20 People Share the Most Mundane Interactions They've Had With Celebrities and They're Surprisingly Hilarious | 22 Words

Celebrity encounters are supposed to be full of glitz and glam.

You spot your favorite celeb through a hail of flashbulbs and then they come strolling towards you in slow-motion, crowd parting in awe to let them through.

Unfortunately, however, many people meet their faves in hilariously ordinary ways. Here are a few examples.

1. Chris Rock

Twitter user Zachary Shevich says:
Chris Rock held the door open for me as I was leaving a Vietnamese restaurant with takeout
Did he tell you a joke as he did?

2. A random Backstreet Boy

Akilah Hughes says:
I was in line behind one of the Backstreet Boys at an airport McDonald’s and he asked me if 20 was too many nuggets.
P.S. it wasn't AJ, like you were thinking, it was Kevin.

3. Willem Defoe

Twitter user skilleahy admits:

I denied Willem Defoe entrance to a bar on New Years Eve since we were closed for a private party. He politely understood.

She further says:

I do want to make clear that Mr. Defoe was well dressed, exceptionally polite, and never did the do you know who I am thing.

4. Will Ferrell

Kumail Nanjiani says:

I once asked a random guy for directions. He turned around. It was Will Ferrell. He gave me directions. They were correct.

Yes, that Kumail Nanjiani. Even celebs can have their encounters.

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ira Madison III says;

Sarah Michelle Gellar asking me how to connect to the WiFi on her iPad at Coffee Commissary

Because even the Slayer needs wifi.

6. Mark Wahlberg

Lizzy O'Leary quips;

Mark Wahlberg stops behind me at a newsstand on Columbus Avenue. He burped.

That Markie Mark...

7. Mark Wahlberg again

Here's another mind-numbingly mundane encounter. Mojoagogo writes;

Mark Wahlberg was coming out of a Sports Authority in MA as I was going in. He set off the alarm and turned to ask an employee if he was OK to go. She said he was. PS he's kinda short.

8. Bob Hope

@SoozleMcDoozle writes,

I was driving with a friend in Palm Springs and in the car next to us was an old man sleeping in the passenger seat. I said, "wow that old man looks like Bob Hope!" And my friend looked and said, "That IS Bob Hope!"

Then the light turned green and we went our separate ways.


9. John Lennon

@chicago_mastiff writes;

John Lennon walked next to me on 72nd St. His shoelaces were not tied.

Was this pre or post Beatles mania?

10. Winona Ryder

@meaghang says;

I asked Winona Ryder where the bathroom was, and she very kindly said it was “down the hall."

Kind of her.

11. Ethan Hawke

Josh Ruben writes,

When I was working at the Mobil station in Woodstock, NY, Ethan Hawke came in and bought a pack of Juicy Fruit. “.75 cents" i said. He gave me a 5 dollar bill. I gave him four dollars and 25 cents. He said “Thanks."

Dreadfully mundane, no?

12. Ewan McGregor

David Jackson says,
Ewan McGregor outside LAX with : Rob: Ewan McGregor is behind you. Me, turning to face Ewan, 4 feet away: Oh yeah. Ewan's eyes: DON'T SAY A FUCKING WORD TO ME.
Not Ewan! We don't believe it!

13. Mila Kunis

Greg Karber writes,

One time Mi[la] Kunis tried to play with a dog I was walking when we were in line at a cafe, and I (not recognizing her at firs) said, “I’m actually trying to get her to calm down." She was very apologetic.

14. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

@BrianaNicoleM says,

I passed Mila & Ashton on a hike with my dog. They said “she’s friendly" and I said “very" and then we all kept hiking.

15. Liv Tayler

Emily Nassbaum says,

I used an ATM shortly after Liv Tyler

Did she Liv up to expectations?

Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.

16. Stevie Wonder

Stephen LaConte writes,

I helped Stevie Wonder change the time zone on his phone

Who hasn't?

17. Uma Thurman

Raina Tinker says,

When I was working at the (now demolished) 3rd ave near Gramercy in 2004, Uma Thurman came in and bought a toothbrush and hair conditioner. I got to cash her out, and she was beautiful and polite. I was hyperventilating because I love her so much!

18. Angela Bassett

Aasia LaShay Bullock writes,

one time i was sitting down scrolling on my phone and i heard someone say “Angela" and i looked up and realized Angela Bassett had been standing next to me for like 5 mins and i had no idea. then she left.

19. Cindy Crawford

Lance A Shart says,
 Chatted with about how she’s actually from IL waiting for bathrooms, outside an event at in 1999...

20. Judy Davis

Jane Lynch says,

I directed Judy Davis to the correct immigration line at the Vancouver airport.

 And yes, it's that Jane Lynch.
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