People Are Sharing Their Hospital Bills That Are So Expensive They Feel Kind of Dystopian

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People have taken to Reddit to share their most expensive hospital bills, and they’re so ridiculous that they don’t feel real…

According to, Americans spent over $4 trillion last year in health care costs and over thirty percent of that cost, or roughly $1.24 trillion, was spent on hospital services.

Here are some of the most shocking hospital bills we’ve seen…

1. $64,525.55 bill for a 2-night hospital stay:

After finding out the price of the hospital stay, one user commented: “Is America oka– god what am I even saying lmao of course not. I don’t understand making people pay for f**king hospital stays.”

2. $7,154.40 bill for 1 COVID visit:

One user responded to the post, writing: “Jesus Christ America, will you guys just get universal health care already like the rest of the developed world and stop f**king people over.”

3. $16,639 bill for hospital observation fee:

One outraged user wrote: “I can’t believe how the country puts a burden on their people like this. Having to know the system beforehand, in addition to the sickness… how can anyone think straight?”

4. $448.79 hospital bill:

One user commented: “That’s a shame. It really sucks to have your hard work all in one place like that.

If it’s any consolation, at least you had the money and didn’t end up in collections, yeah?”

5. $131,047 bill for a heart attack:

One person commented: “Seeing the bill gives you another heart attack with a new bill after that. It’s a vicious cycle.”

6. $34,927 COVID bill for an uninsured patient:

One user, who clearly doesn’t live in the U.S., commented: “So one year of work for an issue you are no not responsible for? How can you Americans think, that this is ok?”

7. $46,902.55 hospital bill for a gallbladder removal:

One user responded, writing: “It looks like they just wrote every random medicine-related word they knew and charged for it.”

8. $39.95 bill for “skin to skin” contact for a mother holding their baby:

One user responded to the bill commenting: “Nope, this is a theft..! You have to pay in order to give birth… This is simply injustice, mate… it’s against humankind”

9. $34,079 hospital bill that came at the same time as nurses thank you card:

One user responded to the outrageous bill, writing: “At least you guys live in a free society, not a communist-socialist hell hole like Canada or Europe, so you can owe thousands and thousands of dollars for daring to be healthy. USA USA USA #1”

10. $229,033.76 bill for car accident treatment:

User ‘grootdoos’ later added: “This does not include all the physician and other bills that totaled another 200k.”

This is total madness! Clearly the system needs to change.