People Reveal Their 'I'm Turning Into My Parents' Moment | 22 Words

As a child, there was nothing more evident than the fact that you and your parents were different species. You want to stay up and eat ice cream, but they forced you to eat broccoli and be in bed by a decent hour. You wanted to watch hours of cartoons but they made you read a book instead. There was just no seeing eye to eye.

Time passes and you start seeing small, but significant similarities between you as an adult, and your parents. From behavior to tastes in food, to what makes you upset, before you know it, you are basically your mom or dad.

It's a serious moment of your adult life when you start noticing the change, but it's also hilarious to realize that we really are our parents' children. A Reddit thread proved that when people came forward to share their best and worst stories of times they realized they were turning into their parents, whether they wanted to or not.

It's the circle of life.

It feels like an inescapable phenomenon that no human can avoid, no matter how hard they try.

We all end up acting just like our parents.

You might be in denial about it, but it's the cold hard truth that as you grow older, you start to act more and more like your parents.

It happens to the best of us, really.

There are moments where you are struck by the similarities between you and your parents. Hopefully, you haven't had too many of these moments, but this Reddit thread allowed people to share those moments of realization and laugh at how hilarious it is to grow up.

When you start to fall asleep in your recliner way too easily.

My dad will fall asleep just about anywhere, especially if he sits in his recliner. So after I got my first full-time job out of college, I got home and my roommate and I were gonna watch a new episode of some show. I fell asleep in our recliner in less than 10 minutes. I woke up after the show ended and my roommate was like yeah you were out and snored a little. -timshel_life

I mean, those recliners are crazy comfortable.

Coming home after a long day to your comfy couch is the best feeling and now we know why every dad fell asleep so easily in his La-Z-Boy chair.

When you hate loud noises.

When I went from "Oh hey this restaurant has live music, cool!" to "Dammit - look at them setting up a drum kit. It's going to be too loud. I can't hear." -itsalwaysamyth

Those dang youths with their loud music!

Did the volume of music just slowly increase over my life or am I really getting constantly irritated by loud restaurant music? I'm turning into an old woman faster than I would like to admit.

A growing pile of things you don't really need.

As I stared into the mass of various saved rubber bands and twist ties. -docjohnholliday

Hey, those rubber bands might come in handy!

I, too, have a drawer of paperclips and rubber bands that I know I will need eventually. It's the junk drawer that is in every kitchen that mom or dads started long ago, way before we ever contributed a single rubber band.

When you inherit the sassypants gene.

I've always had a little sass in me and most of my life, my shyness covered that up. Now I am a one woman sass-acre. Thanks, mom. My brothers have been telling me for years that I am essentially our mom, to the point of calling me 'little mother'(in an endearing way, not in the norman bates way). I own it. -jilly_is_funderful

Being sassy runs in the family.

If you aren't sassy in front of your family, are they really even your family?

Getting excited over good coupons.

I started enjoying looking at grocery ads for discounts and have 3 discount cards. -ThatGuy798

Okay, but is there anything more exciting than saving a few bucks?

A good coupon can change the whole day! Now I know why my dad was so obsessed with coupons when we went shopping; they really do add up and save you a ton of money! Being a coupon queen can be a full-time job.

When you get worked up over dirty dishes.

When I would get irrationally pissed off when I would come home at night and see my roommate left a spoon in the sink instead of just washing it real quick. -okrafriedokra

Just wash that dang spoon! It's not that hard.

I can hear my dad's voice now telling me to wash just that one dish, and me running out the door pretending I didn't hear him. Now, even one spoon left in the sink can drive me up a wall!

Getting way too comfortable.

When I sit down and make a ‘dad noise’ “aaahhhhrgggaaa." -TheBobolly

It's the natural sound of a hard days work.

Every dad makes this noise when he gets home from work. It's like an instinctive noise for them.

Looking forward to hardware shopping.

Finding myself excited to go to Lowe's. As a child, I haaaaated being dragged to that store. As an adult and new homeowner, I totally get the appeal of buying power tools and gardening supplies to work on various home improvement projects. -wirwarennamenlos

There's nothing like a good Home Depot run.

It's like a giant maze of dangerous and fun tools! It also smells amazing and the carts they use are super cool. It's truly a treat to go to a hardware store, even if you don't know what you're shopping for.

The youth pitying your poor video game skills.

My 10-year-old nephew let me win a video game cuz he felt bad for me like I did to my dad 25 years ago on Super Nintendo. -dipdipbeantot

This really is full circle.

You thought you were being nice but you now realize how utterly embarrassing it is to have someone let you win. Not a great feeling at all.

Saying the same story multiple times, but forgetting you already said it.

I repeat stories. Every time I go home to visit, I’ll hear things from my dad that he’s either told me by phone already or stories I’ve heard 100 times. I found that I have also started telling people about stories from my past that I’ve already told them. -BOBfrkinSAGET

This is a true sign of aging!

It's like walking into a room and forgetting why you went in there. I used to make fun of my parents for things like this and now I find myself telling the same story five times and having no recollection of telling it before.

Finding lost items.

My mom used to find things for us in a minute after we had been looking for hours. My siblings and dad sometimes lose things and ask me to help because “I always find it magically." I’m actually very excited about the mom touch to finding things. -HeyYouThere101

That is a very special superpower!

Parents do have a sixth sense of finding that lost item that you swore you've looked everywhere for. And it was usually right where you left it.

When you realize you actually are the same person.

The moment I saw a high school picture of me.... turns out it was my dads high school picture. I'm identical to my father and it's annoying as can be. -befries

Stuff always come back in style.

Before you know it, you start dressing like them too. Mom jeans become your everyday jeans.

Being resourceful in weird ways.

I washed out the hummus container to save in case I needed it someday. -azngirl7689

Tupperware is the currency of real adults.

If your pantry isn't full of Tupperware, are you even adulting?

Finding out your parents were indeed not made of money.

I always thought my father was a bit of a prude when it came to turning lights off in the house. Then I moved into my own place and my gf and friends kept leaving the lights on, and now that I pay my own power bill I always have to stop myself from screaming “Who left the lights on. DO I LOOK LIKE IM MADE OF MONEY???" I am my father's son.


If you are leaving the lights on, you better believe you are failing at life.

Our parents knew what they were talking about, even if they were super dramatic, they trained us to keep those lights off and for that, I am grateful.

Having a clean house, at all costs.

Mother used to drive me nuts with her “I can’t sleep if the house is messy." Guess who was half drunk cleaning and taking down the tree after an NYE party until 3 am? 


It's a beautiful disaster.

Waking up to a messy house is a terrible feeling. Now we know why our mothers made us clean up our messes before bedtime. I get it now.

Freaking out before people visit.

Losing my absolute marbles before 'company comes' cleaning up my chaotic house. Mother's blood runs thick in my veins. -runawaypurse

This house has got to look like a magazine!

Watching moms panic-clean the house before company came over was like watching the Olympic Games. It's intense, competitive and exhilarating.

Realizing you inherited some amazing qualities.

When I realized that I was becoming a compassionate, sympathetic, caring and loving human being and that I had my mom's influence to thank for all of it. Love you, mom.


It's not all bad moments!

Sometimes realizing you are like your parents is not a bad thing. There are some amazing moms and dads out there and if we turn out to be half as cool as them, then we know we made it out okay.

Turning into our parents maybe isn't the worst thing ever.

It could be the best thing that's ever happened to us, especially when it comes to saving money.

Greatness runs in the family.

I'm okay with leaving out the weird and embarrassing things about my parents, but there are a lot of moments that I'm glad I turned out like them.

Go ahead, have a moment.

Look back and laugh at those times that you realized you're turning into your parents, then go ahead and share this with your family and friends so they can all laugh together.