39 People Share the Most Shockingly Unbelievable Stories About Themselves | 22 Words

We all have our stories.

Some of our stories are more extraordinary than others.

Twitter user @mhoye decided he'd ask people to share their most insane stories.

These are the stories that, when people tell them, are not believed. People go, "What? No! That's not possible!" Because they sound so implausible. But they happened. Maybe. I mean, we have no way of telling if these people are telling the truth. But why would they lie?

Chelsea Clinton

This is amazing. Chelsea Clinton would have never been hanging out in Germany at 16 without Secret Service.

Blue bath towel

What this person followed up with in the next tweet is that it was actually the same towel. Incredible.

KGB museum

Sounds like someone took a picture of something they weren't supposed to. Oops.

Acting coach

I hate to tell you this, Caroline, but...I think you were bad at your job.

48 hours

That's a lot of bad luck in a short period of time. I need to know the name of this person so I can stay away from them forever.

Super calm

This is one of those stories that super needs more explanation, and it sucks because he doesn't remember any of those details.


This sounds crazy, but it also sounds exactly like something that Bill Murray would do. He's the coolest in the world.


I guess there's no statute of limitations on rented video games that haven't been returned. That is discouraging to learn.

Pronounced dead

What the actual eff! That doctor was just ready to give up. Huge props to that nurse for saving his life!

Art piece

To be fair, it was a podium with an open can of Yoo-hoo on it with a straw sticking out of it.


I am sure there is a lot more to this story, and I want to hear everything. Everything.

Bible quiz team

This is intense. In a similar story, I dropped out of Hebrew school after my bat mitzvah because what was the point.


How does this even happen?! This seems like a nightmare.

Porn in the UN

This seems like maybe it should be a news story? Also, why would you look at porn while standing at the podium?!

Tsunami baby

What about a deadly wave storm says, "Let's make a baby"? None part, that's what!

Coin flip

This sounds like a lie. Like, I feel like this has never happened before.

Weird Al

This is maybe the most impressive story on this list. Weird Al is the best.

Wild donkeys

This sounds like the plot of an adventure movie that I would love to be cast in. Donkeys are cute.

Ted Bundy

This is terrifying! She was almost kidnapped by Ted Bundy!


And that was the day that the devil rose from the underworld. Thanks a lot, Nikolai!

Guinea pigs

This is amazing. Bad luck for mom, but that's what you get for secretly getting rid of your daughter's pets.

Black magic grandma

This is some family drama right here! And I thought my family was weird.

RV orgy

That is quite the visual! I will never be able to get that out of my head.


Man, if that's what happened every time you pulled a prank on someone, I would pull pranks way more often. I want to go to Alaska.


Yeah... This sounds about right.

A few short stories

I have questions about all of these. One of my questions is, did all of these happen in rapid succession on the same day?

Christian Bale

In following tweets, he clarified that he was wearing a t-shirt at a film Q&A that Christian Bale thought was a dig at him, and so he went off on this poor guy.

Bad trip

Do you think this really happened or do you think it was all in his head? He was on LSD.

Tooth implant

This is definitely a unique story. I really want to know what the world's oldest tooth implant looks like. Is that weird?

Mugged in Milan

This is the key to getting out of sticky situations. Just make the bad guy think that you're crazier than they are.

The Queen

Run over! By the Queen! What!

R. Parker, literal god

How does this happen, especially without his knowledge?! In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, "Long story short, it was an attempt at tax evasion so a guy could write off everything as a religious expense. Which requires a statement of “sincerely held belief." Such as me being a god."

Joey Ramone

Did he do this on purpose? Because that's not very nice.

A coma

Well, that story had quite a twist! I'm glad she's OK now, though.

Sex show

This seems like a story for the memoir. The red light district is definitely a strange place.


This is my nightmare. Do you know how enclosed you are in a submarine 13,000 feet underwater?! No thank you times a million.

Baldwin brother

Yeah, but which brother was it? Because Billy? Believable. Alec? Not so much.

Goofy moments

Were these all related? I hope they were.

Hiking in LA

The chance of this happening is literally the only reason to ever go on a hike in LA. Share this with someone who has a wild story of their own!