These People Are Totally and Completely Oblivious

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Look. The world is filled with all types of people. Some of these people are amazing singers. Some are groundbreaking sculptors, painters, or world-class knitters. Some are teachers, or doctors, or dog walkers. There are people to fill every category you could ever dream of, and the world is better for it.

That includes people who are, well, maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed. They might be slightly oblivious. They might be incredibly oblivious. But you know what? They make the world a better place, too. Mostly because they provide us with entertaining stories that we can laugh at.

And, if we’re honest, all of us have had moments where we weren’t firing on all cylinders. Who hasn’t made a silly mistake or completely misunderstood a very simple direction?

If you want to be happy in life, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. But you should also be ready to laugh at other people when the opportunity arises.

So, get ready to smack your palm against your forehead.

These people have a few screws loose, and that’s putting it mildly.

Do not do this.

Oh, whoops! That’s a typo. It’s supposed to say “lime.” Try using a lime.

Oh my goodness.

I have no idea who this person is, but I am feeling so much second-hand embarrassment right now. It feels like I was actually there when this happened.

Sometimes you have to make sure.

Who thought it was necessary to print this out? Did they maybe suspect this person was a robot?!

Oh, honey.

It’s like she did a Google search for the word “striped” and used the first thing that came up. Whoops.

The croissant.

I love that she gives him a chance to correct himself, and he doubles down. Real talk, though: I would have enjoyed prom a lot much more if croissants were involved.

What a great idea!

How has no one thought of this before? Get this person a company to run!

Bless your heart.

That’s not the type of eggs they are talking about. But I appreciate how open-minded this person is!


I think a pizza my brain may have broken reading this one. Get it? Like, a piece of?  

Sent from where?

Oh, boy. You really goofed this one up, my friend.

I don’t think you understand how this works.

You’re holding a phone. It’s full of numbers. Phone numbers. Are you following this?

Time for a switch!

This is so close to being a perfect picture. All they need to do is swap shirts!

Never mind.

At least you’ll know the exact date of the night that you won’t be going on a date with anyone! That’s something, right?

It’s not that kind of court.

It’s easy to forget that “court” can refer to both a basketball court and the place with the judges and lawyers. What an honest mistake!

Let that sink in.

It’s one thing to make the initial mistake. But to go back and defend it by doing the “math”? Yikes.

Nice try.

If you ask me, people who get all high and mighty in the Frankenstein vs. Frankenstein’s monster debate need another hobby. I love seeing them taken down like this.

Pretty slow, actually.

He was going 0 miles per hour if you can believe it. Because that’s how parking works.

Oh, Susan.

On the bright side, I bet you definitely made Eva’s day! Good luck with your car insurance.

That doesn’t mean what you think it means.

As it turns out, math class is useful after high school!

Your poor mother.

Look at her. She’s so innocent and pure and too good for this world.

Literally a taxi.

Have you discovered a free taxi service? If so, please give me their number.

Can we reschedule?

Some people think the entire world revolves around them. This lady thinks the sun does.

He better ask for help from the audience.

The only thing more surprising than him polling the audience on this question is the fact that they got it wrong! Everyone knows it’s llamathrust.

Found your stash, kid.

Was it hidden in a toy-like device with a cartoon character’s head? If so, I’m afraid it’s even worse than you feared.

Do you, though?

You can be vegan. You can eat meat. You cannot do both.

Back to the Future!

If you ask me, this person should stop obsessing over Back to the Future and consider going back to school.

I’ll take it!

I love everything about this. This is perfect.

Check the dishwasher.

I like imagining the thief who would steal this exact set of items. “Ooh, the neighbors are out of town. Better get those dishes!”

Just think for a second.

How long do you think it took them to figure this one out? Probably until their next birthday that ends in a zero.

A bird leaf.

That’s it. I’m calling feathers from now on. Know anyone who makes silly mistakes (but you love them anyway)? Share this with them!