People Share the STUPIDEST Thing They Did as a Kid To Look Cooler | 22 Words

The thing about being a kid is that you think fitting in is the MOST important thing, which means you end up following some pretty weird trends in an effort to be cool.

Don't feel bad, because the good people of Reddit are here to make you feel better about what they did in an effort to look totally rad.

But be warned — you might have some epic flashbacks...looking at you, socks pulled up over your pant legs in an effort to look like Hammer.

Pack It In

And you couldn't switch from side to side because it just felt awkward on the other side, so just go ahead and make a chiropractor appointment now.

Walk This Way

I suppose that would give you an alternative view of the world...

True Love

Maybe it's short for "Michelle?"

Rock It Out

That's one way to keep the bears — and probably most other people — away.

He's a Swinger

True story: When I was little I wanted to impress my mom so I was swinging really high and jumped off like "Super Grover" from Sesame Street and landed on my tailbone. Oh, the memories. The very painful memories.

Skater Boy

But you had it there just in case you suddenly decided to go for a ride. You know, what a skateboard is for.

Big Hairy Deal

We all had a crimper. We all had fried hair.

Bugging Out

You were just improvising, right? But they were probably a little too freaked out to bug you about it (pun totally intended.)

Metal Mouth

I can do you one better. I used to use plastic colored bracelets as a retainer. Then of course when I actually got one, it was the last thing that I wanted.


And he's rounding first, heading for second with a stand-up double! (And the crowd goes mild.)

Scarred For Life

I guess it's better than putting it on your forehead. After all, that would just be crazy (and we can't talk about that.)

Four Eyes

You do know you could have just gotten frames with clear lenses, right?

The Write Stuff

BIC? What am I, a peasant?

A Snap Decision

Let's hope there was a pair of boxers under there, otherwise you know there's going to be a wardrobe malfunction...more than the fact that they're wearing freaking snap pants.

A Wise Guy

Yeah, the ladies love that. Douche.

Spike It Up

The bonus is that it also doubled as a weapon. Who doesn't want to model their look after animated personalities?

Hot Stuff

So werewolves eat fire ants? They must, seeing as I just read it on the Internet which means it has to be true.

Sagging, Yo

And not very practical if you have to try and outrun a fire ant-eating werewolf.

Fight Club

The first rule of Fight Club is you don't tell anyone that you only fight yourself.

The Bat Signal

Does the fact that it was 1989 make it worse or better? Your call.

Feeling Faint

I think that says a little more about the other people in the group that it says about you. Sure, you're a weirdo, but you would probably check on someone who (kind of) fainted.

Holy Crap

Everyone looks super punk in a hoodie purchased from Kohl's at a Super Saturday sale.

Count On It

Maybe if it was the fifth day of first grade and not the first day of fifth grade, this might be kind of impressive. As it is? Not so much there, Rainman.

Step By Step

Who? Me? Yeah, totally just resting a minute. Carry on.

Here Kitty, Kitty...

Now I don't mean to judge here, but attempting to collect body parts is kind of getting into stalker territory.

A Sing-Song Voice

"How are you?" "To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal. Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle..."

A Lost Cause

Do they make a bracelet for Hoarding Awareness? But at least your heart is in the right place — displayed their on your wrists.


I don't think this was ever even close to being a thing? Who in the world does this?

Shout It Out

The fact that the teacher played it in class is actually kind of impressive. The idea in theory? Not so much.

A Pack of Lies

Who can argue with a howling tween? (Maybe throw in a hairball from time to time for dramatic effect.)

Free Throw

Sure. Drag mom into your web of lies. LIES!

Book It

On the one hand, being well-read is extremely impressive. However, one has to actually read the books, so there's that.

The Gap

And that's the reason the teacher no longer tracks the teeth that students lose.

Bottom's Up

The really sad part is that he's still doing this at age 44. Make mine a double!

String Theory

Oral hygiene is very important. Don't knock it, people.

Speed Limits

And was completely taken off sugar and any caffeinated beverages.

Hammer Time

Don't even try. There was no replicating Hammer's pants. They. Were. Epic.

Peace, Man

It's like the gang sign of love, friends. Give peace a chance.

Flex Appeal

At least you kept them out of your pants. I'm thinking that wouldn't go over quite as well with the people at church.

Stylin' and Profilin'

We all did, for some unknown reason. Between the one strap on the overalls and the one strap on the bag, clearly we were too busy to actually finish a task.