13 People Tell the Stories of Why They Immediately Left Their Sketchy Jobs

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It’s a fact of life: Not all jobs are created equal.

Most of us have experienced the excitement over getting an interview or a job offer…only to learn that the job description may have been a bit too good to be true.

If you’re lucky (and smart), you leave those jobs immediately. That’s exactly what these people did:

I work as a nanny. But when I first got into childcare I was just babysitting. So it was my first night babysitting for this one family, things went well changed some diapers, put the baby to sleep and that was about it. Parents come home and are very drunk. They asked me to stay for a little while after they got back which was weird. Then they offered me, a 16-year-old at the time, a drink. Feeling a little pressured I took it and just sipped on it. Then the mom got really close to me and says I probably shouldn’t be driving home after having a drink. Once again feeling a little pressured I was thinking about accepting. So I asked if I’d just be sleeping on the couch. I’ll never forget her next words to me, she says “Oh no honey. You’ll be going to bed with us.” I noped out of there so fast! I think I ran to my car but it was kind of just a panicked blur. Left my purse there and everything. – PM_ME_UR_baaby

It was a shop that refurbished train suspension hydraulics. 40% of the guys were missing at least part of a finger, maintainence guy was missing 4 on one hand and 1.5 on another. Half the guys were high and the guy training me stormed out half way through the second day. I was like yeeaaah, I’m just going to dip out now… – IamtheBiscuit

Many years ago I worked at a popular sports bar as a line cook. First day they had me train with a guy who didn’t speak English for 2 hours. Not a huge deal.

Mostly you observe people in a kitchen and that’s how you learn. Owner came back and said she was scheduling me to be alone the next day…which was Super Bowl Sunday. Noped out of there so fast. Left right then and there. – Feralmedic

I left halfway through the orientation when I found out it was a job selling those expensive vacuum cleaners door-to-door. – yourmomknowswhatsup

I was interviewing for a contract position at a very small game development company and they told me they were looking for someone to help finish up an existing project. Literally, the game looked like it was made in MS Paint. As if they had just hired some random guy off the street and asked them to make some art for them. Granted it’s a mobile game and sold for the standard $0.99, so maybe that’s not the worst, but the game itself doesn’t look engaging at all either. But I figure, worst comes to worst I could make some money on the side with some low-effort work. Then they told me that my pay would be a percentage of the sales. Noped right out of that one. – Libertyjorj

Mine had to be when I was 18 and working at Blockbuster. I was helping the manager during the before open shift getting new items stocked on the shelves that came in that morning. My mom called me and told me that my dad was having a heart attack and she was panicking while waiting for the ambulance. Why did she call me at work to tell me this? The Blockbuster I worked at was in a strip mall type area behind my cul-de-sac, my house and the Blockbuster was separated by a small alley and a 3-min walk.

I told my manager what was happening and asked if I could leave to help my mom while they waited for the ambulance. She said no. I just stood there looking at her thinking she couldn’t be serious. I would be gone for all of 10 mins and back helping her if needed. She stressed how important it was to get the things done that needed to be done and I could only leave if I called around to the other workers and found someone to come in and cover for me while I was gone. I took off my name tag slammed it on the counter and walked out. I never went back for any reason. For any who might wonder, my dad came out fine was in the hospital for a few days. – UnicornQueenFaye

Worked in a bakery. It was my first day so I get there in the morning to meet everyone. Then they have me grease up baking trays for the others to fill. I lift up the first tray and like 10-15 cockroaches just scatter everywhere from under the tray. I tell the guy showing me the work that there were cockroaches and he just shrugged. This was all in the backstore, customers were about 10 feet away

So I tell the guy that I’m not feeling too well after about an hour of doing that and I head to the bathroom. When I came out I told him I couldn’t do that job and he told me to get a real job then, so I left and gor myself a proper job. – Zielko

Cold calling people about injury claims. “Have you been injured in the past 3 years?” That kind of thing. The thing that really irked me was that all of the people I called in those 20 minutes were polite, said they’re not interested, and they were just sitting down for dinner. I realized it was a horrible job and I was in no way cut out for it. I left after 20 minutes and just walked out the door without a word. – legendofbaggervance

Back in college, I used to work part-time as a nanny. One summer I landed a really sweet-sounding 40 hour/week (Monday-Friday) nannying job, looking after a baby and toddler. I was super excited about all the money I was going to make working that many hours, but the weird thing about this job was that the unemployed dad was also going to be at home with me. He was supposed to be spending all his time looking for a job, and I was watching after the kids while the wife was at work.

Literally that first week, on day 2 or 3, he starts hinting about his marriage problems and how his wife sleeps on the couch. The next day, he asks me to try out his fancy new massage chair. I reluctantly agreed, and he just stared at me while I laid on this vibrating chair and was like “…oh yeah, nice, great, thanks.” He then offered to give me an actual massage sometime, and maybe I wouldn’t mind giving him one too?

On Friday afternoon I went home, told me parents everything, and my mom called the guy and told him I wasn’t coming back the following Monday or ever. He then sent me a text saying he was “disappointed in me.” Ugh. And his poor wife. – thewanderingblonde

I was unemployed for a couple months and started applying for pretty much any job I could do. This one was a basic small-biz IT support contractor. The employee the interviewer introduced to me mouthed “run” when he turned his back. – arcsine

Graphic design from home job. Nailed the interview — had absolute confidence I could provide this dude what he was asking for. Got the job, and the first thing he said was to take a rather large check that would be mailed to me and buy my equipment. It was supposed to be from a special vendor that was to engrave the laptop and provide software.

It was a scam. I looked up his business on Google, rather than through the link he sent me. I found the exact same shitty website with dozens of different CEOs. Told him to not send me a check and that I was not longer interested. The check was going to be fake, and the money I would be sending to the vendor would end up being my own once the bank found out. – fr0z3nf1r3

I had an interview at what I thought was a regular steakhouse in a new town I had just moved to. The interview went well, it was just before the restaurant opened so it was pretty empty. At the end, a waitress starting her shift walked by in assless chaps and a thong. Turns out that was their uniform. The manager called like 30 mins later saying I got the job. I had to politely decline that one. – LoIIp0p

After we do the usual paperwork signing and such, we’re taken as a group onto the factory floor for a tour. It’s hot, it’s crowded, it stinks, and everyone working looks annoyed by our presence. OK, I guess not everyone loves their job right? No biggie, I’m sure this won’t be so bad.

Then our guide informs us in no uncertain terms that our coworkers quite often give new people bad information to get them in trouble or make them mess up. They’d even be the ones to rat you out. Then we’re told that our foreman is the type to yell for no reason, ask people if they’re drunk in an accusatory way for no reason, and is generally a giant a**hole. I took a few moments to think after these last revelations, said “Nah.” And walked out of the building without a word to anyone. F**k that shit, Captain. I’m not putting up with all of that for 8 bucks and some change an hour. – Narapoia