10 People Reveal the One Quality They Think Makes Them 'Kind of an Assh*le' | 22 Words

Asshole-ish tendencies – we all have them. Yes, we're all (presumably) good people, but there always those instances during which we're truly a bit of a dick. Even worse, we know we're being assholes, but we continue doing anyway.

Here 10 very self-aware people on exactly what makes them 'kind of an asshole.'

1. Eavesdropper

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Yes, this one's definitely an unfortunate tendency to have. Eavesdropping is one of those things that just makes people feel uncomfortable because it's a violation of privacy.

It's even worse here because this person laughed when they heard "and she does anal." If you're eavesdropping, please be subtle about it. And definitely don't laugh when you hear something startling.

2. Spicy foods

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Okay, this is definitely a dickish move. But also supremely understandable. Who among us enjoys a roommate who steals food?

We can't help but wonder, however, whether this habit doesn't actually work against the person engaging in it. Yes, it's too spicy for your roommates to eat, but doesn't that mean it's also a bit spicy for you?

3. Too short

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This right here, is actually classic. This is solid gold. And, for the record, we don't think this makes this person an asshole, just a savvy roommate.

If your roommate doesn't wash the dishes, then she shouldn't enjoy them. This may make us petty, but it is what it is...

4. Too much teeth

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Wow, what a dick move. But also genius.

This is the type of reverse psychology thing we wish we had the nerve to use on pesky family members, but honestly, we don't think we could pull it off the way this person can.

5. Can you see me?

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Yeah, this person doesn't have assholish tendencies, this person is an asshole. No if's or but's. What kind of person literally walks over to the door, looks at it and then decides not to open it, all the while knowing that the person on the other end can see them?

This person is actually a little bit scary, but also a little bit cool. Definitely a master of their own domain, this person.

6. Fortune cookies

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You know the person that walks over to a calm lake, tosses bread to some geese just to see them fight and then walks away, secure in the knowledge they've caused a little bit of havoc? That's definitely this guy.
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This guy is the definition of shit-stirrer and he's so awesomely petty, we have to agree with the above assessment. He is the "best kind of asshole." Although we can't help but wonder who would fight over fortune cookies.

7. Old, not middle-aged

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Wow, that's messed up. The fact that this person would put so much thought into this kind of thing – wow, just wow.

This makes us realize – there's all kinds of people in this world, and worse, some of them are just out to get you.

8. Farts of fury

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This is messed up. Also ingenious. Also, very necessary. Seriously, who uses their phone in the bathroom? Why, and for what reason?

We actually applaud this farting avenger. People need to remember basic bathroom etiquette. It's for their own health and safety. Fecal bacteria is a thing.

9. When two assholes love each other very much...

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They do things like this. These two people obviously deserve each other. Their maturity levels are the same, so is their pettiness.

Okay, who are we kidding? These two are very cute and obviously adore each other. Also, they're both petty. Very petty.

10. When pettiness works in your favor

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This right here is the shining light of justice, glittering bright. It's the wellspring of victory, springing forth from our–

Okay, who are we kidding, this was one of the pettiest, most assholish moves we've ever seen. But it was also eminently justified. That dude deserved what was coming to him. Share this on Facebook with your pettiest friends!