It's hard being an adult. You have to hold down a job, take care of house and home (and possibly other people), all the while watching out for your own personal health and wellness.

Thankfully, there are little things you can do to make your life easier.

Here are 19 Redditors on the one habit that helped them get their lives in order.

1. The less than two minutes mantra

Redditor Uncle_Jesse1989 has a simple hack that keeps his life in order. It's a mantra, actually. It goes "[...] If it will take less than two minutes, do it now."

He says,
It will do wonders to what you will get done throughout the day. If you are a procrastinator like me you will be amazed at what a stress reliever this can be if you stick to it.

2. Put pen to paper

Redditor Logicalsky has a very simple hack:
Write. Shit. Down. (Somewhere you’ll see it later) Changed my life.

3. It's the little things

Dentttt explains,
Every day, strive to make your situation just a little bit better than it was the day before - clean something in your house, do some physical activity, read something you'd like to be more knowledgeable in, start learning a new work skill, run an errand, etc. Literally anything productive. Even just the smallest increment of the task... 5 minutes, whatever... I'm not talking about committing a ton of time every day right off the bat. Start with easy stuff, and by getting in a habit of doing this practice everyday, you'll develop a kind of discipline, and every day your life gets a tiny bit better. Eventually you'll either "get caught up" to a place where you feel content, or you begin to feel more motivated to achieve more on a daily basis.

4. Discipline

Sarastrasza turns her nose up at that old adage – motivation. She says,
Dont rely on motivation, motivation is unreliable, practise dicipline.

5. Stay in the present

FridayMartini explains,
Understand that there is no 'future you' who will make things better. Understand it is your minute to minute choice to decide. You do not succeed in anything by saying 'well, I'll start tomorrow'. You are attributing your future self with qualities you do not possess in the present. How do you think you get those qualities?

6. Sleep helps

Indeed, the aptly named zzzzzz7 says,
Get... adequate sleep. A lot of people put off sleep in order to fit in everything they have to do for the day. I find that when I get enough sleep each night I am more clear headed and can manage my time well enough to get everything done even though I have fewer waking hours in the day.

7. The early bird gets the worm

This is according to my_troll_account:
Wake up early. I say this as someone who has never been an early riser until recently. Wake up like at least an hour before you have to start even getting ready. The house is quiet. You can dick around, do whatever you want, catch up on news or a podcast or whatever, take time to make and eat breakfast. No one bothers you or intrudes. When it is time to finally get ready to go to work, you're relaxed rather than half asleep and stressed out by rushing to get out the door.
For the record, we don't think he's trolling here despite his name.

8. Keep a bullet journal

This is according to Ouchydathurts. They explain that it,
Keeps track of short, medium, and long term goals and obligations. You can get as gaudy and in depth as you like or as simple as you like. If you're forgetful like me keeping a pocket notebook and space pen in your pants is super helpful as well. Write things down so you don't forget them.

9. Make changes

Astro_tuff says,
I stopped drinking and addressed mental issues. Highly recommended.
We would assume so.

10. Priorities, priorities

Oberon_Swanson has a few thoughts on these.
 So many people spend so much time on things that are bottom-priorities and neglect the stuff they really care about because it is too hard. Just make it happen. Rearrange your entire life.

11. Exercise is key

Lemineftall explains,
Exercise, to optimize brain function. Exercise makes everything in life better. Exercise makes stress more tolerable, sleep deeper, memory more adept, and puts a glow on the rest of life. Exercise is the basic starter pack towards self-esteem, self-control, and emotional regulation.

12. Money matters too

Totoroscastle says, "Save early, save often." Words to live by.

13. Put things away

Sabineastrof has a simple, but elegant solution to messiness.
Before you leave your kitchen to eat/drink whatever you just made, put everything away you just took out.

14. Clean while you cook

This is according to PatwMac, and we couldn't agree more. We adopted this hack in our daily life and our kitchens are finally manageable.

15. Have a sleep schedule

Grantgamefreak explains,
Sleeping on time changes almost everything for the better. Physically I feel better, emotionally I'm more resilient. When I'm met with inevitable problems they are easier to combat.

16. Quit drugs

As Redittor L-Rad quips, "I found the habit of not cocaine daily helped a bit." Indeed.

17. 20 minutes a day

Of cleaning, that is. At least, that's what JuliaGasm espouses. She says,
Something that has really changed my life is cleaning. I've always had very cluttered and messy spaces: my room, my apartment, my car. Just a few months ago I started cleaning for 20 minutes every day. It's easy, 20 minutes a day is nothing. And suddenly I love being in my room, I'm not embarrassed when friends come over, and I feel like I can BREATHE.

18. Focus

Multitasking is for suckers. Just ask tnorcal, who has this to say:
Focus on finishing one thing at a time. Scrolling from one task to another is a huge waste of tme.

19. H20 is everything

That's what celomoculis says. They explain, quite simply – "drink water." Because H20 is everything. Have a friend who needs to develop better habits? Send this to them!