One of the beautiful things about humanity is that we're all so different. Who doesn't have a weird personality quirk, strange habit, or secret practice they'd rather people just didn't notice?

But the way people stand is perhaps one of the most personal affects of all. It varies so much from person to person, and it's something you don't even think about when it comes to yourself. But when it comes to others? Well, a weird way of standing could not be more obvious.

Which makes this latest internet trend particularly hilarious. People on Instagram are collecting images of some of the weirdest ways people have been standing, and we're so here for it. Here's our collection of some of the best.

This one is perfect for when you want to sit, but have to stand. It's perfect for trying to use your phone while it charges if your cord is just that little bit too short. The woman in the background seems to have the right idea - but the woman in front has truly taken the stance to the next level. We've got a cramp just thinking about it.

This one is for the baby who has too much sass. Just look at that pointed toe! Hey - it's important to get the weird ways of standing mastered early, as this kid proves.

Maybe you like kissing your boyfriend - but do you like kissing your boyfriend this much? This lady looks like she's simply collapsed - so it's lucky she has bae to keep her (slightly) upright. Her legs basically look like they're made of elastic!

This is the stance you need when you're just a little bit too tall but don't want to strain your back by bending down. What's even more impressive is that he got this spread while wearing skinny jeans.

What level of yoga do you have to unlock to get this stance locked down? Honestly, the more we look at it, the more impressive it is.

How much does your partner love you? Is it this much? Enough to form a chair for you out of their own knee when you can nno longer be bothered to stand? That's couple goals, right there.

This one is an absolute classic. To us, he honestly looks like he's about to start flossing. Either that, or he's wearing Heelys that he hasn't quite gotten under control.

Now, this is a dedicated teacher.

You may look at this photo and think, that's a weird stance. But what makes it even weirder? The fact he's FaceTiming while he does it. That can't be a flattering angle!

This one technically isn't a person, but still. Sigh - yet another unrealistic beauty standard for women.

At first, you may think this man has chosen a weird stance. But the true villain here is whoever put the window directing behind the supporting pole. He was just trying his best with the situation he'd been given!