Since the days of dial-up, people have been trying to find love on the internet. We've all been there at one point, trying to see what's out there through the vast connections we can possibly make. It's remarkably much faster and easier to connect with people with similar interests. And there are plenty of online dating sites and services nowadays, compared to when I was young and single, chatrooms were all we had.

Though online dating isn't for everyone, and there are people who haven't had luck with it and prefer to meet people the old -fashioned way. But to our surprise and hopeless romantic hearts, there are so many stories of people that do find love through online dating. Even through all of the weird online dating stories, these people found something pure. For some, the love they found online even went as far as marriage and children.

For those of you that are still trying to find love through online dating but haven't been so lucky yet, reading these stories will give you hope.

Finding love online is absolutely possible.

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Back in 2016, I created an anonymous Twitter account as a place to blow off steam and rant about things I didn't want my current/future employers seeing. I wasn't looking to make friends and definitely wasn't looking for romance, but one day another anonymous DMed me one of my tweets with a message like "OMG yes, I totally agree with this." We started talking about random topics and hit it off immediately.

Over the next few weeks, we talked on the phone a lot and before either of us realized what was happening we were falling in love. People will argue whether you can fall in love with someone you've never met, but I can tell you that it's absolutely possible.


Some people don't meet on dating apps, but through a gaming system.

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I met my wife in a less traditional online setting. We met on Xbox Live 6 years ago.


Believe it or not, love at first sight can happen online.

Messaged by a girl on Bumble who was wearing a pro wrestling and a Mass Effect shirt in two different pics, and responded immediately.

Been dating for over a year now.


Near or far, love will keep you both together.

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I met a boy online 14 years ago when I was 17. He was in Alaska, I was in Australia, but he was my 'online dating boyfriend'.

He's currently sitting next to me in Australia as my husband of 8 years. 10/10 would find in the abyss of the internet and marry so hard again.


Chat rooms were a fun place to meet people.

So not really dating....but I met my husband online. In an MSN chat room 1999 when online dating was unheard of.

One day he sent me a " whisper" (a private message for those of you who have never heard of MSN chat) and asked if he could come to see me. He lived 5 hours away and drove down to take me to dinner and then drove back home.

20 years later we are married for 13 years after doing long distance for 7, and have 3 kids.


This couple worked together, yet matched online.

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Matched my missus on Tinder. Both type 1 diabetic, both worked in the same company. Now we live in Arundel with a river in our back garden.


Sometimes love happens when you least expect it.

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I wasn't truly searching for a boyfriend, but I met a boy online and we started dating in 2016. He moved in a year and a half later and we just celebrated our four year anniversary.


If one date doesn't go well, don't give up.

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When I first started online dating I messaged probably 30 women and after a couple of weeks had three different dates three days in a row. The first was awful. The second one was meh. The third was great and the girl and I dated for a few months. I later broke up with the aforementioned girl and tried to get back into online dating for a few weeks.

I then move cities and take a break for several months. Get back on my profile, message a beautiful girl, meet, we immediately connect, and we are getting married in March.


For some people, online dating is the only way to meet other single people.

When I came to the US, there was no other way to meet women. All the women in grad school had boyfriends or were already married.

So I gave online dating a shot, it was a roller coaster process but in the end I met my wife so it all worked out well.


Couples with dogs are the cutest.

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Currently laying next to my best Tinder match and our dog. And I wouldn't want it any other way.


Online dating can result in crazy in love.

Met a few crazies, but then found someone truly psychotic enough to marry me.


Some people get lucky on the first try.

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I tried Bumble once. Went on a date and it worked out. We're still together one year on. That has been my first and only online dating experience. So literally a 100% success ratio for me though I wasn't expecting that going in.


Some online relationships turn into friendships and that's OK too.

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I met an awesome Canadian flight attendant. She was flying here to Germany once or twice a week. We dated for some time, unfortunately it didn't work out in the long run but it was a great experience and I still consider her a good friend.


Some matches just click.

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I joined Tinder after I had broken up with my ex, as per my friends insistence just to have fun. Within 3 days I had matched with a guy with who we never ran out of things to say so a week later we met up and we just clicked.

Fast forward it's now been 3 years that we are together and even more in love then when we first met and we even have a house together.


Dating sites can help you make real life connections.

I spotted a guy at my local bar doing lights for the band that was performing and I sadly got kicked out before approaching him (for using the men's washroom because I couldn't wait in the huge women's line up.

ANYWAY, I immediately downloaded Tinder to see if I could find him and I did AND HE MATCHED ME. We're still kickin' it three years later. Thanks, Tinder.

This story comes with some solid online dating advice.

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Been married 6 years now to the woman I met on a dating app. She lived 6 blocks away at the time but our circle of friends had no overlap.

Best advice I can give is to be 100% honest with your profile and what you want.


And you don't just have to stick with specific dating apps.

Met my wife on Craigslist personal ads back when those were a thing. It's done alright for me? I mean twelve years together, six married, got a six year old kid. She's kind of on the fence on us making it to thirteen years though lol. -Audrin

For this person, online dating helped them realize something more.

It gave me the courage to talk to women about dating and relationships and I suddenly realized that I was wasting my time. I knew that I needed to talk to the girl that I actually knew, who I cared for, and who might have feelings for me.

That was 7 years ago and now I'm married to the love of my life.


The next generation will have interesting stories to tell about how their parents met.

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I don't know about going online with the intention of dating but my parents met online playing Quake back in 1997 and here I am 21 years later so I guess you could say I couldn't live without it?

This person also has some solid advice for online dating.

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Happily married for 7 years. (eHarmony)

My advice to make it work:

Be transparent. Don't hide anything. You want someone to accept you as you are.

Be real about who you could be happy with when connecting with matches.

Accept a person for who they are. DO NOT get into something where you think you can change things that are deal-breakers.

Online dating is NOT a sign of desperation; try it. We have busy lives and it connects you to a much larger pool of people than you would ever meet in your life.


This person's experience sounds like what others need to hear about online dating.

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It didn't work until it did.

I had lots of first dates, one-night-stands, and fizzled crushes before I met my wife on Tinder about 3 years ago. It just took a while to find a girl who A) I was attracted to, B) was attracted to me, and C) had similar desires for what they wanted out of life.

The big thing is just be yourself, improve yourself if possible, and be patient. Someone who appreciates you for the things that make you you will come along.


Here's a story about a Tinder match that ended up being a better match for their friend.

Met a girl on Tinder. While talking about our hobbies she mentioned that I perhaps would be good match for her best friend (both very nerdy). We agreed to meet up later at her home that day so I can meet her and to play some Smash Bros. (This totally happened, I swear!)

We had our 1 year anniversary about a month ago.


If you're a gamer, maybe try connections through there too.

My Minecraft girlfriend and I got a new dog and moved into a bigger house.


And make sure you try to meet with someone you matched with as soon as possible.

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Some advice from someone who does pretty well on dating apps, you should meet up sooner. You don't have to "be in a relationship" before getting together. These things almost always fizzle if they stay online too long.


Definitely give it some time.

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Been using Bumble/Tinder for months, got around zero matches. One day I get matched with someone and we instantly click. We've been dating since.


The premium membership is a must.

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Met my husband on Plenty Of Fish. I was paying for premium, which means I could see how many times he was looking at my profile. Finally, I messaged him being like "hi, can I help you? :)" since I liked his beard (and his face in general).

We're now married with a baby. He still says to this day that he didn't message me first because he thought I was out of his league. He also had no idea I could see how many times he viewed my profile.


Meeting through games should be more of a thing.

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Met a guy playing GTA and decided to make the two hour trip for dinner and "Netflix and chill."

It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but now we're married with two beautiful daughters.


Just take the chance.

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I met my now fiance on OkCupid and deleted my account after.

We joke about how he's glad that I chose meeting up with him after work rather than going home and eating Thai leftovers and drinking by myself.


Try not to judge someone by their photos.

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After being single for almost 10 years, I kept seeing ads for Hinge and decided one lonely, slightly drunken, Friday night to download it and set up a profile. Barely used it and ignored it for a few weeks. Ended up talking to a guy, who, spoiler alert was a bit of a creep.

After my bad experience with the creep I decided to message the other guy. We had an amazing connection and first date. We're now engaged and moving in together. He's the love of my life and I'm thankful that I didn't judge him by his crappy photos.


And if it's meant to be, it will be.

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My girlfriend and I met on bumble. We still ask ourselves how we could have gotten so lucky. A simple swipe the wrong way or ignoring a message and we would have never had the incredible year we've had together.