People Think Dolly Parton Should be TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’

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We all love a bit of Dolly Parton, we cannot deny it. But, we don’t just love her for the famous ‘9-5’ lyrics, or the ‘Jolene’ tune, we love her for the gleaming personality she radiates, too.

And that’s why people think Dolly should be TIME‘s ‘Person of the year.’


And this comes as TIME named Elon Musk the ‘Person of the year,’ instead.

The magazine wrote of the entrepreneur’s steaming success, and everything he’s had to overcome.

While mentioning that he was once mocked for his ambitions, TIME wrote:
“Now this shy South African with Asperger’s syndrome, who escaped a brutal childhood and overcame personal tragedy, bends governments and industry to the force of his ambition.”

The outlet also mentioned that his rockets have: “Saved taxpayers billions.”

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But, some people don’t agree…

Both that he’s saved taxpayers billions, and that he’s deserving of the ‘person of the year’ title, taking to Twitter to share their opinions.

One user said: “Dolly Parton didn’t spend her millions on space travel. She spent it putting 150 million books in the hands of children.”

Another wrote: “How about Dolly Parton, a millionaire who used her money to help fund the vaccine, as a person of the year instead of a billionaire who stroked his ego fighting other billionaires for a pointless first ride into “space” while he whined about paying taxes?”

Now, last year, Dolly Parton donated $1 million so that research into a vaccine against the coronavirus could be carried out, as well as pushing it’s development.

And now, because of the help of the country singer, the entire world has the modern vaccine available to them, as well as the 2nd vaccination against the deadly virus, and a booster shot.

Pretty impressive, right?

That’s not all she’s done though, even though that in itself is pretty incredible…

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Dolly is a huge figure among those who want nothing but the best for children and their futures.

She actually set up a library in the United Kingdom called the Imagination Library. This was to encourage children under the age of 6 years old to start reading.

The best part? She gives the books away for free.

So yes, she’s definitely something special.

And that’s why people all over the internet are wishing she was recognized as TIME’s ‘Person of the year,’ especially after the year the world has had.

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Because she never fails to put a smile on anybody’s face.

Who would you choose as this year’s person of the year?