29 People Reveal Their Best Newly Discovered Life Loopholes | 22 Words

Humans have always existed on the brink of stupidity and pure genius.

Loopholes were discovered by those who lean more on the genius side.

Sometimes when loopholes are found, they aren't always shared. No one wants their secret to be discovered, and even worse, destroyed.

But Reddit has proved to be a safe space for people to share their loopholes.

Get out your pen and paper because a lot of these you are going to want to keep for a long time.

Airplane Genius

"A few years ago I was flying from Detroit to Charlotte. Prices were higher than I would have liked, so I checked a couple of other nearby destinations. Found that a flight to Greensboro (two hours away by car) was much cheaper, yet somehow still connected through Charlotte (Detroit -> Charlotte -> Greensboro). So I said screw it, bought a one-way, and carried on my bag, with plans to abandon the flight in Charlotte. All went well. As I was walking through Charlotte airport, I passed the Greensboro gate and heard the agent asking for volunteers (the flight was oversold). So with a heavy heart and Oscar-winning sympathy for the gate agent's predicament, I agreed to give up my Greensboro ticket for an extra $200 in vouchers. Then I skated out of the airport feeling as though I'd beat the unfathomable system for once." @leaflitterer Wow, what a truly selfless man. This might be the only lucky airport story among thousands of unlucky airport stories.

The HamBurglar

"I went to a local burger place that was running a promotion for either 1 free large fries or 1 free burger of your choice (from a preselected menu of 4 or so options). It was one of those promotional coupons that get printed on the bottom of your receipt and you just cut off the coupon and give it to the cashier. Well, I don't know if the burger place f**ked something up or if they did it intentionally but after redeeming my coupon for a free burger, they gave me a receipt with another coupon for the same deal on it. I came back the next day, redeemed it and the same thing happened. I was being given coupons for free burgers by redeeming my coupons for free burgers. I took advantage of this situation for about a week before the promotion ended. The next time they ran the promotion, none of the free food came with a receipt so I'm almost 100% positive they caught onto my abuse." @Merry_Dankmas I could get very carried away with this because I love hamburgers. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Idiot Sandwich

"In college, there was a sandwich shop where you'd build your own sandwich using a paper checklist, give it to a sandwich maker, and they'd build it. I found out that starting with a cheese sandwich base and adding meat was a dollar or so cheaper than starting with a meat sandwich and adding cheese. Also, the cheese sandwich version would have about the same amount of meat as the meat version, but about twice the amount of cheese." @robbbbb In college, you'll do just about anything to get more food for cheaper, which involves being a little bit of a mad genius.

Rigged Arcades

"I discovered in my local arcade that there's a machine that you can get to jam up by dumping a bunch of quarters into it really fast, and when it jams it gets confused and starts shooting nonstop tickets out at you. The folks who work at the arcade probably want to know how I am so dang good at arcade games, and also why I keep coming back for more inflatable dolphins." @snarkyopteryx This was my dream as a child. Rig the arcade game and win infinite inflatable dolphins. What I would do with them, I don't know, but rigging the game would be the best part.

Endless Spaghetti

"While in college, I used to work at a fast Italian place that had two shifts (lunch and dinner). Dinner shifts would start at 5. Well, employees got one free meal per shift under the manager on duty. So what I would do is go in at 4 and get a huge meal that would be a good size dinner, and finish it by 4:30 when the dinner manager showed up. Then at the end of the night, the dinner manager would set a time for all clean up crew to make a meal before going home. Basically, because I volunteered for cleanup each night, I would get a second free meal that I would save for lunch the next day in addition to an extra hour of pay. I made it nearly three months without buying food or groceries because of this since the menu was enormous and I got creative/counted calories well." @musicman206 Again, college kids will do almost anything for a free meal. No shame in their game.

The True Winner

"Back when I was in high school, I worked at a supermarket. At the time Snapple had a contest where you had to check under the cap to see if you won. Well, I found out that certain flavors, like Snapple Apple, is clear enough you can see from the bottom of the bottle. I just kept buying the winners every week. So many shirts and frisbees." @ohitsmark Dang it, I should have thought of this! I never won any of those contests. All I wanted was a free frisbee.

Blockbuster Goes Bankrupt

"If I kept a video for too long, my Blockbuster would take $25 out of my checking account. If I then returned the video, Blockbuster would put the $25 back into my checking account AND apply a $25 credit to my Blockbuster account. A useful little computer glitch, that. The next time I rented a video, the guy rang it up, handed me my video and said, "You're all set, and you still have $23 credit." That was how I discovered the glitch. So I kept that movie too long, on purpose this time. Blockbuster then took $25 from my checking account. As soon as that happened, I returned the video. Blockbuster gave me back that $25 and added another $25 credit to my account. So now I was up to $48 in Blockbuster credit for doing nothing more than keeping two videos for too long. So I checked out another video and kept it... I eventually built up over $200 in Blockbuster credits. I finally quit because it was just too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel. They went out of business soon after, which was not a big surprise." @PaulsRedditUsername So this is how Blockbuster went out of business! It all makes sense now.

Everyone Gets A Free TV!

"I remodeled my kitchen a few years back and bought all new appliances from Samsung. They had a promotion that gave you a free TV with a new Fridge/stove. The promotion worked by giving you a single use coupon code when you shopped at the Samsung store. The odd thing was this coupon didn't subtract the price of 1 TV from your shopping cart. Instead it modified the unit price of the TV to $0.00. This was a normal web shopping cart where you could edit the quantities of each item you were buying. I didn't really need another 32" TV but I had to know if really the web design was that bad. It was, and Xmas shopping for Mom was cheap that year." @frogspaw Now that's a glitch I can stand behind! Merry Christmas to everyone, especially you mom.

Disappearing Student

"When I was in high school and we had a sub I'd volunteer to take the attendance sheet to the office so that I could ditch the rest of the period while still being marked as present." @TornFromTheWomb This is...beautiful. I'm upset I didn't think of this myself.

Parking Professional

"Not me but a buddy of mine. In Chicago for a weekend, parked in a garage that was $55 a day. Over a 4 day weekend, that's a $220 total. But the signs posted all over the place say if you lose your ticket, you'll be charged a full day. So my buddy parked for 4 days and only paid for 1." @Weird_Map_Guy This is the only time where I'd be happy I lost my parking ticket.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

"Back in high school, there was this one Jamba Juice in a Safeway that my friend and I would go to every now and then. One day, my friend got a coupon through an email for a buy one get one of equal or lesser value free, but only at that specific location. The biggest mistake they made? There was no expiration date on the coupon. So my friend prints out a few pages worth of the coupon, cut them into individual slips, and we just used them every time we went there. They never caught on." @Sleepy_Potato No expiration date, no problem. Just endless smoothies.

A Win-Win

"Current job is commission only, but has an 'additional discount' if you fail to meet a certain amount of net sales every week. I found out that if I sell $7800-8000/week I would take home $1200-1500/week. If I sold $500 more a week (easily doable), I would only take home $700-800/week because of the loss of the discount. It, literally, pays for me do be lazy and know math." @landravager It pays (literally) to do your math people. Count it up, rake it in. #MoneyMoves

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Win

"You have a hotel reservation with a two-day cancellation policy. Your plans change one day before your trip, so you can't cancel without paying for the room. Instead, reschedule the reservation for a future date more than two days out. Then call back later and cancel." @Hysterical_Realist I am so proud of humans. Look at the geniuses we have created! Never will I pay a cancelation fee again.

Milk Money

"A few years ago a milk company did a promotion at work to allow you a free half gallon bottle of their milk. They didn’t have the vouchers ready at the time so emailed everyone at work a pdf copy. No one at work paid for milk for the next six months until the offer expired." @UniquePotato That's a lot of free milk. Which means I get to have cereal everyday!

Lush Life

"This isn't super exciting, but the store Lush loves to give out samples. They sell beauty products. Now, their shampoo samples run out in no time but if you ask for any kind of soap it goes a long way. Every time I buy shampoo there, I ask to try out a new face-cleansing product and get a good chunk of soap. I haven't paid for skin care products in six months and my acne is almost gone." @Notrightnowplease_ If you add together enough samples, it basically becomes the whole product. This is the life I aspire to have.

Movie Pass Madness

"For the most part, My AMC rewards card works with my MoviePass so when I get to go to movies for 9.95 a month I usually can get a free large popcorn and drink because it tracks my rewards as if I bought the tickets at normal value." @Underlipetx I can really dig this. More popcorn? Extra butter, please.

I'm Lovin' It

"Last McDonalds Monopoly promotion, they had the "get a free burger/fries/coffee" tickets again. Our McDonald's has the machines where you can put in your order. The machine doesn't ask for the tickets of course, so you can just add the free items to whatever you order. Then select that you want to pay at the counter. In my McDonald's they never asked for the tickets, as their register system just asks for the total amount of money once they put the order number in. I kept the tickets on me just in case. I also never tried to go above 1 or 2 extra items, but the system would have let you. Took about 2 months until someone asked me to give them the tickets on picking up the food. But it was about a week before the promo ended." @LemonRaven I would be absolutely swimming in McDonald's french fries. Which is actually a dream I had one time. Does anyone else have dreams about french fries? No? Just me?

I'm Still Lovin' It

"McDonalds brought out this Christmas app where you played each day and it gave you a new prize. Most of the time the prize was like a Festive Pie but sometimes it was a large burger. You could only spin once a day. Spin, delete and reinstall the app, spin again till you got the prize you wanted. I ate there every day for free for a month. So did several of my friends." @harkerryan More free food! I really am loving this. It feels like all my dreams are coming true at once.

Coca-Cola Contestant

"Coke ran a competition here where you got a code on the underside of the can tab or on the inside of the label on the bottle and you text it to a number and were entered into a competition which ran every 15 minutes to win a football and an hourly one to win an iPod. 12 year old me would collect a few, set an alarm for 5am and enter one in each 15 minutes competition and then had 4 in every hourly competition. At 5am most people who are up are either getting up for work (not drinking Coke) or still partying (different coke). Think I won about 40 footballs and 8 iPods until it ended. A hefty profit for a kid who had no expenses. They changed entry hours to more social hours to fix this loophole." @KetamineKetayours What could you do with 40 footballs and eight iPods? I don't know but at least they're free.

TV Addict

"When I was in middle/high school my parents put child locks on the cable box so I wouldn't be able to watch tv when I got home and would work on homework instead. They set it so that it would only work from the hours of like 5 to 11 on weekdays. What they didn't know is you can change the time zone in the cable box settings, so every afternoon I just switched to whatever the f**k time zone it was 5 o'clock in and switched it back before they got home." @hairyhairyveryscary Hell hath no fury like a kid who desperately wants to watch TV.

Devious Drivers Ed

"In drivers ed we had to do this simulator type thing. Only hard part about it was that everyone had their own driver's seat, but there was only one big screen- you had no idea if you were making errors. Soooo many people failed the simulators. I discovered that if you never took the car out of park, it only dinged you for the one mistake. Highest grade in the class." @if_not_impulsive Genius idea, just not too sure how I feel about him hitting the streets.

The Happiest Place on Earth

"I work 30 mins away from Disneyland and I usually go to the park on Tuesdays after work. I usually park at Downtown Disney, buy a movie ticket for $5 using my AMC rewards membership and enjoy 5 hours of validated parking. It works out because it dies down at the park around 6pm." @julianjames_ Oooh, I am definitely using this one. Disney already takes enough of my money when I cash out buying Dole Whip and churros.

The Generous Vending Machine

"Me and some friends discovered that if we unplugged the vending machine in the band room of the high school for about 10 min, once it was plugged back in it would dispense free drinks for awhile. Not sure how long the freebies lasted but it was always back to normal by the next morning." @sharrrp Do kids even use vending machines anymore? I feel like this would have been the equivalent to hitting the lotto when I was in high school.

Laundry Day

"We lived in an apartment building with shared laundry. The machines only accepted tokens- like at an arcade. You could buy tokens from them and one token was about $2.00 or one wash/dry cycle. Along with our neighbors we found the exact same tokens online and purchased over 1000-the minimum order- and only $140. We used those tokens for a few years and handed them out like prizes to our neighbors when we moved. The management company only said we had to use tokens to pay the machines not where they had to come from." @picklewiffle
All of a sudden I love laundry day very, very much.

AirBnb Baller

"Instead of booking an Airbnb once, use a referral code for $40 and create another Airbnb account to book two trips, just let the host know what your intentions are and that you're trying to use credit. Also ask them to refund you one cleaning fee because technically, it is one whole trip. Oh, and the $40 code only applies to trips $75 and over." @bankrollbully Fingers crossed that the Airbnb host is cool enough to let this one slide.

First Time, Every Time

"Any app that gives first-time only deals or credits, try downloading a texting app. Rinse and repeat, I used to do this with Uber and Lyft all the time but I think they caught on because some phone numbers generated by texting apps aren't supported. You can legit just fill out fake info, fake email addresses, just to use first-time only codes and never use the account again." @bankrollbully Multiple identities, multiple phone numbers, multiple dollars being saved. I can stand by a lifestyle like that.

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

"When you're traveling and you go to a grocery store or any store really, and they ask for a card, tell them you have a phone number. Then say whatever the local area code is, plus 555-1212 (a quick Internet search can tell you the area code you're in.) I cannot tell you how many times this has worked. God bless all you people that sign up for loyalty and rewards programs under that generic number." @Mysticedge Ok so I'm a little afraid of trying this but it's worth a shot for sure. Love me some free loyalty points.

Pizza Party!

"When I was a broke college kid, papa John's was trying to get their internet business of the ground and offered a pick-up-only large pizza any way you want it for first time users coupon. I just made new accounts for apartments that didn't exist in my building. Used that for like a year." @royalobi Another dream of mine. Endless pizza. This could lead to some serious health issues but it's pizza so how do I say no?

Freshman 15

"Back when I was a wee little undergrad freshman, the campus cafeteria required you to swipe your student ID to get in, then charged your student account the appropriate flat rate for a meal (so like $5 for breakfast bar, $7 for lunch/dinner, $5 for weekend buffet). If you knew you'd be eating there often, you could pay a flat $1000 at the beginning of the semester for unlimited use of the buffet. Meanwhile, these same IDs unlocked the dorms, so one floor up from the cafeteria there was a security office where you'd sign out a "loaner" ID linked to the security account if you left yours in your room or something. Guess which account had unlimited meal credit on it. No penalties for being one of those forgetful types who's always losing your card, so... I think only myself and my two roommates ever linked the two ideas together, but boy did we eat well in college." @SweaterZach I am amazed by college freshman. Is there anything, besides attending class, that they can't do?

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