People Think AT&T Accurately Predicted Our Future Way Back in 1993

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An old series of AT&T commercials have been circulating online this week, and people are seriously spooked by their eerily accurate predictions for the future…

Well, AT&T’s vision had never before been so accurate, that is.

Which gave us an insight into what we can expect of the world in twenty-five-years – A.K.A, what we can expect today.

Which, as it turns out, was accurately predicting what our world and society will look like today.

“‘You Will’ captivated people’s imaginations because it showed us a future that seemed inconceivable in a pre-digital, pre-internet world.”

“This campaign showcased what would matter in people’s lives, the inventions necessary to make those things happen, and how AT&T would help bring those to fruition through the work of our Bell Labs team and their more than 115-year legacy.”

What exactly did the campaign predict?!

We’ll start with an obvious one… E-Books.

As Tom Selleck’s silky voice-over ponders: “Have you ever borrowed a book from thousands of miles away?”

The ad then shows a couple driving in their car with a futuristic satellite navigation system built into the dashboard… something that isn’t uncommon in the cars of today.

Now, anyone who used a fax machine in the ’90s will know that they were large, bulky machines almost always situated in an office.

Well, AT&T pitch the idea of sending a fax from the beach.

Which, in today’s technological climate, is very doable. But in 1993? Not a chance!

Because, to any Gen Zs reading this, once upon a time, tolls had to be paid in cash and in person.

Okay, the cash machine bit isn’t entirely true… but yes, you can now buy concert tickets (or any tickets, for that matter), on a touch screen device.

“Have you ever watched a movie you wanted to… the minute you wanted to?” Yep, a couple of decades later, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime would give us that opportunity.

The ad shows a woman dialing on a public phone, only for her baby to appear on the screen. Selleck then asks: “Or touch your baby from a phone booth?”

“Have you ever received a phone call from your wrist?” A man standing on the edge of a mountain can be seen casually answering a phone call from his watch. Spooky.

For most of us this year, Zoom has become our go-to service for virtual meetings. Well, back in 1993, AT&T pitched the notion of attending “meetings in your bare feet.”

A couple of decades on, Google Translate would be nipping every language barrier issue in the bud.

“You will. And the company that’ll bring it to you? AT&T.” Sadly, AT&T didn’t bring us any of these inventions… but their ideas probably helped!

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