People Struggle To Find the Odd One Out in Viral Eyesight Test

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Thought you had the eyes of a hawk? Well, you might think again after taking this viral eyesight test…

Just how good is your eyesight?

Well, many people have discovered its not as good as they thought after taking this viral eyesight test.

But first, lets get your brain warmed up..

Here’s some clever tricks of the eye have left us completely fascinated – if not a little confused.

Can you see the hidden cat?

If you zoom out on the original illusion, or look at a very small version of the image, the cat should become clear.

What color are the circles in this image?

This colorful image went viral in 2018 after its creator, University of Texas professor, Dr. David Novick, shared it on Twitter.
Despite what you may see, it turns out all the circles are actually the same color. “The differences are subtle, though, and depend on the size of the image when it’s viewed,” Dr. Novick tweeted.

Does this floor need fixing, or is it just an illusion?

This Twitter user shared a photo of this cleverly deceptive tiled floor designed by UK-based tile company Casa Ceramica – I wonder how many legs have been broken on this floor?

Another weird flooring illusion…

In September, Twitter account @WHS_Carpet – which specializes in calling out “bad carpets” – brought this disorienting photo to the internet’s attention.

What color are these shoes?

In 2017, this shoe went viral after people started debating whether it was pink and white or gray and teal – a little like the second coming of The Dress debate from 2015, in which the internet could not agree on the true color of a bodycon dress.

How about the color of these strawberries?

This illusion was created by Japanese psychologist and professor, Akiyoshi Kitaoka – the color red had been completely removed from the image, yet people still see red strawberries.

Is this girl underwater or not?

This little girl appears to be underwater at first glance – however, she also looks like she’s jumping into the water, which makes no sense at all.
But, while the filtered light and air bubbles make it seem like the girl is underwater, her dry hair proves that she isn’t.

Is one train track bigger than the other?

Or are they actually the same size?
This version of a classic optical illusion went viral in 2016 when BBC presenter, Marc Blank-Settle, posted a video of it on Twitter.

Sand dunes or craters?

European Space Agency astronaut, Luca Parmitano, took this photo of some sand dunes in 2013.
But why do the dunes in his picture look like craters?

Are these men stood on a flat floor? Or do they have insanely good balancing skills?

The floor of the Florence Cathedral has been designed to look like a tunnel, despite it being completely flat.

Are the wheels really turning?

This classic illusion appears to be moving at a first glance – but, upon closer inspection, it is simply a still image.

So, are you ready for the eyesight test?

Try to find the odd one out in each of the pictures…

Test 1.

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Test 2.

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Test 3.

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Test 4.

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Test 5.

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Test 6.

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Test 7.

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Test 8.

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Test 9.

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Test 10.

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So, how did you do?

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