Have you ever had a really, really embarrassing moment? One so embarrassing you still think about it to this day?

I definitely have. When I was in 10th grade I transferred to a new high school and the first week a cool girl invited me over to her house. I was really excited to have a new friend. At her house, we were walking up the stairs to her bedroom when I slipped and fell all the way down to the bottom of the stairs. I was lying on the floor and she was just staring at me, unsure what to do. That's when I accidentally let out the loudest fart of all time.

I still replay that event in my head! We eventually became good friends and laugh about the incident now, but at the time it felt like my entire world was ending.

But I'm not alone. Other people have had some pretty embarrassing moments, too. Some even worse than mine!

People shared their most embarrassing moments on Twitter and we picked the most embarrassing ones. Prepare to laugh and cringe at the same time.

This week a Twitter user named Austin posted a tweet asking for embarrassing stories.

And he got some hilarious responses.

Sometimes you are so embarrassed you find yourself in a web of lies.

In this case, probably a very expensive web of lies.

When you forget how to be a human for a second.

Ok, but why did he want her to kiss him? That's the weirder thing! He's probably like, "Why did I offer her my cheek to kiss it? What was I thinking?"

Sometimes, the heat of the moment takes you.

Right into the back of a taxi.

Stupid Sexy Flanders strikes again.

You'll never be able to get that image out of your mind.

Omg no, this is terrible.

Did she swallow it? Excuse herself to the bathroom? How do you get out of this situation without throwing up on your date?

I personally lost it at this one.

The machine snatched her wig!

I can't stop laughing.

This should be more embarrassing for her! But it's all in how you handle it.

Well, you blew your shot, time to move on.

There's no way he's introducing you to his dad after that.

"Ma'am, why are you stealing my Peppermint Jojos?"

I guess the lady had good taste in snacks.

There's no way to play this off.

"Oh, is this not how you guys ride the escalator at this job? We did it this way at my old job, weird."

I truly cannot stop laughing thinking of this.

How old was he? Because that makes a huge difference. Waking up with an 8-year-old boy in your bed is very different from waking up with a 17-year-old in your bed.

If I had a twin this would happen daily.

How could you ever know for sure?

You can be rude to your sister, but not to random old ladies.

If the woman had a sister, she probably understood what was going on.


That's a totally normal reaction. You should always smell human blood when it's presented to you.

Oh, no.

"Don't get any blood on me" will be burned into her brain forever.

This guy shouldn't be too embarrassed.

Everyone slips out a snart every now and then.

I'm assuming "knucks" is British slang for fist bumping.

I'm laughing so hard right now.


Fate had other plans for her on that day.


Now they are married! Just kidding.

This is worse than the twin one.

At least nobody saw.

Well, he can never go in there again.

I hope the food wasn't that great.

Ooh, this one comes with video evidence.

This is everyone's biggest fear about graduation!

That's just rude.

Forget the old man, was the food alright?

When you aren't as famous as you thought.

I am eternally cringing.

Have you ever just been suddenly naked?

This is funny because it must have been confusing to be clothed, and then all the sudden be naked.

Who doesn't drive with their pants unbuttoned, though?

They are missing out on the freedom of driving without being locked into a pants prison.

There was no worse place for this to happen.

That's one way to lighten the mood.

Oh no.

At least she showed how she'd be great at interacting with guests.

Buffy the vampire yeller.