19 People Reveal Why They ‘Noped’ Right out of a Date | 22 Words

When you get right down to it, we're all just looking for someone to love, right? And in order to find that someone, you usually have to go on dates.

If you're lucky, the dates go great, you fall in love, and you both live happily ever after.

But not all dates go well. And while they're kind of a nightmare in the moment, you can usually look back and laugh at the ridiculous evening you had. That's exactly what people in a recent AskReddit thread did while sharing their stories of times they immediately "noped" right out of a bad date.

Well, she asked if she could smoke inside. I don't really like cigarettes, but I didn't want to make a big deal of it on the first date, so I told her I'd open a window and that it should be OK. Didn't realize she was talking about smoking meth. – regula_et_vita

His wedding ring fell out of his pocket when he took out his keys. – Ka_Tinka884

"You're very pretty.... but I'll always be the most attractive person in any room because I was born via c-section and most people are born vaginally. Everyone but me has misshapen heads and attractiveness is all about symmetry." Bizarre negging aside, if you can avoid saying "vaginally" on a first date, you definitely should. – LoveMeSomeBowie

She admitted she was 37 (I was 20) and had a kid that was almost my age. Then she admitted her ex-BF was an aggressive ex-con that hadn't wanted to break up and kept turning up at her house trying to scare off people she was seeing. The bit that scared me off is that she obviously wasn't over him. I paid for dinner, smiled and left politely. – JT_3K

Showed up to a blind date. Turns out it was my cousin. – esperopodercambiarlo

He showed me pictures of his dog whom he affectionately named flea face. This dog was coated with fleas and looked like he had borderline mange. I told him to get him some Capstar asap and keep him on a flea preventative in the future. He said he couldn't afford flea meds for his dog or his cat (who was in similar condition). He then proceeded to tell me how excited he was about his brand-spanking-new Xbox. HOW CAN YOU BUY AN XBOX INSTEAD OF TAKING BASIC CARE OF YOUR DOG?!?! – Avbitten

Like the day before a date with a nice lass she told me she believes we live on a flat Earth under a dome-like structure. I mean I love The Truman Show as much as the next person but... – dwilso

I casually mentioned that I had recently gotten over the flu. This led to a 20-minute rant on how vaccines were part of a secret ploy of pharmaceutical companies to keep us perpetually sick and docile. I tuned out around the part where she claimed fluoride added to our drinking water caused cancer and that she had filled her own cavities by sucking on frozen milk cubes. – Minotaur11

A guy said, "I really want to kiss you right now, but just know you'll never mean anything to me." Then he continued to talk about how his success is the only thing that matters and that he just likes to lead people on because it's "interesting to see how they react." The whole thing felt like a social experiment. Very creepy. – baristakitten

Would only walk 5 feet behind me. If I slowed down, she slowed down. If I stopped, she stopped 5 feet behind me. I figured I smelled or she just hated me. I noped out. About 3 weeks later she started sending those little chocolate bottles filled with liqueur to me with no note or anything. Got a box about once a month for about half a year. Never a note and never heard from her again after that. – paulvs88

I met up with a guy from online dating. He immediately tells me he lied about his age and then went on to rant about how women are so judgemental so he has to lie just to get his foot in the door, so to speak. Thing is, he'd lied to make himself like, 4 years younger. I definitely wouldn't have picked up on it without him telling me. It seemed to me he was maybe a bit insecure about being over 30 now. I suggested maybe lying wasn't the best way to get in with someone as it doesn't make the best first impression. Cue another rant about how women are so hellbent on first impressions (therefore, shallow). I downed my coffee and noped on out of there. Sent a text later saying thanks but no thanks, got a lovely long text about how I wasn't as pretty as my pictures and should lower my standards. – Rykerlette

He left a huge bag of fast food trash in the parking lot of a convenience store. I pointed out a trash can that was just a few feet away. He said he wasn't putting that stuff in the trash. They've got people who work there to do that. – inventingme

She had terrible breath. I can accept a bit of bad breath, but this girl smelled like two-week-old cabbage fermenting in a soiled diaper. I apparently recoiled when she tried to kiss me. I think she took the hint. I wouldn't know for sure because I peaced right out after that. – AsocialReptar

Me and a date were exchanging Tinder horror stories when he told me he met this girl who was a 10 on the hot scale and was a bit of an Instagram model. They agreed to meet on a dinner date only for him to meet her along with her mom and a 5-page contract and questionnaire he had to fill out before he could even talk to the girl. He excused himself to the restroom and bribed the waitstaff to let him out the back employee exit. – Sweetragnarok

An hour into our second date he asked if he could crash at my place because it was closer to the airport than his and he had an early morning flight. He also assumed he would sleep in my bed. – thatstoomuchsauce

Dude told me he knew of a great place to eat. Turns out that place was a convenience store. He tried to make out with me next to the milk, so I just left. – EnableNoClip

"I most definitely can communicate with dogs that don't exist. They come to me at night, maybe because I'm a Capricorn. I think the moon Goddess sent them to me to give me guidance." – DoIHaveToHaveAName

He refused butter on a sandwich due to a weak stomach. Then proceded to eat his glass to impress me. – Red-Maple

I ordered the vegetarian option. Didn't make a big deal out of it, never do. Guy proceeded to lecture me on how I must be deficient in everything and incredibly unhealthy due to not eating meat. I tried to shut that whole thing down by stating that I've been vegetarian for the better part of two decades and know what I'm doing, then attempted to change the subject. He spent the remainder of the meal waving his burger in my face, loudly chewing with his mouth open, and rambling about how"meat is tasty, tasty murder!" There was not a second date. – centaurparkour