People Reveal the Most Frequent Lies They Tell Themselves

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We all tell ourselves lies sometimes, even if we have the best intentions. For instance, how many times have we started the week, promising ourselves that we’d put our phone away twenty minutes before we shut our eyes? The next thing we know, we’re scrolling through Instagram under the covers, our eyes stinging from the harsh glare of our phones!

Sometimes it’s totally wishful thinking. We think we can do it all – get laundry done, work out, cook dinner, and hang out with our friends, all in one night. But in those moments when we’re not being realistic with ourselves, we sometimes realize that we’ve totally told ourselves a little lie.

A recent Reddit question asked, What lie do you repeatedly tell yourself? The answers are absolutely fascinating. There are so many little things that we tell ourselves that at the end of the day simply aren’t true.

Scroll through and read through people’s answers, and see if you can relate to any of these lies!

This is a real plan that is going to pan out and not just wishful thinking. – randomusername369
We’ve all been there!

“You’ll remember that, no need to write it down.” – Blainedh
This is way too real. I tell myself this all the time. When will I learn?

“I’ve got time.” Not only do I have no idea how much actual time I have left, each moment that passes, I have even less. – Cinco1971

Tomorrow I’ll wake up early and go to the gym. – yakshack
Sometimes it’s just too dang hard to get up early. But, hey, at least I’m trying!

I’m gonna start getting my shit together next week. – CovenantOfDeath Yeah, I say this to myself way too often. The next lie is totally relatable.

I’ll clean my apartment in an hour, I swear! Also, I’ll go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. – Caoranach Yeah, this isn’t happening. Especially when there’s Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime and need I say more?

I’m not procrastinating. I’m just waiting for the right moment. – sudo_ned
Population: me.

Just one more video before bed… – NaanKage This is so hard to do. Who else falls into Instagram and YouTube wormholes right before bed?

I’m a healthy eater. – gore_schach A burger has meat, lettuce, bread, tomato, onion – a burger is basically a salad with a side of breadsticks!

“I’m over her, I’m good to move on.” – A_GuyThatDoesStuff
Ugh, all of the feels with this one.

I’m gonna be able to move passed living paycheck to paycheck soon. – CapnKronical
 Yep, this one hits right in the gut!

I won’t spend more than 5 minutes on Reddit. – trueblue86_ Truly me every time I go on Reddit.

That thing I’ve had a daily reminder for, for the last 103 days? Yeah, I’ll totally do it tomorrow. – zenyl I once avoided a visit to the DMV for two whole years doing this. Whoops.

There’s someone out there for everyone. – AssaultPhase
Anyone else feeling super sad after that one?

Just one more Netflix video, and before you know it you have finished 10 episodes all night. – FapMustNot
Am I still watching, Netflix? Of course, I am still watching. How dare you ask me this, Netflix. How dare you.

These five recurring alarms strategically set in ten-minute intervals will definitely help me get up on time. – Seriousaboutnachos
I can’t go to sleep without setting at least four alarms.

I’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour. – DarthCallidous
Although, the older I get, the harder it is for me to stay up late. The joys of growing up!

Tomorrow morning I’ll meditate and read instead of being on my phone immediately for an hour. – onlinerev
I mean, scrolling on my phone can be calming too, right?

Everyone is stupid except me. – Crazerade
I mean, am I proud that I relate to this one? No. But hey, it is what it is.

That human civilization might not start to dismantle in 30 years meaning I’m not a shitty person for bringing my 2 children (4 and 1) into the world 🙁 – rumba_rosie
Oof, this one is depressing and very real.

One more glass of wine….it’s early yet, right? – mainlyforshow Sometimes more than one glass is just needed, y’all.

I’m good at Rocket League :'( – themagicofMACYS
I’m assuming people who are into Rocket League will really feel this one.

I’ll pay off debt and make a budget this month!! ?? – AUEagleXJ This is such a hard one but so important to actually do!

My haircut doesn’t look that bad… – N64Raptor We’ve all been there. It’s just hair, remember?

Saving bookmarks to read later… – Amiska5v5 Who else needs to do some bookmark spring cleaning? Sign me up!

I’ll save half of this sandwich for later. – sound_is_butter
I have never related to anything more. I feel seen.

“I can still sleep in for 10 minutes and still won’t be late for work!” – cgyguy81 Ten minutes is never just ten minutes!

Work will be great today. – HuntedHunter123
Work can be so brutal! Keep your chin up!

But it’s important to remember that you are capable of great things!

And if you just set your mind to it, and believe in yourself, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. You got this! You can do it! But yeah, maybe just get up when the first alarm goes off…