As you've probably noticed, the world can often feel as though it's full of hot garbage. There are plenty of Internet trolls, rude customers, and just plain old grumpy people who, given the chance, can make your days pretty downright miserable. Add onto that the fact that the news is often pretty bleak, and it's enough to make anyone wonder where are the good people are.

Well, I have good news for you.

The good people are still around. There are a lot of them. Sometimes you may have to do a little bit of searching to find them, but I promise they're there! In fact, I've found 29 of them just this morning, and I want to brighten your day by telling you all about them.

These are people who are so good and so pure that we almost don't deserve to have them inhabiting the same planet as us.

Let's hear it for the good people.

We may not deserve them all the time, but we're so, so glad to have them. May we all aspire to be this pure.

This dad who loves alpacas:

I'm not sure I've ever loved anything as much as this dad loves alpacas. This is my new life goal!

This thoughtful 6-year-old:

Well, this is otterly adorable. You otter know how lucky you are to have that kid in your life!

This tech-savvy individual:

If you feel like calling someone out for the way they pay for their coffee is a good use of your time, then I hate to tell you this, but you're actually part of what's wrong with the world. Just let people live!

This romantic dad:

If that doesn't make you smile and believe that there's good in the world, I just don't know what will. Everyone should have a partner like this! Heck, everyone should be a partner like this!

This artistic SO:

Rather than just hanging up and putting an end to the call, this significant other chose to take the opportunity to practice their craft and create a nice little keepsake at the same time.

This generous little sister:

She probably doesn't have a lot of extra money, but she puts what she does have to very good use. This is a great reminder that it doesn't take much to make someone's day brighter.

This thoughtful gentleman:

You should never come between someone and their coffee. If gravity happens to come between the two, it's really going above and beyond if you can fix the problem.

This young master of self-care:

I'm also having a good day now, and I don't even know this kid! Maybe we should all consider starting our mornings with a positive mantra like this one.

This dog-owner:

We already knew that we don't deserve dogs. Turns out, we don't deserve some humans, either. But we'll take them both!

This selfie-taker:

This is the sweetest thing I've read all day. And that is a great picture!

Willie, the kidney-donator:

Willie, you're a hero! You deserve it all — including this touching decal tribute.

This Earth-loving mom:

It can be easy for some parents to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of raising kids, but it's always wonderful to see the parents who take the opportunities to go above and beyond to make our future better.

These thoughtful, displaced folks:

Even in their rush to leave an unsafe situation, they remembered that other people were walking into danger. This is what being a human is all about!

This landlord and also chef:

Nothing is better on a chilly fall day than a bowl of chili (or something else that's warm). What a thoughtful spread!

Terry, the volunteer:

He takes naps with the cats. My heart is so full! It can't take the cuteness!

This turtle rescuer:

Not only does he do the hard work of bringing the turtles back to their rightful home; he pays for the privilege.

These considerate college students:

They saw a need and they filled it. We should all be this observant and thoughtful!

This benevolent Sears manager:

And also the person who bought the dresses! And also the parents! There's so much to applaud here.

This kind bride:

All too often, weddings become stressful affairs that cost a whole lot of money. This bride knew that and decided to help another bride-to-be focus on what's really important: the love!

These lawncare workers:

Looking for a role model? Here are two of them.

This mysterious umbrella bestower:

If you're not smiling after reading this, I can only assume it's because you read it while also walking in the rain. I hope someone shows up with an umbrella for you!

This teddy bear surgeon:

Sources say he made a complete recovery. Me, though? I'm a mess after reading that.

This A-plus dad:

There's no way he's comfortable holding his hand like that. Let's all give a round of applause to this plane dad.

This popcorn guy:

I hope you have a hobby that makes you as happy as popcorn makes this guy. If you don't, might I suggest starting with popcorn?

This grandma-selfie master:

This grandma has completely mastered the art of the selfie. Not only that; she uses them to brighten her granddaughter's day!

This adorable popsicle thief:

OK, it's a little sneaky, but it's also very adorable and super sweet. I think we can let them have this one, right?

This sticker maker:

It's tiny things like this that make a world of difference for a child. And for their parents! And for people who read about it online!

This Pizza Hut employee:

If you've ever worked in food service, you know how demanding and thankless the job can be. This employee hasn't let it get to her, though.

This zucchini-wielding grandpa:

I never realized that I could be simultaneously impressed with and intimidated by a zucchini at the same time. Share this with someone who could use a smile today!