Have you ever confidently used a new word in a sentence only to discover it was, in fact, the completely wrong word? I once referred to someone's driving as "erotic" instead of "erratic," so, yeah, I've been there.

The English language is filled with so many similar sounding words that you're bound to use the wrong one at some point. If you're lucky, you'll slip up when writing an email or jotting down a note to yourself, and you can fix it before anyone else notices it.

If you're not quite that lucky, you either say it out loud and become the butt of the joke for a few minutes or post it to social media and become the butt of the joke for a very long time.

The people in today's gallery were not very lucky.

But that's great for us!

It gives us something to laugh about! It also serves as a reminder to make sure we know what word we're trying to use around others.

Fork Knife.

I'm imagining "Fork Knife" is a game in which you expertly cut a steak until you win. It sounds fun!

A mail child.

Real talk, though: Who says "a male child?" Say that you want a boy.

Oh, Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio truly was ahead of his time. By a few hundred years.


This is one of those times that you want to double check the spelling before you post. I'm pretty sure you would not like the smell of colon; regardless of who it belonged to.

Flaming Young.

This makes me wonder how they thought "Flaming Young" got its name. Was it on fire the first time they saw it?!

Arthur write this.

I assume their arthritis is flaring up, so they have to ask their personal assistant, Arthur, to continue writing for them. That makes perfect sense.


If you smoke marinara, you can be my friend! I'd love to see your technique.

Florida ceiling.

You've heard of the glass ceiling, but now we're back with an all-new type of ceiling. I call it: the Florida ceiling!

Noah fence.

This one is just delightful. I would find it impossible to be offended if someone wrote this in an email to me.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of aarons you have to run? This person knows your pain.

The hall of cost.

I understand that sentiment you're going for, here. But I think it might have been better received if you did just a little bit of research. Like, a single Google search.

April Ham Lincoln.

Ah, yes, April Ham Lincoln. My favorite president.


They've probably been talking about how much they hate you because you keep Tweeting about them. Poor grapes! Give them a break!

Day Jaw Food.

Is that when you eat something for the first time but could swear that you've had it before? I guess that could be irritating.

For meal your.

After the first "for meal your" I tried to give this person the benefit of the doubt. Then they repeated it.


They mean incense. Right? Please tell me they mean incense.

Youth in Asia.

On the bright side, your class is going to learn more about youth in Asia than they ever expected. But I wouldn't expect an A on this assignment.

Coffin Skate.

The only thing I can imagine is a teacher doing awesome skateboard tricks while riding a coffin. And honestly? I think that would be pretty awesome.

Looks can be this evening.

It's so true. They can also be tomorrow evening! Mine was last night.

Chicken Permission.

I don't know which chicken you asked for permission, but frankly, I'm pretty surprised that you got it. Are you sure you explained the concept correctly?


I'm pretty sure this is the mistake that the phrase "bless your heart" was invented for.

Farmer John Cheese.

Well, I don't know about you, but  I'm going to be calling it Farmer John Cheese for the rest of my life. This is too cute not to adopt in my own life.

Coma Toast.

In a weird way, this one works. I might adopt this one too.

Minus Well.

Ah, well. It's a doggy dog world out there.

Feel Day.

A feel day is similar to a field day, except rather than doing a bunch of sports, you sit in a circle and talk about your feelings. It's nice!

Wait a go!

Come on. Everyone knows it should be "waiter go."

All of garden.

Which garden did you want to eat in today? Oh, all of them? You got it!

Birth Specificate.

A birth specificate provides the same information as a birth certificate. It's just much more specific.

Hand Soap.

Is it soup made out of hands, or soup made specifically for hands? It makes a pretty big difference. Share this with someone who will get a kick out of these innocent mistakes!