People Are Using Pineapples Instead Of Pumpkins And They’re Terrifying

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This year for Halloween, people are carving pineapples instead of pumpkins.

You might think this is odd, but the tropical fruit actually appears to be scarier than the classic carved pumpkin, which is why people are opting for it, despite tradition.

In the past the most complex argument there’s been about pineapples is whether they belong on pizzas or not (they don’t), but now there’s a new debate to add to that very short, boring and, quite frankly, soul destroying list.

People are carving pineapples instead of pumpkins, this Halloween.

There’s something fairly terrifying about the spiky fruit, paired with the unmistakable Sideshow Bob hair style.

They look scarier than pumpkins, but there are some cons to the new option

The spikes of the pineapple (wtf are they for, anyway?) make holding it steady so you can carve with your knife fairly painful.

The classic pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern also has its downsides, though

Despite its smoothness, which clearly helps get you that lit AF carve, the inside reeks out the house and is often thrown away; what a waste. Just as an after thought, why are pumpkins still a thing? Who buys them to eat? Are they bought any other time of year? Get rid of them, I say.

There are some pros to using pineapples though, despite the spikes

1.) They look scarier 2.) They’re much cooler 3.) You can eat the inside instead of throwing it away 4.) It doesn’t smell horrible 5.) Spongebob lives in one

You can’t wear it on your head like a pumpkin, but you can make cocktails out of it

Get the tropical goodness of the inside of the pineapple and make a Pina Colada for your Halloween party. Winner winner. While you’re at it make some pineapple rum cooler. May as well make a pineapple mojito, too. And a pineapple cosmopolitan. Maybe a pineapple daiquiri? Throw some pineapple in a tequila sunrise too. F*ck it, get loads of alcohol and stick pineapple in all of it.

People are sharing their creations on Instagram

Some are scary, others are very cute.

The bar has been set pretty high so far

You’re going to have to think far outside of the box to beat the rest when it comes to designs, as people are making some seriously incredible ones.

It’ll be very challenging to do

The biggest benefit of carving a pumpkin is that you can draw the face you’re going to cut before doing it. That’s not possible on the spikes of the pineapple.

They’ll also be like a cheap air freshener

Pineapple? Smells delicious. Burning candle? A classic scent. Combine the two? Wow.

For some reason people love making pineapples seasonal

Last year people began making pineapple Christmas trees, for reasons that are impossible to explain.

They’re pretty cool, but what’s wrong with normal Christmas trees?!

There’s something odd about a tropical Christmas. We know for Australians that sun and BBQs can be the norm around the festive period, but for us it’s all about snow, warm clothes and mulled wine. Why is this summery fruit getting involved? If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.

They’re simple to make and no doubt with be popular again this year

It’s simple really – get a pineapple and decorate it, like, er, a Christmas tree.

While we’re here, having a whale of a time talking about pineapples, let’s talk about pizzas, too

Do pineapples have a place on pizzas?

Everyone has a preference

There is no in between here, you’re either a yes or a no. PICK A SIDE.

Are you a no?

If so, well done, you, like so many others, including Gordon Ramsay, are correct. Pineapple get absolutely get in the bin when it comes to pizza.

Are you a yes?

If so, you’re an idiot sandwich.

Pizza is sacred

This meaty, cheesy, doughy goodness was made for our enjoyment. Created by the Italians, refined by Americans and defined by the eater, it’s not to be messed with.

There is no place for fruit on pizza

Pizza is meant to be unhealthy and a comfort food. STOP DEFILING IT WITH PINEAPPLE.

So to recap…

Pineapples are better than pumpkins, but only just. Pineapple Christmas trees are cool, but a bit weird. Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza. And…  

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?