19 People Share the Hilariously Weird and Unexplainable Things They’ve Seen

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Every so often, we have these experiences that can’t be explained by the laws of physics, time, and what we know to be true.

They’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about what was possible. Maybe you even have one of these stories yourself. Either way, grab some popcorn because this is going to be a wild ride.

I had a friend in high school who I stopped speaking to when she transferred in grade 10. Two years later, I have a dream that I visited her new school and sat at the back of her math class with her. In the dream, her teacher was tall, brunette with curly hair, and wearing glasses. The next day I get a message on Facebook from said friend, which is completely out of blue because we hadn’t spoken in months. She asks me how I’m doing and I tell her about my dream. She freaks out and tells me that she sits at the back of her math class, and her teacher fit the description I gave her from my dream perfectly.MasonJ94

Out walking around the neighborhood late at night with a friend one night, we would occasionally look up to the sky in awe of the stars. I saw a fast moving light like a meteor, but slower, although much faster than an airplane. Then, it made 2 sharp 90° turns. First to the right, then to the left and disappeared. My friend and I both stopped and said “did you see that?” to each other. This was in the late 80s and I can still picture it like it was yesterday.TryonB

I woke up with sleep paralysis with the understanding my uncle died. I get a phone call around 4 AM from my mom to tell me my uncle is on his deathbed and that I should swing by in the morning. Pretty sure it was just his body on the bed, breathing on automatic and that he left hours back.rAlexanderAcosta

I came out of a store one day and turned the corner to see a crow trying to read a paperback novel on a park bench. He was perched on the bench, turning pages with his beak. When he noticed me staring, he hopped away like I caught him red-handed, and took flight a moment later. Ended up getting a tattoo of a crow reading a book because the incident left such an impression on me. No one really seems to believe me, but dude, corvids are fucking smart. I figure it was either imitating a person, or trying to harvest the pages for a nest, but either way, strange experience.HedonisteEgoiste If you thought that was spooky, wait until you read the next one…

I was sitting in my college dorm room once when the temperature suddenly started dropping like crazy. I turned the heat up as high as it would go but it just kept getting colder. I took out my winter clothes and started putting them on. This was like in late September/early October in New York so it wasn’t cold outside at all. I was just about to go ask for maintenance when my roommate got back from hockey practice and asked why there were so many police cars and ambulances outside. I had no idea. Later that night, we were informed a girl who lived in the dorms had died. Everyone who I’ve told about this says that I felt her death. I was in that same room for 3 years and that was the only time I ever had problems with the temperature.The_Height_of_Folly

On a boat, trolling for yellowtail amidst a school of dolphin about 4 miles off San Diego (dolphin are too smart to take lures, aren’t shy near small boats, and feed on the same bait schools as yellowtail and tuna, so it’s strategic to follow them). As if cued, all ~50-75 dolphins simultaneously stopped jumping and disappeared into the depths for about 30 seconds. Immediate, unnerving quiet. With great fanfare, they all suddenly burst out of the water in a near-perfect row about a football field wide, and for a while, synchronized jumps ahead of our boat. Then they were gone. Showing off for my dad and I? Normal behavior? Who knows, but it was awesome.partycentral

I had this, but when I was on my way to bed. Went downstairs to grab a glass of water, and you have to walk past the living room door to get to the kitchen, and I heard what sounded like a dinner party in the living room, soon as I walked in it went dead quiet, noped straight upstairs.Pgoonmgoon

Like other people, I occasionally have very prophetic dreams. They always are about something tragic but I’ll describe my most vivid one. About 5 years ago I had a dream I was in a horrible 3 car accident with my then-gf and my younger brother. The car was totaled, there was smoke, my gf and my brother went to the hospital and I that I died because I was pierced through the head with some sort of rod. Fast forward 2 years later, and my brother and I get a ride from girlfriend to go to a graduation party for a mutual friend. Gf pulls out into an intersection. I immediately recognize everything from the dream and I flinch to the left. Everything goes black for me for a few seconds after that, but when I regain consciousness I look around and see the exact same scene as in my dream except I lived. The car we were in was totaled. There was smoke from the other two cars involved and a rod that went through the windshield about 6 inches to the right of my head. It was the most intense moment of my life. Since then I have always kept track of my dreams and paid very close attention to them.Kreigers_3rd_clone

I had a dream when I was a teenager. We lived on the hillside overlooking the city. I was standing on our terrace just watching the world die. Water covered most of the city. What wasn’t drowned was burning, pillars of smoke covered the horizon. But oddly enough it was serene. You couldn’t hear screaming or chaos, just tinders snapping like a campfire along the shore. It smelled like the sea too. Then I looked to my right, and there was my dad. To his right, was my paternal grandmother. They both just smiled a sad smile which made me realize that I couldn’t move. We were stuck standing in mud. I woke up after that. After breakfast, I didn’t say anything until my dad and I were the only ones left at the table. I asked him if he had a dream last night. He described the exact same thing and he said he saw me too. Later on that day, my dad, who had checked in with my grandmother, said that she had the exact same dream.waddleteemo The next one involves some classic childhood toys…but like, ghost toys…

Ghost legos. I was a kid playing with legos and noticed a few were in the bucket that didn’t look like mine/ the plastic was faded/ older/ definitely of a different generation. I would build spaceships all day then when I went to bed and woke up there’d be holes in the spaceships where the old bricks would be. Being a seven-year-old my biggest concern was all the air getting out and my crew suffocating before they went to battle so I’d quickly pull them apart and put new bricks in where the old ones were but now that I think about it that always stuck with me as odd.RockettheMinifig

Me and my dad both witnessed a white figure fly across our backyard in 1999. It didn’t have arms or legs or a face, it was basically like a sheet and it flew across the yard at superhuman speed. When we saw it we both looked at each other and tried to make sense of it. We still talk about it today. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I can’t explain what this was. Looked like a ghost if you believe in that.theundertaker90

A few years ago, shortly after adopting my dog, my then gf and I were getting ready to go out for food (or whatever it was). Right as we are getting ready to go out the door our dog starts FREAKING out. He’s losing his mind whining, jumping at us, biting at our arms, and trying to pull us to the living room. We take a few extra seconds, calm him down, say goodbye and head out – we had a train to catch. Took all of 30-60 seconds. As we were approaching the bus stop, about 30 seconds away from the stop, a BMW comes barreling around the corner and jumps the curb exactly where we would have been standing. Had we left when we originally wanted we would have been standing there, we never would have seen it coming. To this day I’m convinced my dog knew, and he delayed us for that reason. He’s never had an outburst like that since.GSpess

As a child, back in my home country, I used to sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and talk to three persons near the foyer of our house. Two men and a woman, in their mid 20’s or early 30’s. Every once in a while I would wake up in the middle of the night, walk to the foyer and talk with these three. I still remember how they were positioned, always the same. But I don’t remember the conversations or their nature. Only in my mid or late teens did I begin to question who those three were. I would ask my parents sometimes and they would say there was no one else in the house but us, our maid and my uncle who lived in the attic(big house). And I am certain I never saw my uncle or our maid among the three. I am 29 now and I still sometimes think about it.fobby_fabi

Sitting next to a friend at a campout/canoe trip, I said: “I just feel like I need to move like I shouldn’t be sitting here.” He didn’t move so I laughed a little at myself and kept sitting there. A couple of minutes later my brain ping’d me again and I was like “you know what I’m just gonna move.” As soon as I stood up, a ball of fire from a flow arts performer on the other side of the camp landed exactly where I was sitting. We were both like :Ogur_bah Did that one give you chills? Well, the next one might be the craziest story I’ve ever heard…

This is actually the weirdest thing, and call me crazy if you’d like. I went to a fair one time, for some reason my friends weren’t with me can’t recall why. I noticed there were surprisingly few people there, and an abnormal amount of clowns, didn’t think anything of it. Got on some ride, got one of those spiral cut potatoes. Took off after, went home went to sleep. Next morning my friend calls me and says where I was last night because my group of friends had a hangout and no one could get a hold of me nor did I reply. Told them I went to the fair, he asked what fair, then I couldn’t remember where it was. I just said the fair in town, he just laughed and said something to the extent of yeah whatever. Still have no idea where the f**k I went that night.alwayswhitebelt

I heard the word “impossible” whispered into my ear one night when visiting my parents. I had just turned off lights to go to sleep but wasn’t tired or delirious. No TV or devices were on and it was point blank range into my ear. No explanation and hasn’t happened since.W_Herzog_Starship

My mother passed away in 2008. When she finally passed and “gave up the ghost”, my 2 brothers and I were all holding onto her and doing our best to comfort her. At the foot of the bed both my dog, and her dog, both Jack Russell’s, were both very still and staring at her and when she finally passed both dogs heads went up and over to the corner ceiling. They were in complete unison as they watched something go up and out of that bedroom. I’m not a religious person, but I find comfort in what I saw that afternoon.jackazz34

For at least 15 years now I will occasionally — maybe 2 or 3 times a month — mistakenly think I see someone I know when walking around. Then, within the next few minutes, I will actually see that person. It’s frequent enough that I call it now; I’ll be like, “is that Jon? Nope, not Jon. But I bet I’ll see him in the next 10 minutes”; and then I do. I don’t read into it at all. It’s just an odd little quirk in my life.KGB112

I once went to Panera with some friends. We got our food and sat down at the table. About halfway through the meal my friend says “did any of you guys notice that pole before?” I look next to the table and there is a huge floor to ceiling black pole literally almost touching me. I swear it was not there when we sat down and at this point, I’m freaking out and saying we’re in an alternate universe. I get the attention of a woman who works at the Panera and ask her if she’s noticed the pole before and she looks at it genuinely baffled and says she hasn’t. Went back a few weeks later and I swear to god it wasn’t there Still one of the most bizarre things that’s ever happened to me.WillVanGelder Share this with someone who would appreciate these spooky tales!