told her much about my childhood, but she knew that my father had passed.

One day she woke me up and asked me...."Did your father use to call you (insert silly childhood nickname here)?"

I hadn't heard that name since I was 6 or 7. I definitely never told her that he used to call me that, as it was a repressed memory that I hadn't thought about in a long time.

Anyway, as it turned out, she had a dream that my father had come to her, and asked her to take care of me, calling me by this silly childhood nickname.

It was always difficult for me that my father never saw me graduate high school or start college. But I guess he did, from wherever he is now. - ExtremeArrival

"You know that black cloud that enters a room in "The Grudge"?"


I saw that for real one time, following a person who entered the apartment I was in. I freaked out and almost started hyperventilating, but of course, I couldn't tell the people around me what I was seeing, as I knew no one else was seeing it. I just darted out of there and sat in the elevator for a while on my way out. Never had shared that before. - Kayakk3D

"I went to one of the oldest universities in Canada that was originally Roman Catholic."


There are rumours of a nun who killed herself out of shame for falling in love with a priest there and the building is said to be haunted to this day. There were also rumours going around that there were underground tunnels running below the building, but no one could confirm their existence.

One night I was out smoking and chatting about all of this with some friends when a student I had never met before approached us and said that the tunnels were in fact real. He told us to follow him and we did. He stopped at his room to grab a butter knife and then took us through a random series of doors and stairwells until we reached a door at the end of a long hallway in the basement of the building. He picked the lock with the knife and to our great surprise, we were now entering the tunnels. We had to physically crawl between rooms and I had this awful sinking feeling the whole time that some weird shit had happened down here. We eventually got out of there and never spoke of it again. - sawyteale

"I'm seriously not religious, or superstitious, but that was probably the closest I ever got to believing in the super natural."


My father was my grandmother's favourite child out of 6, partially because he was by far the youngest out of 10 children. She nicknamed him "little mountain", as the last character in his Chinese name was 山, or mountain.

I remember going to her funeral when she passed, and we were burning paper money for her to use in the after life - a Taiwanese/Chinese tradition. I vividly remember watching my dad picking up a scrap of half burnt money and making a sort of strangled noise. It was burnt in such a way that it resembled the character 山, even down to the middle prong being longer than the other too.

I'm seriously not religious, or superstitious, but that was probably the closest I ever got to believing in the super natural, or at least ghosts. - LimeSeeds

"When I was about 9 (in the 1970s) I was playing football in the street."


A bus came along so I jumped up on the pavement. As it passed I noticed my Aunt and she smiled and waved to me. When the bus had gone I carried on playing. I went home several hours later to find my Aunt had died the previous evening. - johnallanweegie