People Reveal the Most Disrespectful Thing Someone Has Done in Their Home

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Your home should be a safe place for you and your family to live your lives in peace. But that safety is threatened every time you open your door to someone who doesn’t live there.

In most cases, visitors will come over, have a lovely time, then leave to go to their own home. Everybody’s happy.

In rare cases, however, inviting people into your home results in disaster. Maybe they make a huge mess. Maybe they say something super rude. Maybe they commit an actual, literal crime. Honestly, anything could happen.

A recent AskReddit thread asked people to share the most disrespectful thing someone has done in their home, and the answers are absolutely wild. From stealing from kids’ piggy banks to peeing in the cat’s litterbox (yes, really), here are some of the worst houseguests who have ever spent time in someone else’s home. I hope you never have to deal with them.

A real class act.

My wife’s cousin was staying at our house because he as going through marital problems. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard some change rattling. He walks down the hall with my 5-year-old’s piggy bank. He was taking money from my daughter’s piggy bank to buy beer and smokes.bobdigi36

Who would be impressed by that?

Back in college my roommates and I hosted a birthday party for a mutual friend at our apartment. Earlier that day we gifted her a pet goldfish because she had been talking about getting a fish. Fast forward to later in the night. Our male friend, let’s call him Mike, decided he needed to find a way to impress our other friend, who I’ll call Darla. Mike tries every lame joke and pick up line on Darla and fails time and time again. Then he sees the goldfish in his tank and scoops him up in his hand. He says, “Check this out, Darla!” He then plops the fish into his mouth and swallows it alive. My roommate and I immediately rush over and start trying to make Mike puke the fish back up. Darla quickly makes for the door and leaves the party. Sadly that fish met its doom in Mike’s stomach that night. He never apologized, although he did complain about severe stomach issues for several days afterward.CaitiGonzo

Not cool.

Had a drunk partygoer attempt to do pull-ups from the planks of my old ranch style ceiling just beneath the heater vent and ended up pulling down a large portion of my ceiling. Refused to pay for it.Pyson_Wence

This mom is my hero.

When I was in cub scouts, my mom hosted a meeting for the scouts in my grade at school where we built birdhouses for some badge or something. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, me and the scouts who had already arrived started playing in my backyard. One scout, let’s call him N, told us he had to go to the bathroom “really bad” and left. When everyone arrives to start the project, I notice that N was sitting at the edge of the table looking down and my mom was REALLY angry and was trying her best to suppress it. She asked me and all the other scouts if I had given N permission to go in my room. Me and all my friends said, “No, he said he had to go to the bathroom really bad.” This response only made my mom even more visibly angry and N ducked his head more. 5 minutes later N’s mom arrives and is apologizing profusely to my mom. Turns out, N went into my room, pocketed the 20 dollars I had been saving up and was stuffing my toys and video games into his backpack. My mom went upstairs to ACTUALLY use the bathroom and noticed the theft taking place and caught him red-handed. He then lied to my mom and said I gave him permission to go into my room and he was just “checking it out.” But no, my mom caught him red-handed, and my mom is SCARY when she’s mad. In total, he tried to steal around $150 in game boy cartridges, pokemon cards and toys and around 3 months of allowance.sjsharks1221

The worst kind of person.

When I was in like 2nd grade, I invited this girl over and we made popcorn as a snack. Not even 5 minutes later, she decided it was a good idea to run all over my house throwing it everywhere. This goes on another 5 minutes while I chase her down. But the damage is done. The popcorn is in between couch cushions, under the fridge, under my bed, in my laundry basket, all over the damn floor. My mom ends up sitting us down and proceeds to lay it out on her, telling her that what she did was disrespectful and to help clean up. She pouted and said no, saying since it wasn’t her house she didn’t have to clean it. She continued to pout as my mom called her mom and pretty much told her to leave and to not expect to be invited back anytime soon. I haven’t spoken to her in a while, but apparently, she got banned from the mall for trashing a Lush store with her friend, throwing food, dumping out products, and smashing bath bombs…so I guess she hasn’t changed much.theonionenthusisast

Talk about burning bridges.

I rented a room to someone I knew since I was 12. He was using and selling H from my house. I found out and told him to GTFO. He was too lazy to use the bathroom and pissed in bottles (I didn’t know). Threw the piss all over the room before he left. Carved swastikas in my kid’s bunk bed I was letting him use.MechanicalTwerker

But why?

A babysitter stole my vibrator and blocked my calls. Like…really?razzledazzlemaster

So gross!

Buddy from college was traveling through town and stayed with my wife and me for the weekend. Nothing crazy hung out and remembered our college years. A few days after he left, my guest bathroom reeked. Took a bit to figure out but finally discovered an upper decker left for us. Disgusting.beyondcivil

So much for family.

It was after an awful spinal surgery I went through when I was 12. They were cousins and my parents caught them trying to steal my painkillers.Eagally

Pretty sure this is illegal.

Not “my” home but I was renting a house and the landlady kept turning up unannounced. She would let herself in and would give the key to people doing work on the house without telling us so we’d, without warning, have strangers let themselves into the house. It was a very stressful way to live.larayoung

How does anyone think this is OK?

She invited a bunch of sleazy guys over, despite me asking her not to. She let them in while I was in the shower, so I did not realize they were in my house. She then took one into my housemate’s bedroom and locked the door (super disrespectful to my housemate who had so kindly offered that she could stay in her room as she was going to be at her boyfriend’s for the weekend). When I got out of the shower one of the guys was in my bed! And I was like dude, get out of my bedroom. And he refused and said my friend said he could stay there. I was very not ok with that. I physically had to push him out of my house. The next day when she sobered up, I kicked her out of my house and did not speak to her for three years.Fruitloops_for_B

What a bizarre way to introduce yourself.

One night the girls who lived in the apartment across the hall brought a friend with them to hang with us. As soon as she walked in she screamed, “This will be hilarious. College guys always get the crappy, hand-me-down dishes from their parents!” She walked into the kitchen and began pulling out pans and dishes and howling about how old and ratty they were. Our friends were mortified. When they tried to talk to her she talked louder. After 30 seconds of this lunacy, my roommate and I told her to leave. She threw a giant fit and called us assholes.OldAustinRunningDude

Pretty bold strategy.

Dude crapped his pants while sitting on my couch playing a video game and just sat there finishing the match. We were having an old-fashioned LAN party and the entire room cleared out!brykupono

“They’re your responsibility now.”

Somebody left small children in our house while they went to the grocery store.IceHammer56

That escalated quickly.

I was a kid my mom had a friend and her son over. They were over for a couple of hours and just as they were leaving I noticed all of my video games were gone, I told my mom, she goes grabs his backpack and of course they were all in his bag. His mother immediately came to his defense, saying he’s got a lot of games and must have thought they were his. It didn’t even make sense and she acted as if nothing had happened. Anyway, terrible mother, the kid had no chance. He is now in jail for life no parole for shooting and killing a cop during a cocaine bust.skieezy

Just doing you a favor.

Changed my bathroom mirror because they didn’t like the one I had. It was my MiL who came to visit my then-boyfriend and I. We were in a rental that had a weird little bathroom that the rest of the house made up for. But I got up in the morning and went to the gym and grabbed some food to make dinner. When I got home, I went to shower and she has taken down the bathroom mirror (which came with the rental!!!) and put up a new one that was really ugly and too small. I wrapped myself in a towel and switched it back. She asked me why I did that and I told her it wasn’t my mirror and give her the other one back.fueledbychelsea

The nerve!

Intruded in a homemade family dinner uninvited and then insulted my cooking. Didn’t get a “thank you” either.MrRabinowitz


We invited a group of people over for lunch. One of them arrived, put a bunch of food on a plate in a plastic container, and left to bring it to eat with her boyfriend.bungopony

Pure evil.

When I was a kid, I invited a friend over and she tried to trap and suffocate my new kittens in a box.cherrryquartz

Help yourself.

My mom made a huge dinner for my aunt and cousins. They showed up two hours late, told my mom “Oh sorry, the boys can’t eat that much right now” and just went in our fridge and made them sandwiches instead.Cthulu_1234

Not sure I follow that logic.

Locked me out of my own bedroom. Proceeded to destroy my stuff. Then had the nerve to yell at me for saying she can’t go back in my room.xxMoonlightxxX

Why are people so awful?

Friend must’ve seen me once put in the code for my spare key lockbox because I came home to her IN my house (mind you, we’re not close). Her excuse? She had to go to the toilet. Safe to say, I reset the code and didn’t invite her over anymore. Weirded me out.lingoliv


Someone broke my Super Smash Bros for the GameCube.radpandaparty

Doesn’t sound minor to me!

When we would host family dinners with certain cousins, we would have to lock every room of the house except for the ones meant for party use. Otherwise, they would go into rooms and look through drawers randomly. Pretty minor, but definitely a pet peeve.Crew60


An old roommate pissed in my cat’s litter pan because “I deserved to clean up his piss.” He was mad I wouldn’t pay his rent. For the 3rd month.stopstealingmyname

What did you expect?

Tried to discipline my very old, very sick dog for jumping up on the couch after they had given the “jump up on the couch” signal to him. I had trained him to come by patting 3x on whatever surface he was invited to, and this person kept doing the pat 3x then yelling at the poor confused puppy for coming. They were trying to summon the cat and it went as well as expected.kiwitathegreat

I’m glad he’s an ex.

Years ago, my then-boyfriend (now ex) came over to my house unexpected the day of my mom’s birthday. My siblings and I were busy decorating. He made himself comfortable on the couch and played on the Xbox, he was out of the way so I ignored him. Just before she gets home, I make him turn off the console. Mom gets home and we do the whole “Surprise!” bit. Ex immediately (like, my mom hadn’t even gotten past the entryway) grabbed the controller, turned the Xbox on, slapped my ass and told me to “get him a drink” as he sat back down on the couch. I snatched the controller out of his hands and told him to go home.PrettyBird2011

“Only a cat.”

A friend from college days stayed in our house while he was looking for a job in the area. The only house rule was: Do NOT let the cat out — he’s strictly an indoor cat and never goes outdoors. We came home one day and found the slider and screen open. Our beloved cat was gone. When he saw how upset and distraught we were, his response was, “It’s only a cat. No big deal!” We put this guest out right away, and it wasn’t until many days later that our cat returned home (thin, but safe).Back2Bach

What was she thinking??

A now-EX-girlfriend came into my parents home for only the second time and said to my mother: “Wow it’s tidy in here for a change haha.” I could see in my mother’s eyes the thought process of how to slap her to the next century without making a scene, thankfully she laughed it off but that was a big red flag for me and my ex.OrionsReddit

Typical Kevin.

Walked in, pounded half a dozen jack and cokes and then proceeded to throw up on 4 walls of my bathroom. How did you get it on the ceiling, Kevin?!?!SnuggleAttack Share this with someone who has had an awful houseguest!