It's 2019. Can you believe it? Another year, another fresh start– and another chance to reflect on the previous year. There's something exciting about the start of a new year. It feels limitless; like we can do anything. Whether you're a big fan of making a list of goals, or a vision board or taking it one day at a time, there's no denying that starting with a fresh slate in the new year is an exhilarating feeling.

And while it's awesome to look ahead and leave the past in the past, sometimes it's fun to think back on the previous year and remember everything wonderful and hard that happened.

It's also fun to reminisce about the absolutely stupidest things we did. If we can't laugh at ourselves, what's the point? Also, laughing about our mistakes and sharing them with strangers on the Internet is better than sitting around and crying about them...right?

Twitter user @rachelmillman asked people to respond with the dumbest, stupidest things they did in 2018.

The answers were nothing short of brilliant. People did a lot of dumb things in 2018.

One must always hold tightly to their phone when sneezing.

Some things can't be helped... Like chucking your phone when sneezing.

Legs up!

I'm sure this seemed impressive at the time. Also, "who can kick the highest" is always a game that never ends well. Ever.

This is straight out of a movie.

It's the opening of a romantic comedy. If this girl didn't meet the love of her life after smacking into a pole, then nothing makes sense!

Edibles and pools don't mix.

Stay safe out there, people. And try not to go near bodies of water after consuming an edible?

You've never heard of a crescent sun?

They say the weirdos come out when it's a full sun... What a world it'd be if there were different phases of the sun.

Hopefully this person went to the hospital...

I'll take my soup with a side of spoon, thank you! Who doesn't want to ingest metal every now and again?


Sometimes you have to hang up. Nothing else can save you.

It's important to be prepared for the Dominos delivery man.

I wonder how the actual conversation ended up going? Do you think the delivery man sensed something was amiss?

DIY fail.

You know about the paint that gets darker the longer you leave it on the wall, right? That would be very cool.

We make foolish decisions when under the influence.

Like self-inflicted food poisoning... Stay away from the leftovers!

Hot fudge soup?

You're better off going to Dairy Queen. The lesson here is to never make a homemade hot fudge sundae.

Well, this is one way to bond with your old supervisor...

They probably didn't even notice, right? Who checks every single group they're accidentally added to on Facebook?

This is the best.

What a way to ring in the new year. Happy 2019– you missed it!

Giving yourself a black eye is truly something special.

What a great 2018 memory. Whoops.


This is a story that has to be told more than once. This person knows how to party.

This gives me anxiety.

The ultimate fail. But hey, at least there's a new car involved?

Bee - 1. Human - 0.

The bees will take over the world one day. They're smart little things.

This 6-year-old is dealing with some serious guilt.

The poor kid! He had been ruminating over the M&M's for over 10 hours.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Talk about a warm welcome.

This is SAVAGE.

I'm so here for this level of petty. May 2019 bring more of this. If you're a cheater, you don't deserve to look at cute Instagram accounts of cats!

Sometimes you just have to give a little push...

And other times you don't realize you have to push and you think you're trapped in the basement of a bar in Paris... It's totally fine.


Thank goodness the client had a sense of humor about this. Talk about a face palm moment.


We need more context regarding this. How does this even begin to happen?

Is this person a cartoon?

As long as they didn't mess up the progress on the puzzle.

I definitely started the fire...

This brings new meaning to the phrase "dumpster fire." Thank goodness for firemen.

Hello? Anybody out there?

To be fair, it's not like those hand dryers are clearly labeled! Anybody could make the same mistake.

This is amazing.

This person is a hero. It takes work to sit on the toilet that long.

Just a slight mix-up...

How does someone get these two events mixed up?

I can't stop laughing.

May we all embrace finger shakes in 2019. Share this with a friend who needs to start the new year off with a good laugh!