25 People Who Are Using the iPhone’s AirDrop Feature Perfectly

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When Apple invented the airdrop feature, they likely meant it as a way for people to share photos and such with people they knew without having to hook their phones up to anything.


What they probably didn’t think of is that meant that anyone who has an iPhone and happens to be near you when you have your airdrop on can send you anything they want. And it turns out, most people want to send weird stuff to strangers.

This person is just trying to make friends.

It’s not weird.

This person is just trying to liven up a boring church service!

He looks very cool.

Not quite sure what this person is doing.

Wait…did the pigeon send this?

If you see a photo like this, you are obligated to send it to everyone.

That includes strangers.

Sometimes airdrops are very welcome.

Like a gift from above. It’s not cheating if you was bestowed upon you. But not everyone uses the airdrop feature for good, read on to find out what might be the worst way to get hit on. (Hint: Shrek is involved).

This person was just trying to shot their shot.

Maybe he just thought she looked warm in her sweater?

This person was just spreading pure joy.

What a blessing.

Hopefully these people found each other.

I like a man who rides the Buzz Lightyear ride solo.

This person was being a huge jerk.

But creative, though.

Who knows what this person was doing.

But it’s funny. If you think young people are the only ones who know about airdrop, well you would be wrong. Find out how a professor played his student with airdrop on the next page.

Professors aren’t as dumb as they look.

They can be hip and with it, too.

Sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unless this wasn’t a mistake…

This person is a hero.

After a long flight, why wouldn’t you want to see a pug in sunglasses?

These people put a lot of effort into this.

They would probably appreciate a response.

This is one way to pick up chicks.

Not an effective way, but one way. The best thing about airdrop: you might get photos of strangers’ pets. See some airdropped pets on the next page!

Sometimes you just need to show strangers your cat.

Very good cat.

These people are the nicest people in the whole world!

Thanks, new friends!

Sometimes airdrops are just 100% confusing.

And maybe that’s the point.

Anytime is a good time for a cute dog.

But especially in the middle of a boring class!

This person was being a good samaritan at a concert.

They asked for everyone to look up so they could take a photo. Turn to the next page to see the result!


Now all these people have a cool pic of them in the front row!

How could you not be delighted to receive this photo?

The first sloth in space!

Disneyland and Disney World are hotspots for random airdrops.

You never know what you’re going to get.

Random airdrops are a good way to let someone know movie theaters are phone-free zones.

And make them laugh in the process!

This person was just trying to spread vital information.

It’s true. Has your friend ever gotten a hilarious airdrop? Share this story with them on Facebook to show them that it could have been much weirder!