People who brag in real life are bad enough, but people who brag on the Internet are a special brand of terrible.

There are some real a**holes on the Internet who think it's a good idea to spew pretentious crap as if that will impress people.

And luckily, some fine souls are collecting these moments in the sarcastically named "I Am Very Smart" subreddit. Here are 19 of the most eye-roll-worthy posts.

This loser

via: Reddit

Oh my godddddd I thought we were past this. Just let people enjoy things that are enjoyable.

This jokester

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This is actually hilarious. He thinks he's too smart when in reality, he's just really bad at telling jokes. You have to be smart to tell a good joke. This guy? Not smart.

This unparalleled intellect

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You know what I hate most about PhDs? The fact that they give them to people like you.

This young genius

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Who posts this sh*t?! You have to have your head so far up your own a** to think people will appreciate this. The next one is similarly frustrating...

This pretentious movie-goer

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Apparently, this guy can't imagine why people would enjoy Avengers: Infinity War. But he liked Les Mis. Do you know how bad Russell Crowe's singing was in that movie? That movie was...not great.

This contrarion

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Just take the nice message, dude. Don't be like this guy.

This flat-out liar

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Let this be a lesson to the dumbos of the Internet: Don't spew lies on platforms where you are friends with people who can directly dispute those lies.

This very normal-paced reader

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Here's the thing... That's an average of a little over 16 pages per day. That's not that much. Stop bragging about normal stuff.

This relentless douchebag

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It's a joke! It's a meme! No one is impressed that you are ruining their fun time. The next one is so funny...

This one with the "relatively high IQ"

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Relative to what, exactly? Because the phrase is "quote-unquote," not "quote on quote." That doesn't make any sense.

This bold Linkedin member

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I cannot imagine a company that would hire this person, and if that company exists, I imagine it is the worst place in the world to work.

This debater

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"Due to your boredom"? Dude, take a good look in the mirror and then debate yourself instead because no one wants to talk to you.

"Kids these days..."

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Anyone who uses the phrase, "Kids these days..." should be thrown in jail. The end.

This infuriating commenter

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You could have just explained what "hirsute" meant. Or better yet, not commented at all. The next one would make you unfollow so quickly...

This football expert

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Wow, this account is terrible. That's a two-step journey to Unfollowedville.

This party pooper

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Oh for the love of god just stay home alone then and spend your time commenting stupid crap on the Internet. Oh wait, that's already what you're doing.

This online dating problem

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"Oh my bad, I should not have been a complete tool." Just goes to show you, complete tools end up alone!

This emoji bragger

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Luckily, I'm the best! Luckily, no one in this world is as great as me at bragging about me! LOL smiley face poop.

This sibling rival

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Wow, talk about disrespect for other types of lifestyles. His sibling probably posted, "My sibling is a stuck up b*tch," somewhere. Share this with someone who doesn't brag about being smart!