People Want to Cancel Megan Rapinoe After Her Anti-Asian Tweet

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Just days ago, news emerged that Megan Rapinoe was set to become the new face of Victoria’s Secret.

It was all looking like great news for the soccer star, however now some old tweets have resurfaced and Megan is being heavily criticised for them…

But just what did she say?

Well, the tweet dates back ten years – and people are slamming Rapinoe for being ‘anti-Asian’ after she tweeted Natsaha Kai, a former teammate and USWNT Olympic gold medalist.

More specifically, Rapinoe said:

U look Asian with those closed eyes.

However it remains unclear exactly just what Rapinoe was referring to.

People are furious…

‘I wonder what day she decided to stop racisming?’ one person tweeted.
Others like @BonzalezRoland mocked how she made the post from a BlackBerry phone, saying: ‘I’m not ashamed for your racism against asians, I’m ashamed you owned a BlackBerry when iPhone was the superior smartphone’.

What do you think?

Another tweeted saying that they knew Victoria’s Secret would ‘bomb’ after hiring Rapinoe, but that they didn’t think it would be this quickly…
Should Rapinoe be cancelled?