34 People Reveal the Weird Things They Do Subconsciously Everyday | 22 Words

Who would have thought there were so many things we do every day that we don't even know we are doing?

We all know someone who calls out your little quirks and habits, and once you see them, it's hard to unsee them.

Whether it's tapping your foot, playing with your hair or awkwardly overusing finger guns, we all have our own little habits.

Reddit users came clean and shared their own, some more common than others.

A few... well you'll just have to read for yourself.

"Complain, it was brought to my attention in high school. Once I was told, I noticed how often I did it; then forced myself to stop. Not saying I don't ever complain, I just do it significantly less. Stopping really did make life better." -Inamevoid Some people truly just aren't aware of how much they do complain. It's a pretty annoying thing to do subconsciously.

"Someone once told me I walk funny (like don't swing my arms properly or something). And now I can't walk normally because I remember being told I walk oddly. So this causes me to try to walk properly which is sort of like when you breathe manually. My walking just becomes significantly less normal." -1MajorFlaw Okay, this is a weird phenomenon to me. Once someone points out that something is weird or off, you overthink it and then it becomes even weirder. How do we make this stop?!

"Every time I take a clean cup out of the cupboard I smell it first before using it. Not something I really noticed until my mum asked me why once when I was visiting." -Glenn10 Now I'm going to be paranoid and smell every cup I pick up. What does a clean cup even smell like? I guess I'll find out.

"I touch my hair A-LOT. I’ve seen it in videos of me playing sports, my friends and family have told me I always do it but I just don’t realize." -dogsandmakeup This is a common habit for a lot of girls. I'm always twirling or flipping my hair and I really don't even realize it until I get home and my hair looks like its been electrocuted.

"Sit with the collar of the tee shirt I'm wearing in my mouth, so it covers my chin, when I'm working on my laptop. Someone pointed it out, and now I have to stop myself from doing it." -Flaming_bort I think if I saw someone sucking on the collar of their shirt I'd be a little weirded out. Then you have to walk around all day with a damp collar? Yikes.

"Well, I wasn't exactly told, but everyday I would practically dance down the middle school hallways on the way down to lunch for no reason in particular. Once I saw myself in a TV monitor on the wall through camera feed that happened to switch to our class's line, and I just stopped and stood there for a good few seconds in shame." -Hhasmarpthuktox It's hilarious to me that some people are just always dancing and they don't even know it. It's like they were born to dance.

"I also didn't notice until middle school was repeat whatever I'd just said to someone under my breath. Like, if I told someone 'Hey, that's a cool shirt,' I'd loudly whisper to myself 'That's a cool shirt ' immediately afterwards. Someone pointed out me doing this in a conversation, and I had no idea. I was a weird kid." -Hhasmarpthuktox This is the same guy that danced in the hallways. The dancing was cute, but the whispering is a little creepy.

"I giggle. A LOT. Nervous, excited, thinking, hungry, annoyed, stressed, happy, scared, surprised. My grandma pointed it out by imitating it and asking why I always do it." -SquigglePLOP I am a nervous laughing kind of girl for sure. Sometimes laughing is just my body's response to anything uncomfortable.

"If I was walking through the halls at work and someone said hi and asked how I was doing apparently my response was usually “Pretty good." The day before a girl moved to a new job she told me that she and the guy she sat next to made fun of me every time they heard it because I sounded like a parrot saying “Pretty bird". I never said it again." -BraveLittleToastGirl Guess you aren't pretty good anymore?

"Tap my foot. Well, not always tapping, but constantly moving." -baddozer This made me tap my foot, is that weird?

"Apparently I have a set of stock phrases I say to everyone everyday at work. As it turns out hearing "having fun yet?" everyday is a little annoying." -psycospaz This might get a pretty sarcastic response from coworkers I'm assuming.

"Loud audible “ahhhhh" after my first sip of coffee in the morning, my toddler kept imitating me. Was adorable." -tocamix90 There are a lot worse habits your toddler could pick up on, so this feels like a parenting victory.

"I cut with the same hand I hold my fork with. So when I'm cutting I switch the utensils between hands. Then switch back to eat. Never noticed until my SO pointed it out recently. Now I think about it constantly." -DaughterEarth It feels like this just takes extra effort. It's not wrong, just different. But mostly wrong.

"Between wetting my toothbrush and putting on the toothpaste I tap the brush on the edge of the sink three times. I had no idea until it was pointed out to me." -sevenbeleven Maybe, subconsciously, your favorite number is three?

"I interrupted people all the time apparently. I found out while playing a drinking game with friends, one of us had to make a rule and he said 'everytime Patrick interrupts someone, we drink.' They all agreed it was a great rule while I sat there flabbergasted. I flipped it on them though, everytime someone tried to speak, I interrupted them so we all had to drink." -Patrickc909 And that's how you turn weaknesses into strengths people. Go Patrick.

"Being loud, mostly when I'm excited, but in general as well..I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina and, not to be stereotypical, I'm just naturally louder than everyone else here. One of the first things someone asked me on my first day of school was, 'Why are you so loud..?'" -ForeverPizzaPrincess I think I also have this problem. I have no idea how loud I am being until my friends ask me why I am yelling. I am just completely unaware of the volume of my voice sometimes.

"Said 'yesterday night' instead of 'last night'. My mom pointed it out and it made me so self conscious I stopped saying it." -Winter-Stardust Yesterday night feels very different than last night. I am going to start saying this and see how people react.

"I stand and walk on my tippy-toes a lot." -MoistNugget97 You probably have amazing calves and a perky booty. You might look a little strange but at least your body is getting a bit of a work out.

"I run from place to place when I'm at home. If I have to pee, I get up and sprint. I always walk back though. If I suddenly remember I need something in the next room, I run there. People think it's really weird and it makes me laugh now, but I never noticed I did it till it was pointed out." -morgalorgan I know you get all your steps in on your FitBit. You go girl.

"I didn't realize my eyebrows move when I'm reading something (as if they're playing out the facial expression of whatever emotion I'm reading about) until my first year roommate pointed it out and made fun of it whenever I did readings in our dorm." -bea_baudelaire Maybe you have a future in acting! Expressive eyebrows look really well on TV.

"When I'm texting someone, I say what I'm texting out loud to myself, even when I'm alone." -CorvoLP This could get really hilarious if you are in a highly populated place and you're in the middle of a text fight. I would love to listen in on that.

"An obnoxious amount of finger guns." -100BeesInATrenchcoat I love finger guns. I find myself using them way more than I should.

"At work, to collect my thoughts I say “ok!" And clap loudly. I didn’t realize how often I did it, until coworkers pointed it out. Now, if I simply say ok, and don’t clap, my work wife will clap from his office." -Yeti_Krueger Sometimes you have to encourage yourself and be your own cheerleader! Okay!

"Swearing excessively while online gaming, honestly had no idea I was so bad until someone recorded a skype call of myself and others playing a game of League of Legends..." -shocksalot123 Video games bring out a whole new batch of swear words; it can be truly terrifying.

"Using the word 'like' a lot. Not to the point where it gets annoying and make you sound dumb. The few hours after [someone] told me, we talked and talked, while consciously trying not to use 'like' yet I still failed.'" -Icystuff #Guilty. Sometimes when my friends count how many times I say "like" it absolutely dumbfounds me. I really need to take this word out of my vocabulary but it is, like, so hard.

"I used to lick the front of my front teeth with my mouth open (I guess I liked the smooth feeling). I didn't even realise I was doing it most of the time, nor how weird it looked until 9th grade a male classmate pointed out how sexual and kinda pervy it looked." -gothkittyscratches Hmm this would be kind of creepy to do in public, especially if you don't even know you're doing it.

"Say 'Oop'. I need to stop saying it every time I bump into someone." -DragonArmour There are worse things you could say when running into someone!

"I 'mmmmm' every time I eat. What can I say... I enjoy food." -feedmefoodplzz Wait, doesn't everyone do this? It's like our stomach's natural response to being happy.

"Say 'I jokes' after kidding around. Apparently this really annoyed my husband but didn't even bother to tell me until after we got married. Yeah I still catch myself saying it." -LeCreamCakes I think this might add an extra laugh factor at the end of your jokes!

"Make sound effects for my car when I drive." -sweadle I think we all pretend we are in the Fast and Furious sometimes. Even if I'm going 35 mph, adding sound effects makes me feel like I'm flying.

"Breathing REALLY heavy when I’m focusing, or imagining an intense situation." -ObeliskREKT Uhh... Yeah. That's weird. No one likes a heavy breather.

"I do a little dance before I eat lol." -pestolova This is a habit I have developed for sure. It's like I can't contain my joy when I get my food.

"I count on my fingers oddly. I can't lift my ring finger independently of my pinkie finger, so when I count I go one-thumb, two-index, three-middle, four-pinkie, five-ring. My brother does the same, no idea if someone taught us it wrong or we just couldn't do it when we were little, no one remembers how it started." -Whapwhaaap I just tried this and it feels super weird and looks even weirder.

"I twitch my nose like a rabbit when I'm concentrating." -marquis_de_ersatz Did anyone else automatically think of Bewitched?

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