These Pet Owners Go the Extra Mile for Their Furry Family Members

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I love my dog. Because of my and my partner’s love for him, he has several adorable sweaters, lots of toys, free reign of the couches, and a permanent spot under the covers on the bed every night. He is spoiled, rotten and he is the best animal to ever exist. But doesn’t every pet owner think their pet is the best animal ever to exist?

The answer is yes. And the pet owners that are highlighted in this list happen to see their furry family members as just that– irreplaceable members of the family. They build their dogs bedrooms, they make blanket burritos out of their cats, and they throw parties for their pugs. This is seriously adorable stuff. The kind of stuff that will make you squeal despite all your best efforts. These pets are totally living their best lives thanks to their amazing, albeit slightly insane owners.

Pets deserve to be pampered.

They bring us so much joy. They are also complete moochers. But they deserve all the crazy stuff we do for them.

Guinea pig home

Guinea pigs are some of the best pets you can have, and they deserve all the creature comforts of a lovely home.

Perfect pug

This amazing dog owner really dressed up as her own dog for Halloween. That is commitment right there.

Cross-country trip

Um, this little dog has been to way more states than I have. What a worldly little dog! He looks like he knows stuff.

Easter egg hunt

This is an adorable and brilliant idea. Look at the smile on that pup’s face!

Ear medicine

This is one of the best videos that exists anywhere. And that includes Casablanca.

Tiny jean jacket

This little cat looks so cool in his little jean jacket. It would be even better if his owner had a matching one. (My dog and I have matching flannels.)

Flower cone

Look at this precious pup looking so sad in her cone! I hope she learns that she is beautiful no matter what.

Dog trading cards

Every dog I’ve ever owned deserves a trading card. Those things would be worth millions of dollars. To me at least.

Charleston Chew

Charleston Chew the Pug is my new personal hero. I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in a new place. You howl all you want buddy.

Handsome pills

The real crazy thing about this picture is that her dog can apparently read? Get this dog on Ellen already!

Frozen party

Ghost and his friends look like they are having the best time. That’s the great thing about dogs. They know when they are the center of attention.

Pumpkin patch photo shoot

Um, can you take a close look at that dog, please? That dog is a supermodel.

Hamster bed

Normally, I am not a rodent person (they’re too small to really squeeze and cuddle with), but this is too cute. I love that the hamster is watching The Secret Life of Pets.

Indoor bathroom

There was a hurricane! So she dug up a portion of the ground and brought it inside so her dog had somewhere to go when it was too dangerous to go outside! This is amazing.

A star and an angel

I know that people worship Jesus and God and stuff, but did you know that God is just “dog” spelled backward?

Fish funeral

Just because they’re not furry like dogs and can’t sit on your lap doesn’t mean you can’t forge an important bond with your fish and can’t properly mourn them when they die.

Maternity shoot

If I was a photographer, I would specialize in dog maternity photo shoots and that would be all. I would be very poor, but I would be happy.

Dog couch

That dog is like, “This couch is mine and don’t you dare come near it. I was born to own this couch.” I bet she peed on it to really drive home the point that it’s her territory.

Cat burrito

This cat is extremely loving his life right now. I would be too if someone wrapped me up like this (hint, hint).

Matching socks

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but now I’m absolutely doing this with my dog. If you think I’m not taking notes for my own life while writing this thing, you don’t know anything about me.

Model behavior

I love that someone wants to take photos of their dog, but this dog looks straight-up clinically depressed and in the midst of an existential crisis.

Invisible door

This is the second best video ever made. And that still includes Casablanca.

Haunted pug house

Obviously, your dog’s house deserves to get decorated for the holidays! And Tyson knows he’s a star. He needs his own HGTV show.

Cat quinceañera

I mean, what else are you going to do when your cat turns 15? This is the obvious option.

Tie closet

This is the Lou Grant of dogs, and I love him. He knows he is very important.

Squirrel videos

I love whenever dogs watch videos! We can’t get my dog to understand what’s going on on screen. Believe me, we’ve tried.

Lots of love

Wow, is someone in here cutting onions? I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Dog bedroom

My favorite thing of all time is tiny art that’s hung up eye level for dogs or cats. It’s hilarious. Also this is nicer than my bedroom.


This dog very politely waited his turn, but now it’s go-time. Share this with the greatest pet owner you know!