It's always an amazing feeling, getting the Christmas tree out and decorating it for the festivities after what's usually a painful wait to hit December (aka when it becomes a bit more acceptable to Christmas-up your home).

But why should your tree sit in the attic for eleven months of the year gathering dust? Well, holiday fanatics have come up with an initiative solution, getting their trees out 2 months early for no other than Halloween.

Yes, that's right, there's now a growing trend of people who are decorating their trees for the spooky holiday and the result is utterly amazing.

Keep scrolling to see some of the best trees decked out for Halloween.

Christmas is one of the best times of the year.

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The holiday is adored by many who are eagerly on countdown for when it becomes a socially acceptable time to get their tree out of storage.

Decorating the tree is such a joyous feeling.

From carefully selecting matching colors of tinsel and sentimental ornaments to glistening baubles and, of course, the dazzling star (or angel) on top, there's no better feeling than making the house look festive.

In fact, it's proven that the earlier you put up your tree, the happier you are.

If the temptation to dust off the Christmas decorations before you've even whiffed the Thanksgiving turkey seems too much, well, it turns out that there's no harm in giving in, because, apparently, psychologists say that it might make you happier.

So there's really no reason to wait.

That's us putting our tree up in November this year...

But what about Halloween?

Just like Christmas, the spooky season has a whole host of fans who are itching to decorate their homes for the occasion.

And it seems like fans of the witchy holiday are putting their Christmas trees to good use.

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Several Halloween fans are decorating their Christmas trees in spooky accessories to celebrate the ghoulish festivities. After all, why only use them for one month of the year, when they could be used for Halloween too?

People are keeping their Halloween trees up for the entire month of October.

Just like Christmas, Halloween fanatics have found the perfect way to dedicate a whole month to the holiday.

Some people will probably find the trend a little baffling...

And if that's the case, where's your Halloween spirit?

But others have taken on the trend on a grand scale.

Several people have been taking to social media to proudly showcase their Halloween trees with the world. Some of them look utterly breathtaking - complete with pumpkins, ghosts, and all.

So, let's take a look at the best selection of Halloween trees to get us into the spooky spirit.

They'll serve as the perfect inspiration for those wanting to add something a little extra to their Halloween decorations this year.

Many are very extravagant.

We're honestly jealous of this setup.

It's pumpkins galore with this spooky tree.

Complete with glittery skulls, cobwebs, twinkling lights, and, of course, those amazing witch decorations, we're getting major Halloween envy from this tree.

Some have steered away from the orange color palette.

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And they still look pretty amazing and very ghoulish.

People have even been sprucing up their white trees...

Although it's more understated, we're getting huge Beetlejuice vibes from that striped ribbon.

Finally, we have this showstopping Halloween set-up...

Where do you even begin with this one? It's literally Halloween heaven (or hell?) If all of this the Halloween talk has gotten you excited for the upcoming season, don't worry... keep scrolling to see the Halloween-themed Starbucks tumbler that you need.